Episode 79 - Jaken's Tetsusaiga-snatching Operation Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 79 - Jaken's Tetsusaiga-snatching Operation . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Jaken attempts to take the Tetsaiga from Inuyasha. First, he enlists the aid of a dumb demon to take it to no avail. Then, Jaken disguises himself as a blade sharpener as he winds up having to sharpen the blades of everyone's weapons except for the Tetsaiga. Jaken then makes a hot springs. When the Inuyasha gang see it, Miroku asks if he could enter with Sango. The lecherous houshi is hit in the head with Sango's Hiraikotsu and agrees for everyone to enter separately. The women and Sango enter first. Then, Miroku and Inuyasha enter the hot springs. Jaken takes the Tetsaiga using Inuyasha's kimono to protect him from the barrier. When the guys see this, they are about to go for Jaken but they get drunk and pass out thanks to Jaken's hot springs. When Kagome enters to see what the problem is, she sees Inuyasha totally nude and gets grossed out. Jaken is forced to leave the Tetsaiga behind when the Inuyasha gang catch up with him and he is saved by Rin. Afterward, Rin is kidnapped by Kagura.
Episode Summary for Episode 79 - Jaken's Tetsusaiga-snatching Operation . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

there is a red moon out in the sky. and we see a close up
of kagura on her flying feather and she goes HMPH and flies
away. back to rin. rin is looking around adn then her
stomache starts growling. rin looks down and touches her
stomache. sess interupta and tell her that if she is hungry
she should look for food on her own. sess watches her as
she goes off. rin is riding ah un and jaken is complaining
as usual. he says 'sesshouaru tell her to go on her own
and i STILL have to come with her' rin asks where jaken is
taking her. he responds in an annoyed and angered voice
'the first place they find food' rin asks him how is he
useful to sesshoumaru. LOL GO RIN. jaken stopd walking
turns around angrily and looks as if he wants to beat the
sh1t out of her shouting 'I AM USEFUL IN VARIOUS WAYS'
rin asks 'various?' LOL jaken thinks for a while and
notices the red moon. inu yashas red tessaiga comes into
his mind. (inu made his sword red with the help of shiori a
1/2 demon child. now that its red and more powerful it can
destroy powerful barriers, like the ones naraku sets up)
*flash back of ep 77 here when inu transformed it to red
and destroy the barrier to save kagome* jaken thinks to
himself that is bad for inu to have such a powerful sword
and plans to steal it from him. rin wonder wtf jaken is
laughing and thinking about. jaken is hyper now and yells
back to inu and the gang. its day time now and they r in
the middle of a forest playing jankenpon (rock paper
scissors) its inu shippo and kagome vs miroku and sango.
inus team wins and the move up the amount of sylables in
sankontessou (inu iron reaver attack). miroku is being a
very sore loser and they are so far behind from inus team.
kagome yells if they can hear them. since they r so far
ahead and keep winning. miroku keeps sighing. sango tell
him to stop cuz its getting annoyin and its pathetic.
miroku says that he wish he picked scissors then he get
happy adn says 'oo sango did u lose on purpose so u could
stay with me' (his hand makes it move for the @ss) he gets
her boomerang by accident. snago makes a face and says that
she is just losing. miroku looks at his hand and says it is
cursed. sango thinks to herself that 'its ur personality
that cursed'lol. inu team wins again. inu rubs it in of
course. they move up the amount of sylables in the word
kazaana (mirokus wind attack) miroku has the most pitiful
expression on his face. miroku yell into the woods asking
if they r cheating. sango calls him a sore loser. sango and
miroku are so far back they cant even see inus team
anymore. jaken drops down fomr a tree nearby. hes happy
that the inu gang has finally come and calls out to muotoko
(nothingness man) muotoko has no face. he came out of the
ground asking if jaken called him. jaken tell him that inu
is coming and get ready to steal the sword. muotoko wonders
what tessaiga is. jaken says it is a reasyre to inu yasha.
back to jankenpon. kagome wins again. shippo says wow
kagome u r good at this. she tell him that this game is her
specialty. she move up the amount of syalbles in hiraikotsu
(sango boomerang). miroku plots ' weeeelll if we cant see
her then there is no way we can teell if shes cheating.'
sango makes a funny expression but stop and notices
something. so does kagome. kagome tells inu that something
is coming. all of a sudden a HUGE amount of fog comes in.
they cant see anything. sango yells WTF. we cant see the
characters all we hear is a smack and miroku said it wasnt
him. LOL. shippo starts coughing and says that someone is
pulling him. the fog clears and kagome reaches into her
pocket to find that the shards are gone. jaken is pacing
aroung in circles wondering where muotoko is. he come to
jaken and give him the 'treasure'. jaken gets excited. he
shows him a scarf, shippos weapons, candy pencil shards.
jaken is pissed that he didnt get the sword adn bonks
muotoko in the head with his staf several times adn jumps
around like a maniac. jaken tell him that tessaiga is a
sword. he says he saw a sword but it was rusty and dint
think of it as treasure. jaken get hyper and kicks his feet
quickly and demands that he go back out there and get it.
muotoko leaves. jaken calls him a dnse slwopoke. rin comes
from behind a tree and asks if it is all right to use that
demon. jaken thinks (with a sad look in his eyes) that if
it was gonna be like htis he wouldve brought his minions.
*flashback of jakens past* jaken was the ruler of the
fields of musashino. one day there was a war with the
demons the ruled the western mountain. the ruled was a
huge female demon with white hair brown skin and red eyes.
she grabbed jaken and was about to kill him when
sesshoumaru arrived. sess tells the demon to get out b/c
she is in his way. jaken asks him who r u. sess uses his
poison whip and in one attack saves jaken and kill the
demon. jakne tells all his servant to clear a path for
sesshoumaru. sess walks in b/t all the mini jakens. lol. as
he passes jaken. jaken has stars in his eyes that r
glistening. jaken says 'beautiful how handsome' (LOL i
knew jaken was gay). jaken runs after sess. one of his
servants tells him to come back. jaken says no and dont
follow him. so he left the life of being a ruler and
revered to join sesshoumaru. he catches up with sess and
thanks him for saving his life (get down onto the ground on
his needs egging) and dedicates his life to being his
servant. sesshoumaru just keep walking. again jaken runs
after him. at a waterfall. sess sticks his hand in the
waterfall and pulls out the staff jaken now uses. he looks
at jaken still on the ground and throws the staff to him.
sess says that if he can use it, he'll keep it in his
care. jaken asks sess what his honorable name is. sess
introduces himself. *flashback done* jaken still with sad
eyes saysing 'from then on i was by his side hoping to
return the life debt. jakne leaves rin and runs. rin goes
' jaken is always so busy' muotoko is makeing a fire. inu
yasha finally finds him. they all acuse him of being the
thief. everyone is angry adn demands that he give their
possessions back. muotoko approaches him looking fo rhte
sowrd. find it but inu takes it out ready to attack.
muotoko demands that he hand over the sword. he touches it
and gets shocked by the barrier.muotko is on the grounf in
pain. shippo sys that men like him have unfufilled dreams
and hopes. that what he heard a muotoko is. sango says he
is pitiful. muotoko is stil groaning on the ground. kagome
says that if u return what u stol we'll forgive u. muotoko
stand up lifts up his shirt and their possession fall to
the ground. he leaves and shippo tells him not to do bad
things anymore. kagome says if u do we'll have to kill u.
muotoko nods and leavs. inus and everyone disucss that not
all dmeon are bad and continue there journey. jaken shows
up standing next to the fire. he is angry and call muotoko
a good for nothing. jaken was to close and his @ss being to
flame. hes runs like crazy. the flame goes away but jaken
has run off a cliff. kagome turns around and asks if anyone
heard that weird voice. they say no and keep walking. jaken
climb up a rock yelling THAT INU YASHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. rin
riding ah un is behind jaken. rin asks him if it hurts.
GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. rin says 'but u were supposed to show
me that u r useful?' rin leaves. jaken says 'oh inu yasha
(jumps around like a maniac) I WILL GET TESSAIGA FROM U'
inu says that they wasted alot of time back there. jaken is
diguised. he has white hair mustache and a beard. he calls
himself a sharpener. his sign says that he will sharpen for
free. jaken has insense with him so that inu can smell that
he is jaken. shippo kagome miroku and sango give them their
weapons but inu keeps tessaiga. they leave. jaken gets
pissed and hyper and starts sharpening really fast. he hope
that if he does the best job then inu will give up
tessaiga. rin is at a river with ah un. she thinking that
she should forget about jaken. rin gets an idea and tell ah
un to follow her. they come back to pick up their weapons.
miroku drop a leaf on his staf and it get cut in half. they
are all impressed about how sharp it is. inu thinks baout
giving him tessaiga. but jaken is so worn out so he decides
not to and leaves. when jaken finally wakes up his get
upset and notices the weapons r gone. he scratches his head
crazily messing up his hair. jaken start jumping around
like crazy babbling. jaken this of another plan. he put a
red paper and stabs it with his staff. water gushes out
from it making a hotspring. jaken laughs evily. its night
time now. and rin is picking some flowers. she says since
she is done picking flower for sesshoumaru she should go
back. she becomes a little worried and wonders which is the
way back. she wonders if that is sesshoumarus scent. ah un
shakes its head to tell her no. rin is disappointed and
says that she should find jaken. kagome is sitting by the
fire and says that they all walked alot today. miorku
notices the hot spring. (i luv this part ^_~) kagome hear
him and get excited. they all go over to it. sango is
happy. miroku announces that he and sango will go in first.
sango hits him with her boomerang. LOL. miroku with a big
bump on his head says 'uh seperately then' kagome shippo
and sango go in first. jaken is watching them from afar and
notices inu is not in there. he wonders if dogs like baths.
lol. inu holds mirokus staff and is impressed and wishes
that he got it sharpened also. jaken get excited and get
out his sharpener disguise. kagome shippo and sango tell
them that they r getting out. inu and miroku get in. jaken
take off the disguise mumbling 'sheesh make up ur mind'.
inu yells DONT PEEK. jakne says oh i am sorry. kagome says
who's peeking. jaken thinks to himself oh yeah no me. lol.
inu is miroku couldnt be more relaxed. jaken find the sword
touches it and get fried. lol. he takes inu shirt and wraps
it around the sword and carries it away. rin flies overhead
still holding her flowers and finds jaken. inu an miroku
sigh. they notice ah un in the sky. the stand up and say
'SESHOUMARU' they both become dizzy and move aroundl like
they r drunk and fall inot the water. kagome check to c if
they r ok. miroku is underwater and inu is on the water
with his legs WIDE open. she sees EVERYTHING and freaks out
LMFAO inu says in a sorta drunken voice 'sesshoumaru'
sango in her demon exterminators outfit goes off to fight
she tells kagome to do something. kagome still kinda
freaked says 'uh what can i do?' inu says and point to
the left saysing his clothes r over there. kagome goes over
and finds that his shirt and swor dis missing. jaken is
hopping an skipping so happily. rin find him . sango attack
jaken block with the fire from his staff. sango keeps
attacking but jaken block every time and sango get hit by
the fire. inu runs up to him demanding that jaken give his
sword back. ah un hits inu yasha. jaken calls rin an idiot
for coming back. miroku and shippo run over to inu to make
sure hes ok. inu says hes fine. rin throws away the
flowers. adn kagome notices her. rin grabs jaken with on
hand trying to pull him up. she takes the sword throws it
back down and pull him up with 2 hands.jaken demands she
tell him why she came bakc. rin says cuz she was worried
about him.jaken asks her where did the sword go. rin
wonders what he is talking about. below inu get his shirt
and sword back. jaken just faints. lol. rin asks him what
happened. but jakne is still fainted and doesnt answer. inu
and everyone talk about the jaken goal was to steal the
sword and how seshsoumaru wasnt present and had nothing to
do with it. sango asks kagome if she ok. she tihnks to
herself that no one else noticed that there was a little
human girl traveling with them. she wonders what that
means. jaken is back to normal and sighs that all that work
for nothing. rin has finally found food for them to eat and
offres him some. jaken thinks about how sess is whimsical
bringing along a human girl. and how she was worried about
him and that he wouldve died if rin hadnt come along. there
is a huge gust of wind an kagura appears. she kidnaps rin
and flies off on her feather. jaken runs but is too late
and he yells RIN RIIIIIIIIIN

Episode Summary for Episode 79 - Jaken's Tetsusaiga-snatching Operation . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Jaken tries to snatch Tetsuaiga by disguising himself as a sword sharpener. Also the girls see the guys bathing in the hotsprings in this one. Rin gets kidnapped by Kagura at the end.