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Episode Summary for Episode 83 - Girl Yorojok and the Great Promise . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
A wolf girl named Ayame(whos costume is basicly Kougas, but the fur is ehite instead of brown...she didnt really impress me as an intrestng character from the first time she made her aperrence) shows up, telling Kouga that now she has come down from the mountains that shes ready to marry Him like he promised. Kouga looks at her like shes crazy...cause being the thinkheaded lumk that he is...he compleatly forgot that he had made such a promise.

Ayame tells the story about what happned when she was little and how Kouga saved her, then under the "moons rainbow" he promised that he would take her as his wife when she got older and finnished her training up in the mountains. ...After the story is over...Kouga still hasent a clue what shes talking about. then declareds that He is already engaged to kagome. THis causes Ayame to get very angry at Kagome, even though the two have never met.

then theres a battle with some stupid looking hair demon that looked like nothing more then a pair of bright lips and some black string(i think its one of the dumbest looking villins I'v ever seeen....)Ayame almost gets eaten by the stupid looking demon but kouga saves her...causing himself to be eatin...but then beats the thing up from the inside. (At least this is something how i remeber it...) Ayame relizes that KAgome has no feelings for Kouga and she drops her hatred for her...Kouga still refuses to give up on Kagome.

this is all i can really rember at the moment but i think thats the gist of it.
Episode Summary for Episode 83 - Girl Yorojok and the Great Promise . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ayame, a woman from another wolf demon, has come to be engaged to Koga who she met several years earlier. She is shocked and angry to hear that Kouga is in love with Kagome and the guy forgot about the night he proposed to her. Meanwhile, the other Inuyasha gami battle a hair demon from Naraku's old castle.
Episode Summary for Episode 83 - Girl Yorojok and the Great Promise . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

it start out with the beaitful orange sky in the backround
and a white wolf resting on a mountain. the wolf looks
outward over the cliff. a tornadoe with leaves come up
behind him and its a female wolf demon in white. she has
several white wolves lined up behind her. the first wolf
nods it head and the other wolves and the girl go off. the
gilf jump into the sky with the sun centered behind her.
now it is night and there are a bunch of fireflies flying
around near a river. we hear dog noises and then a flash of
kouga running from several white wolves. one wolf attacks.
kouga twists to the side barely dodging. he continues to
run the wolf almost bite his foot but kouga jumps out of
the way in time. he runs again pauses charges and punches
the 3 wolves. he jewel shard glow. when the wolves get up
he does an amazing backflip and land on a high branch on a
tree. the wolves cant reach him and growl up at him. kouga
threatens them saying that if they dont go away he will
fight them for real. thenwe hear a young girls voice saying
that kougas as impatient as always. kouga looks out. a
tornadoe with leaves is on a rock and the girl is there.
kouga just stares at her curiously. there is a purple
flower on red hair. she stares up at him smiling then her
smile widens. kouga demands her to him who she is and is
angered that she sent her wolves on him. he asks her is she
has some grudge on him. jus then kougas peeps catch up with
him panting very hard. they says hey kouga isnt that ayame,
my elders granddaughter? the other one says, i heard she
went to the mountains on the north side with my elder. they
r surprised that she came back. kouga take in their words
and says her name very curiously. he stares at her again
but not as harsh as b4. ayame says that she came to deliver
grnadfathers words. kouga asks her what? she says for u to
take me as ur wife. you promised remember? kougas eyes
widen his pupils become smaller he is totally shock and
stutters, WI WI WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE? kouga peeps jaws have
dropped. she says u have collected some jewel shards. i
know i can entrust my family to u. so behave and mrry me.
for a second koua is lost for words but calms down a bit
still a little freaked out saying. dont make me laugh, why
should i marry u? then ayame become sad and asks him if he
remembers? kouga says calmly, remeber what? ayame gaining
harshness in her voice says but u promised u would marry me
if i came down from the mountains. kouga peeps turns their
bodies to face kouga and look at him shocked saying HOW
ayame jumps into the sky and lands right next to kouga on
the same branch. she grabs and clutches his hand with all
her might. kouga demands that she let go. she shakes him
arm saying, but grnadpa told me to bring u to him by force
if i have to. she streches his arm out to as far as is can
go pulling with all her might. kouga tries to get her off
him. the struggle causing the branch to break and the fall
down into the water. they r very close to each other. ayame
still wont let go as kouga walks over to land. when kouga
gets to land the white wolves bite his ankles. ayame tell
them not to let go and try to hold him as best they can.
kouga yanks his arm toward him telling her that he is
already engaged to kagome. for that reason he wouldnt have
made that promise to her. kouga turns into a tornadoe ayame
loses her grip. kouga lands on a rock nearby and runs away.
ayame loses balance but then regains it again thinking
about kougas words. kouga left his peeps again and the yell
for him to wait up while they try to catch up to him again.
ayame watches them leave and get very angry saying, he cant
remember? she stands there motionless for a while. her
wolves howl at her to check if she is ok. she smiles at
them and looks up sadly to the sky. she says in an annoyed
voice, but he promised, during the night of the moons
rainbow. 2 fireflies fly upward next to her and in the sky.
it is morning again. now we are with the inu yasha gang.
miroku asks where naraku is now (inu and sess were close to
defeating him but he escaped and his dark cloud went away
somewhere). sango says that they should look around. shippo
mentions that there r no rumors that might relate to
naraku. inu yasha i resting upon a mountain with his head
resting on his left hand. miroku says that inu doesnt have
a clue where naraku is either.lol. inu takes his head off
his hand and says i guess so (thats different usually he
would beat someone @ss if they said that) inu says
exasperatedly, how could all that determination go away so
easily. shippo drinks for a bottle shaped container and
says that he cant do anything since he cant smell naraku.
sango asks kagome if she can feel any shards around. kagome
says nope not at all. miroku has a big smile on his face
and says even if they hurry there is still no way. but if
they ptiently collect shards naraku should appear
automatically. inu stand up abruptly and shouts I CANT WAIT
THAT LONG. miroku tell him that there is no other way. inu
turns the other way and goes KEH. sango think about what
other shards r left. they all mention kohakus kougas
narakus theirs. kagome hold her shards and looks up into
the sky. back to ayame. she is sitting next to a river
kicking her feet in the water. she stop kicking as looks
like all the air inside of her has escaped. one of her
wolves come and snuggles next to her to make her feel
better. she hugs the wolf and tell it that it has been a
long time but she is very certain that he did promise.
*flashback* the sun comes through an opening in the trees.
and kouga is carrying ayame on his back. it is raining.
ayame is relaxing on his back she looks and holds her
purple flower. kouga tell her not to overstrain herself.
but if it is too hard that she cant handle it (kouga looks
back at her smiles and closes his eyes) then i shall take u
as my wife ayame. ayame just smiles. *flashback over* ayame
still sitting by the river says that it happened when she
was very young. she has no choice since kouga doesnt
remember that she should go back to the mountains. ayame is
very disappointed. and stares down at her reflection in the
water. she thinks of grandfather wolf. the wolf says that
he has no influence over him and cant go against him
without the shikons powers anymore. find him and bring
kouga here this instant. she nods. back to the present. she
shakes her head stands up yelling very determoined, I CANT
GO BACK. NOW ITS A NEW START. she runs off. but to kouga.
he is in narakus old castle that inu and sess were earlier.
kouga says it has the same stench as naraku. and wonders
why there is no sign of him. he kneels down next to the
mark inu mad with wound of wind. and grabs some soil. and
notices that was inus attack. kouga peeps finally catch up
to him. they tell him the castle is completely empty. kouga
tell them that they r leaving. they ask where? kouga tell
them, isnt it obvious? to where dogsh1t is and make them
talk. he punches his fist up against his palm. kouga turns
into a tornadoe and leaves. kouga thinks to himself that
naraku would be after him soon. to get the 2 shards in hid
legs. he also wonders where naraku is right now. deep below
the earth. a demon is forming from narakus remains. now
ayame arrives at the castle. but its too late. kouga
already left. her wolves sniff around. there is a whistle.
and all the wolves walk over to ayame howling. she tell
them that she is certain that kouga was here. she gazes
around the caslte adn think that this place is horrible.
there is an earthquake. the demon forming from narakus
remain bulges out of the ground. it looks like a big demon
made of hair. ayame get attacked but she easily dodges. the
demon take her wolves and strangles them. it opens its
mouth but ayame pull out a leaf. its like a blade and cuts
her wolves free. its just a big hair like demon with a big
mouth in the middle. ayame grits her teeth and punches her
palm. she puches the ground and a whole bunch of leaves
come forth and attack it. its doesnt effect the demon at
all. she uses that time to escape. the hair demon follow
cloesly behind her. she wonder what kinda demon that is.
she meets up with kougas peeps. one says why is she here.
he other one responds how am i supposed to know. she
demands to know what they did to that strange castle, where
kouga is, and what is that strange monster. the r confused
and ask monster? there confusion ends when the moster shows
up behind them. ayame take a leaf and slices off some os
the demon. kouga peeps wonder if it came from the castle.
she asks who naraku is. the disucss b/t each other that
ayame was up in the mountain so she might not have heard of
naraku. people got killed in the north and south. they says
to her that that was narakus doing and now kouga is chasing
him for revenge. she takes in the info but is soon
interrupted when the monster attacks again. back to inu and
the group. kagome stops walking and looks behind her.
miroku asks her whats wrong. she says she sense jewel
shards. inu makes the funniest expression. his eyes are
huge again his ears twitch. (he looks constipated if u ask
meLOL) a tonadoe comes toward them. inu says,KEH no wonder
i smelled something so unpleasant.kagome goes sheeesh he is
getting angry already. he charges after the whirlwind
kouga lands on inus head. inu falls to the ground kouga
jumps again and lands right next to kagome. LMAO. kouga
holds her hands looks passionately into her eyes and asks
her how she has been doing. kagomes eyes r closed making
this polite *get away i dont like u* expression. all she
can say is um um um um. inus barges in b/t them all of a
sudden. he eyes r huge again and couldnt look any more
angry. (awe kouga messin wit his woman poor little doggy
LOL). kouga says dogsh1t, where naraku is and demands inu
to tell him everything he knows. inu pushes kouga and says
in his face, that ur request wimpy wolf? (he really needs
to work on his comeback after being called dogsh1t) kouga
pushes inu back and says in his face, what else can i say?.
inu pushes kouga back and yells in his face, THEN DONT TALK
FIRST STUPID MORON. good thing miroku interrupts them by
saying that they are looking for naraku. kouga steps back
and isnt in inu face anymore. he put his hand on his chin
and says, i know that., but why did naraku throw away his
castle and run away. inu says in a taunting voice bragging,
u really want to know wimpy wolf. i cut naraku up with
tessaiga. (kouga looks surprised) HA SURPRISED?!?!? THATS
GREAT. kouga responds, but other than that u... even after
attacking all together... u let naraku get away? R U
STUPID?!?!?! inu is smiling anymore. kouga put his hand on
his head and says, how shameful, if i was in ur situation i
wouldve finished him off. inu calls him a bastard clutching
tessaiga eady to strike looking extremely angry saying,
i'm right infront of u. kagome is holding him back telling
him to watch his temper. inu looks like a frekain
psychopath saying, keep talking and i shall cut u up. (yeah
right) kouga hears something. kagome senses demon energy.
every is looking around. inu says that he smells naraku.
they all look toward the forest behind them. sango miroku
and inu get ready to strike. its kougas peeps and wolves.
they tell him that something weird came out of naraku
castle. kouga looks up and se the demon. inu wonders,
hair? kagome comments that it is huge. miroku wonders if
that is naraku other self. the monster just laughs. shippo
cries out, ITA A HAIR MONSTER. kouga asks them if it was in
the caslte all along. they say yes and that ayame said she
saw it. kouga asks them about ayame and if she came also
and where she is. they say they dont know and that they
lost her when they ran. kouga wonders what is goind on and
ownders why he couldnt smell him. the demon smiles and
says, hmmmm shikon shards? inu yasha tells kagome to get
out of here. inu thinks its kinda weird that it can talk.
he attack one lock of hair pulls it swings it and throws it
down. GO INU GO. everyone is surprised at inu strength. inu
demands that the demon tell him where naraku is. the demon
laughs and some of his locks attack kagome. kagome stands
there frozen like an idiot. kouga saves her in time. kouga
carrying kagome still in the air says, dogsh1t u take care
of the monster, i'll take kagome to a safe place. kouga
becomes a tornadoe again and runs down the cliff. inu calls
him a b1tch.LOL. inu pulls the monster but the demon rolls
downt eh cliff toward kagome and kouga. inu is mad at
himself. sango says that for being one of narkaus demons he
is sure weak. inu is mad and says that he fell on purpose.
kagome asks kouga how far they are going. he says far
enough to get u away from the monster. 4 of ayames leaves
are about to hit them. but kouga gets out of the way and
lands on a rock nearby still carying kagome. ayame get
enraged and shouts BUT SHE IS JUST A HUMAN GIRL. WHAT R U
DOING. kouga puts kagome down and says that there is no
time for explainations. kouga whipser to kagome and tell
her to run. ayame get even more angry and yells, KAGOME?
engaged, a HUGE sweatdrop falls down her hair. she asks to
who? ayame starts jumping up and down yelling. TO MY KOUGA.
kagome gets angry and yell in his face, WHY DID U TELL HER
SUCH A THING?!!?!? kouga yells back, BECAUSE I FELL IN LUV
BUT GO TO H#LL. she throws more of her blade leaves at
kagome. kagome being an idiot again stays frozen. kouga
being totally cool does a flip in the air kicks his foot
extremely fast changing the direction of the leaves, does
another flip and lands. GO KOUGA GO. kouga gets mad and
say, do u think ur moves will work against me? DO THAT
AGAIN AND I'LL FIGHT U FOR REAL. ayame says, all for a
human girl? what about ur yorojok's honor? kouga tells her
to shut up and that he has fallen in luv with kagome. and
yells to her, SO DONT COMPLAIN. ayame yells, KAAAA GOOO
scared and asks, what is it? ayame point at her and shouts,
funny expression and thinks to herself that only the 'me'
in their names are the same. ayame calms down a little bit
and says to kouga, even though u have fallen in luv with
her, you cant change the rules of our family. kouga
responds, the elders just made up those rules, AND WHEN DID
I SAY I WOULD MARRY U? there is a long pause. ayame break
the silence and says to him getting very upset, bu bu but u
promised. kouga is somewhat surprised again. ayame get
embarrasses and looks like she will cry soon saying ,
during the night of the moons rainbow.... cant u remeber?
kouga says in a calm voice, moons rainbow? kagome thinks to
herself, is it was the moon, then it happened at night, do
rainbows come out at night? ayame starts explaining that
she was young during that time. *flashback* it is raining,
and a young ayame i running from something. she clutches
her flower and trips over a branch and stay on the ground.
she look behind her and see large bird demons. (the ones
from ep 37) ayame was completely terrified and hid behind
the tree. we hear ayame voice explaining that this happened
during grandpas training and she wandered close to one of
their nests. right b4 i was eaten. (the 2 birds are about
to eat her when she was hiding in a hole in the tree
covering her eyes just then kouga comes and destroys them.
once kouga is done with the demons while still in the air
he smiles at her. ayame just gazes back at him. kouga
reaches his hand out and tell her to come. she is just
still gazing at him. kouga smiles widens. he takes her out
of the tree and gentle put her into his arms and carryies
her saying that grandpa was worried about her. and that it
must be hard to be a granddaughter. he asks her if grandpa
is going up north. ayame responds, yes he said he would
accompany me. he asks if the purple flower she carries is
from the training. she tells him that it has the same name
as her adn that she is trying to take it with her. she
thanks him for saving her. kouga says dont overstrain
urself if u cant handle it when u come down form the
mountains i will marry u ayame. he turn to face her on his
back and smiles. ayame gets hopeful ans asks him really?
now the moon hovers over their heads. ayame tells kouga to
look and points out the moons rainbow. kouga stops walking
and embraces the site.) *flashback done* kouga making the
funniest expressoin and is totally shocked. he says in a
freaky voice uh uh really? i said that? me? ayame nods her
head as tears fill her eyes. kagome yells in his face, HOW
saying, because of those words i was able to bear with
grnadpas training. and lived in teh mountains. kagome
shouts in his face, HOW COME U CANT REMEMBER?!?!?! U R THE
WORST. kouga is surprised by her words and only then does
he make an effort to remember. ayame tries as hard as she
can to stiffle her tears. (sorry the lines suck the person
who subbed it did a bad job)

Episode Summary for Episode 83 - Girl Yorojok and the Great Promise . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ayama sat alone beside a river, and she talked
by herself that Kouga has promised her that he
will marry her as a child.and now her grandpa
told her to bring kouga to him becouse he need his
help.so she must bring him back to her grandpa
no matter what will happen. Kouga went to Naraku's
castle and he realzed that Naraku wasn't there
anymore.He had allso scent Inuyasha scent and so
Kouga went to go to see Inuyasha and ask him if
he saw Naraku and Inuyasha said no he havent.