Episode 81 - Finally Broken Naraku's Mystery Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 81 - Finally Broken Naraku's Mystery . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru team up to do serious damage on Naraku. The monkey-boy leaves and orders Kohaku to kill Rin. Sesshomaru locates Kohaku, but chooses not to kill him knowing Naraku would desire it. Kagura picks up Kohaku and departs. Meanwhile, Kikyo arrives at the old spot of Naraku's castle and questions how he could have been able to move such a large structure.
Episode Summary for Episode 81 - Finally Broken Naraku's Mystery . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

in the last 2 eps. rin was kidnapped. in the previous ep
sesshoumaro went off to find naraku. naraku showed
sesshoumaru his true form a weird gignatic man eating plant
thingy. LOL. sess denies that he cares about rin enough to
save her. rin and kohaku are together in a small building
where naraku put them. they erlate to each other. sango
kagome and miroku find the building. inu yasha finds the
barrier to narakus castle and destroys it by making
tessaiga red and slashing through it. at the beginning of
this ep. naraku and sesshoumaru are giving each other
determined cold stares. the parts of naraku the sesshoumaru
slash up are starts to attach themselve to sesshoumaru.
naraku senses inu yasha coming. and is pissed that kagura
didnt stop him. sess asks it seems u r worried about
someone outside the castle. naraku responds it seem that my
time to deal with u has run out, ur demon power everything
will be takem by this naraku. all of a sudden ALL the
pieces of naraku that sesshoumaru chopped up attack and
attach to sesshoumaru. sesshoumaru just glances at them as
the cover him up completely and naraku begins sucking up
sesshoumaru power and strength. jaken is watching in
horror. jaken scream SESSHOUMARU. just then one part of
naraku goes to jaken. he burns it with fire coming out of
his staff. but not it has become a red hot flaming part of
naraku that is after him. jaken sasy why do theses things
always happen to me. lol. kagura is watching overhead as
inu yasha is advancing into the castle. the plant finally
stop atacking jaken and jaken wonders if sesshoumaru is ok.
the parts of naraku that have completes surrounded
sesshoumaru are pulsing and sucking up his energy little by
little. jaken is watching all bugeyes. lol. inu yasha is
running up the side of the castle. naraku puts his gray
arms into the green ball that surrounds sesshoumaru and
sucks up more energy. naraku laughs and smiles saying
finally the power of a full demon. just then inu yasha
appears above him. inu yasha yell hey naraku is this ur
true identity. naraku is shocked that inu yasha madeit this
far. inu yasha with his red sword send a wound of wind
blast at him. naraku say yeah right like i'll let u do
that. he puts up a barrier around himself. the wound of
wind blast destroys the barrier and hit naraku. GO INU
YASHA GO. u will never see naraku so shocked in all the
episodes. with a dumbfounded face he slowly says my my
barrier. inu yasha states i finally found u and i will
defeat u today. (yeah right) narakus arms has been cut off
in the blast. he says u make me laugh thinking U could
defeat ME. kagura watching overhead says maybe inu yasha is
strong enough to defeat naraku now. kagura notices the
green ball and is shocked that sesshoumaru got defeated so
easily. b4 he gets all the full demon power fro sesshoumaru
it'll too late for him to be defeated, inu yasha. naraku
extremely pissed off think to himself. it wasnt planned.
that inu yasha would come this far. then he begins laughing
and says inu yasha u learned how to destroy barriers. inu
responds, naraku u b@stard i wont let u escape (yeah right)
BE PREPARED. inu charges after naraku. naraku says seems u
have gotten stronger but no where near reaching this naraku
TAKE THIS. naraku face goes into pyschopath mode and he
send out several parts of himself at inu yasha. inu yasha
yells TOO EASY. an d destroys them. nraku keeps sending out
more pieces and inu yasha keeps destroying them until inu
yasha is surrounded by many parts of naraku. that plants
surouns inu yash up to his chest. inu yasah cant move.
naraku laughs at him and says along with sesshoumaru i will
absorb u as well. ionu yasha tries with all his power to
escape their grip. but it is no use. kagura overhead thinks
sh1t i guess he wasnt ready yet. naraku tells inu yasha
that he is to late because sesshoumaru is already part of
his body. i dont know how much of a advantage that ur
hanyou self would be, but i will absorb u and make u my
power. inu yasha gets pissed and says DONT MIX ME UP WITH
HIM. inu yasha finally escapes. naraku is shocked again.
(he is so dumb sometimes). inu yasha charges after him
again saying he wont go easy on him. inu yasha sends a huge
wound of wind blast hitting naraku. jaken watching starts
crying. lol. sesshoumaru finally break through. (what took
him so long. so dumb) jaken sees that sesshouarmu is ok and
has a huge smiles on his face. inu yasha finally notices
sesshoumaru. sess smiles and says to bad naraku. the meat u
surrounded me was the shield of inu yashas wound of wind.
inu yasha yell MOVE i'll be the one to defeat naraku. sess
says no this is my prey. inu yashas respons KEH quit
fooling around u always always .. there is a huge rumbling
sound and naraku body reaches toward the sky. he send more
of himself toward their way. they both dodge them easily
and destroy them easily. inu yasha runs while they attack
him from behind he turns around and send a blast at them
(really cool ^_^) inu yasha sends a blast at naraku. naraku
body falls apart. he is no longer attach to his true form
anymore. inu yasah yells. THIS IS THE END. (yeah right)
sesshoumaru come up next to inu yasha quickly saying i tol
u this is MY prey. seshoumaru send a blast at naraku.
naraku my sound of pain and anguish as he turns into a
black cloud. inu and sess both retreat. naraku and his bees
go into the sky. he says sesshoumaru please excuse me for
today. inu yasha grits his teeth while a red glow comes
around sesshoumaru. his eye turn red, his stripes become
larger and in his most angered voice yet he says FOOL U
THINK U CAN ESCAPE FROM ME. and he starts to grit his
teeth. naraku laughs at him and says instead of
transforming and track me u should save ur little girl.
sess eye stripes abruptly change back and sess becomes
worried. back to rin and kohaku. kohaku is up against the
window with his head down. rin wonders if he is ok. back to
inu and sess. inu yasha thinks little girl? WTF is he
talking about. naraku continues, rin is now with a person
named kohaku. this catches inu yashas attention. naraku
continues, inu yasha would know what that means. his cloud
disappears into thin air while u can hear him laughing.
back with rin and kohaku. kohaku has that blank stare in
his eye again. back with inu and sess we hear narakus voice
again saying just a little more time i wouldve absorbed
sesshoumaru. just a little more and which couldve been
mine. this is all to blame on inu yasha. who knew he could
go this far. kagura going to where the naraku cloud was
says figures naraku wuold go so easily as i thought. inu
yasha puts away his sword and says narakus sense has fully
disappeared. with all that injury where could he go? hey
sesshoumaru is there someone held hostage? is rin someone u
know? sesshoumaru think to himself he kidnapped rin to give
him time to run. naraku how cowardly can u be? sesshoumaru
begins to lift off the ground. jaken sees him leaving and
yells SESHOUMARU WAIT FOR ME. but inu yasha step on him.
lol. he tells jaken to explain what happened b/t
sesshoumaru and naraku. jaken say nothing that i would tell
a half demon like u. inu yasha beat him in the head. jaken
has five large bumps on his head and says ok but it is a
long story. inu yasha with a funny expression says make it
short. back with sango miroku and kagome. the several demon
around the place where kohaku and rin are start to attack
them. sango throws her boomerang destroying some of them.
miroku uses his staff. kagome and shipo notice that kohaku
is leaving on ah un with rin. kagome wonders kohaku is
there with a girl? that girl i saw her from somewhere.
sango rides on kirara saying KOHAKU. more demons attack her
she yell sh1t get outta my way. and destroys them with her
boomerang. kagome says we have to follw them. 2 demons come
after kagome when she i holding shippo. but inu yasha comes
just in time to save her. he asks if kohaku is here. she
comfirms yes and that event hough he left the shikon sense
isnt that far away. inu yasha carries kagome and they are
off to find kohaku. kagome and inu yasha talk about how
naraku hypomotizes kohaku and has a spell on him teling
kohaku to destroy the hostage. naraku had this all planned
out to get time to run away form sesshoumaru. kagome says
then.. that girl kohaku was with is sesshoumaru's? inu
yasha continues, to sess humans are nothing but bugs so the
thought of him traveling with a human is unlikely but... to
make him feel used and wouldnt let naraku servant escape.
sesshoumaru will kill kohaku. no matter how u think of
this. this is one plan that everybody hates. inu yasha
thinks to himself that he is the only one to stop
sesshhoumaru. kohaku is holding rins hand. she asks why did
we leave. why r we here? where are we going now? kohaku's
head pulses and he stops walking. a picture of naraku comes
into his mind and tell him to kill rin. his grip on rin
hand gets tighter and he holds up his sickle. kohaku has
that blank stare again. rin is on the ground terrified
saying kohaku? kohaku has his ball chanin and sickle ready
to strike and almost slashes her head off. rin dodges and
runs for her life saying wha wha ha happened to kohaku?
kohakus balss wraps arouns rins legs. rin is on the ground
motionless. kohaku turns her around so that he can see her
face. naraku in his mind tell him to kill her again. kohaku
stops and notices sesshoumaru behind him. right now it is
so silent that the only sound we can hear is the wind in
the distance. kohaku turns around and stands up.
sesshoumaru say hmmm u plan to fight. just then inu yasha
and kagome arrive. inu yasha punches kohaku and kagome
takes care of rin. kagome tells sessoumaru that she is ok
and only fainted. inu yasha tell sess that he doesnt plan
to hurt kohaku. sess replies no matter how many times u try
to interfere inu yash that brat seems to want to be killed
by me. kohaku finaly gets up. inu yash get angered and
think this is all from naraku hypotizing, get sesshoumaru
mad and die. kohaku attack sesshoumaru inu yasha step
infront of sess to block his attack sesshoumaru glides over
to kohaku squeezing his neck. sesshoumaru states inu yasah
i didnt know u cared about ur borther so much. inu says
what kinda dream talk r u saying? i fu dont let go of him
i'll slice u. sesshoumaru squeezes kohakus neck tighter.
kagome and inu yash tell sesshoumaru to stop. sesshoumaru
think to himself that this brat doesnt have and struggles
or fears. i dont like his eyes. sesshoumaru lets go of him.
inu and kagome are shocked and rin wakes up. rin notices
sess and has a huge smile on her face yelling his name. she
then notices kohaku and gets worried. kohaku grabs his
weapon and runs into the forest. inu yasha asks sess if he
will go after him . sesshoumaru doesnt respond. kagura
takes kohaku on her feather. and they fly off. kagome
stands up and thanks sesshoumaru for sparing kohakus life.
sess repsonds that that brat wanted me to kil him. inu
yasha is surprise d that sess knew that all along (inu
yasha is so slow) sess continues, i just didnt want to go
along with naraku stupid plans (yeah right). sess begins to
walk away and rin runs over to him and walk by his side.
kagome and inu yasha have the funniest shocked face. kagome
says she followed him? inu is just so shocked he just
stares dumbfounded. lol. the sun rises. sango say oh kohaku
escaped again. inu yasha apologizes to her. sango say it is
no use and think to herself that it is good enough that he
is still alive. inu yash thinks that with all those wounds
naraku wont be strong enough to put up another barrier.
where could he have gone to? kikyo is at naraku castle. she
thnk to herself, naraku he left with out the castle and
borke the barrier? that means he threw away this castle.
does this mean he found a new location to hide himself.
this is weird b4 no matter where he went i could sense his
barrier. it is like his disappeared i cant sense him
anywhere. this means something is wrong.

Episode Summary for Episode 81 - Finally Broken Naraku's Mystery . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshoumaru attacked Naraku continuously, but strangely, Naraku let it happened and smiled. Itís because Naraku has planned to absorb Sesshoumaru to his body through his body parts that was cut by Sesshoumaru. So the more Sesshoumaru cut, the easier he would be get absorbed. Finally, after quite long time, all Narakuís body parts that have cut, started to surround Sesshoumaru and fully tied him. At first, Sesshoumaru tried to go, but then he failed, and the tentacles surrounded him totally.

Inuyasha went to Naraku, and when he reached that place, he saw Naraku with Sesshoumaru that has been surrounded by Narakuís tentacles (and it made Inuyasha couldnít see him). Inuyasha attacked Naraku with Tetsusaiga, and at that time Naraku set his barrier, which Inuyasha couldnít destroyed several times ago. But then the Kaze no Kizu destroyed the barrier!!! That surprised Naraku, he has never expected that Inuyasha could come that far. So Naraku did a same tactic to Inuyasha, he wanted to absorb him too like Sesshoumaru. So then he let Inuyasha cut many of his tentacles, and finally, the tentacles surrounded him like Sesshoumaru. Naraku smiled happy, and he told Inuyasha that he would absorb him like Sesshoumaru. At that time, Inuyasha just realized that a lump beside him was Sesshoumaru. After heard that, Inuyasha was very angry (looked like he didnít want become one with Sesshoumaru), then he tried to break the tentacles, and he did it!!! Naraku was very very surprise at that time, never guessed that Inuyasha was that strong. Then Inuyasha gave him a Kaze no Kizu which was very strong until it could hurt Narakuís body. Then suddenly, Sesshoumaru broke the tentacles too and smiled to Naraku. He said that the tentacles which surrounded him was just a shield of Inuyashaís Kaze no Kizu. Then Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru fought Naraku together. They attacked Naraku continuously until he couldnít bear it anymore (damn, they were so strong! ). Naraku escaped quickly (what a coward! ), and even Sesshoumaru couldnít smell his presence. He decided to save Rin and went from that place. Inuyasha knew that Rin was kept by Kohaku, run to catch him quickly because he knew that Sesshoumaru may kill Kohaku as a Narakuís follower. Inuyasha met Kagome in the middle, and Inuyasha told her everything, so they chased Sesshoumaru together.

Well, when they met Sesshoumaru, they saw he almost killed Kohaku by grabbing his neck. But then somehow, Sesshoumaru canceled to kill Kohaku and let him run. That was made Inuyasha and Kagome confused. And after that, Kagome said thank you to him for not killing Kohaku and then Sesshoumaru went with Rin (and this made them surprised again! Sesshoumaru traveled with a human??! ). Yeah, after that, Inuyasha group gathered back and talked about it.