Episode 77 - Hyounekozoku and the two teeth sword Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 77 - Hyounekozoku and the two teeth sword . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Starting off with a view of a desterted/crashed up town. Shippo pops up.*flashback of eps. 75 & 76*. InuYasha and the flower cat demon(Karren) are fighting. Kouga and the thunder cat demon(Shuuran)are still fighting. Kouga using his speed, because of the jewel shards in his legs, scares him off. Sesshomaru fighting the fire cat(Shurran). And then the ice cat(Koura) arrives. Sess. attacks the ice cat. She says to meet at the castle and then disappears. Inu. still fighting the flower cat(Karren).Karren disappears through the background and says, "meet at the castle". All the cat demons sit infront of the leader, Oyakata. Waiting for the moon to rise to the top. A barrier is all around them. Sess. comes and attacks. The barrier pushes him back. The moon rises, jewel shards glow, Oyakata awakes and eats the shards. Oyakata needs flesh and blood to revive even more. The people in the prison cell appears. Kouga comes and tries to get Kagome but the barrier stopped him. Oyakata reaches for Miroku & Sango. Miroku tries to use his wind tunnel but becomes parilized because of the barrier. Oyakata reaches for Kagome. Inu. shows up. Tessaiga turns red and he slices through the barrier. Oyakata reaches for Inu., Kagome, & Kouga. Kouga takes Kagome and gets out of the way. Inu. is now under Oyakatas hand. Inu. slices it off. Kouga & Kagome along with everyone else went to safty. Inu. attacking Oyakata. Sess. looking and remembering the past[holds up his tenseiga saying he cant use it because its a healing sword, it cant defeat any enemy.-showing of tessaiga- the other swod his father left, gave to Inu.] Inu. fighting ice, fire, & flower cat demons. The tunder cat pins Inu. down to the ground. Sess. uses Tokijin & uses it on all of them, including Inu. Sess. starts attacking Inu. Sess. and Inu. are fighting right in front of all the cat demons. The cats cant believe what they are seeing, brothers fighting. The cat demons combine there powers geting ready to attack. Oyakata wants souls, so he kills fire, flower, & thunder cats.There souls and powers went to Oyakata and his flesh is appearing. Oyakata, Inu. and Sess. fights. Sess. gets hit back and starts to transform into his dog form BUT Tenseiga was talking to him telling him to use it. Sess. takes out his Tenseiga and uses it on Oyakata. Oyakata powers are fading away and the souls that he took went back to them.(fire, flower, & thunder cats)Sess. tells Inu.," The rest is up to you and Tessaiga". Inu. uses wind scar. Oyakata is down and Inu. takes out the jewel shards. Jaken tells the 4 cat demons that Sess. was the one that brought them back to life. The cat demons no longer wants revenge. They were thankful for there lives. It ends with Rin singing a song:"In the mountain, In the forest, In the wind, In a dream, Where are you sesshomaru? With an allie like Jaken. I will wait alone until you come Sesshomaru please return."
Episode Summary for Episode 77 - Hyounekozoku and the two teeth sword . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
As the cat demons are about to sacrifice Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and the villagers to their leader, Inuyasha cuts through their barrier with the Red Tetsusaiga. Annoyed with this, the zombie cat leader absorbs the life energy out of the four cat warriors to take as his own. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru team up to combat the leader, but their attacks have no effect on him. Sesshomaru then uses Tensaiga on the leader taking out the life energy which the leader absorbed from his comrades. Inuyasha then kills the leader with the Kaze no Kizu. Inuyasha then tells the cat demons to end their war against the dog demons.
Episode Summary for Episode 77 - Hyounekozoku and the two teeth sword . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
ok we see shippo waking up with dirt all over his face. he
reminds himeslf that they came to rescue kagome from being
a human sacrafice. *flashback of kagome being knocked out
by these flowers and being kidnapped* shippo also says
that sesshoumaru and kouga showed up here as well and
fought the cat demon. *flashback of kouga fighting the
cats. sesshoumaru arriving inu yasha fighting the fire
cat, and miroku sango kirara and the raccoon being
electricuted by one of the cats.* kirara is lying behind
shippo. shippo calls out to everyone. myouga shows up.
shippo asks him where everyone is. myouga tells him that
they r probably at the cats castle. inu yasha still
fighting one of the 4 powerful cat demons demands that she
open the path or will wont go easy on her. the cats splits
herself into like 8 images of herself. inu doesnt know
which is the real one. the amounts of images keep growing
like about 20 right now. inu keeps attacking but still has
found the real one yet. then we see kouga fighting one of
the powerful cats. kouag charges the cat. the cat tries to
punch him but kouga dodges every blow. kouga is about to
kick his head but he dodges in time b4 he gets
electricuted. (u know the demon that protects the forest,
that naraku controlled with jewel shards in ep 20-21) ok
he got eletricuted. kouga says that the cat demon agility
isnt that great but his lightning attacks r dangerous. the
fire cat demon is fighting sesshoumaru. he blocks her
every attack w/o breaking a sweat. sess blocks her attack
and his attack goes through the fire ball and hits her.
the fire cat drops down into the water. then the ice cat
attacks sesshoumaru and misses turning the whole ground
into ice. she says that sess has gotten weaker. sess asks
how? she mentions the arm. she laughs at his misfortune.
sess jumps into the air and attacks her. she attack him
with ice both attacks collide and disperse. kouga is still
dodgeing the lightning cats attacks. kouag charges at him
the cat says he is to slow. but kouga is actually moving
so fast that the cat can barely follow his movements.
kouga kicks himin the stomache. the lightning cat tells
the other cats to retreat. and they run away. koua asks
how the guy that got electricuted is doing. his peeps tell
him that it seems he is sleeping. kouga says to leave him
there. back to inu fighting images. jaken shows up behind
inu saying that he is so unreliable. he uses his staff and
shoots fire at the images. jaken saves the day and exposes
the real one. (who knew he was good for anything lol).
she runs away and exposes the path torward the castle. we
see a huge corpse of cat. the 4 cats are there ready to
bring it back to life. its name is oyakata. the have the
jewel shards too. they say soon the moon will rise to the
top and destroy those dogs and rule over this land. then
we see a huge barrier surround them all. sess arrives. he
goes to attack but the barrier wont allow it. the corpse
begins to growl and moves. it eats up kagome shards. it
demands that they give him meat blood and souls. the
barrier over the human sacrifices disappears. miroku
kagome and sango realize where they are and what's
happening around htem. we hear kouga shouting for kagome.
he attacks but the barrer wont allow it. the ice cat
laughs and says oyakata force field cant be destroyed by
you. the flower cat says just watch all the human
sacrifices be eaten up. miroku takes out hie air viod. but
when he is about to suck up the cats god, he is suddenly
defeated. sango rushes to his aid. oyakata is about to
pick up and ea kagome when inu yasha arrives. he has
tetsusaiga red and destroys the barrier. sesshoumaru
notices and wonders how he got the sword to change color.
all the cats are shocked that he destroyed the force
field. jaken being annoying as usually runs up to sess and
says that he has been looking for him all over. jaken says
it is amusing that inu has changed his sword into that.
inu asks kagome if she is ok. she smiles and says i
believe that u'd come and rescue me. kouga grabs her, and
tells her not to worry, inu has a weird jealous face. the
cat god reaches for the sacrifces again. and smaahes inu
with his hand. kouga smile and says i'll set u free
kagome. she yells at him saying we cant do that. inu rises
pushes the huge hand up with his swrod and cuts it off.
kagome runs over to him telling him that the shards are in
his throat. kagome tells all the human sacrifices to
follow her and escape. the ice cat demands to the other
not to lets them get away. the cats suround them, everyone
says thet cant esdcape. kagome yells at the cats saying we
r the important sacrifices u could never kill us. and
pushes her way through the cats. yelling to everyone to
keep moving. kouga peeps smile and r impressed by kagome.
kouga says dont stand there protect kagome. koua and his
peeps fight the cats. mirokua raccoon friend and shippo
arrive on kirara returning their weapons back to them.
miroku and sango attack the cats. kagome takes the
sacrifices and tells them now is their chance to escape.
inu attacks the cat gods head knocking it down. oyakata
demands blood and souls again. the ice cat tells him to be
patient. sess has a flashback of when they last time they
fought the cats. jaken says they won. sess says what do u
mean won we let them escape. he looks at tenseiga and say
he cant use that sword to destroy enemies. flahback over.
inu yasha and the ice cat demon face off. the ground
becomes ice again. inu unleashes the wound of wind. sess
watches inu saying that he cant use that sword. all 4 cats
attack inu at once. the lightning cats holds him down.
sesshoumaru attacks. and actually ends up saving inu in a
weird way. inu asks WHAT THE H#LL WAS THAT FOR? sess says
keep sleeping inu this is my prey. inu tells him to stay
out of this. sess attacks inu calling him a little
bastard. jaken watches them all scared saying sheesh they
can at least team up. sess says i dont need ur help. the 4
cats say those 2 r messed up. are they really brothers?
lol the ice demon says that if they all attack at once
with theeir special attack they'll b defeated. the cat god
notices their energy and asks them to give him life. the
ice cat says be patient. the cat gods eyes turn green and
says give me souls. he kills off the flower fre and
eletricity cats and uses their souls to revive. sess and
inu finally stop fighting and look up amazed at what the
cat god is doing. slowly the cats god get back its fur
eyes and everything. inu is still shocked that it took its
allies to survive. the cat god says ooo the sons of the
dog leader i will take u souls as well. and its eyes turn
red. we then see the 3 cats dead bodies on the ground. the
ice cat is so depressed and in shock. oyakata says DOGS I
WILL TAKE MY REVENGE ON U. inu responds it seems like u r
still dreaming. ill wake u up. sess attacks. inu demands
him to move. inu uses wound of wind and gets a direct hit.
the cat laughs and says doesnt work. jaken says stop
fooling around dont u think it is the same as the dmeon
that killed ur dad. (that demon wound of wind didnt work
either he had to use bakuryuuha to defeat it). the cats
shotts its nails out as missles and inu blocks 2 and
almost gets hit by 1. he shoots eletricity out of his
other 3 claws. the human sacrifices are watching shocked
and terrified. shippo asks if he revived. DUUUH. miroku
says but he needs sacrifices. kouga with a smile says
maybe dog boy was defeated. kagome says it cant be. sess
does some cool moves as usual but gets knocked back in the
process. inu jumps up and is attacking the cat god on his
head. sesshoumaru has rage flowing throw his face it also
sorta looks like he is about o cry. sess eyes turn red
again (that always happens everytime he gets mad) just as
sess is about to transform. tenseiga begins to vibrate.
sess calm down his eye arent erd anymore. he gets an idea
and use tenseiga against the cat god. inu gets knocked to
the ground. sess thinks father.. i still dont know why u
gave me this sword. sess uses tenseiga. the cat says that
weak sword doesnt work against me. all of a sudden the
souls come out. and the 3 cats revive again. the cat god
loses all his powers and collapses. he asks what sess did,
while turning back into a zombie. sess leaves and says
that he'll leave the erst up to inu. inu uses the wound of
wind. the cat god gets knocked back. the corpse says he
wants more lives again. inu takes out the shards. inu
yells that he got the shards back. the ice cat has a huge
amount of rage on her face. but then her friends revive.
the 3 cats ask what happened to them. i thought we were
killed. jaken comes over and tells then it was sesshoumaru
who saved them. the fire cat gets mad. jaken say u can at
least thank him. jaken find out that sess has left him all
alone and runs to find him. inu aska the cats if they
still want to fight. the ice cat says that they will go to
the west. everyone is surprised by her decision. she says
it is ok. no need to fight for revenge, tell sess that.
awe. the villages thank them for helping them out and give
them gifts. kagome tell them that they r leaving now. the
forest protector is upset that he couldnt help sess out
again. kouga says its too late now. inu says that he can
unrderstand that they r scared. shipo says people are
afriad of us too. kouga says dogsh1t you want some gifts
from the humans? inu gets angry and says what did u say?
oh yeah, i didnt return the favor. inu takes out his sword
to fight kouga but kagome sits him. lol inu is in pain on
the ground lol. we hear rin sing a song:

in the mountain
in the forest
in the wind
in a dream
where r u sesshoumaru-sama
with an ally like jaken-sama

sess arrives and interrupts her song. rin with a huge
smile on her face is glad sess is back. he says that they
r leaving. she continues her song

i will wait alone until u come.
sesshoummaru-sama please return.