Episode 84 - Super Speed Marriage Deal Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 84 - Super Speed Marriage Deal . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
During the battle with the hair monster, Ayame realizes that Kagome has no feelings for Kouga. After Kouga kills the demon, he recalls the night he saved Ayame and promised her marriage. However, stubborn Kouga says he still can't remember that night as he still has feelings for Kagome.
Episode Summary for Episode 84 - Super Speed Marriage Deal . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

in the previous ep kouga completely forgot his promise to
marry ayame. a hair demon attack them all. kouga saved
kagome and left the rest of the inu gang on the cliff.
ayame and kouga had a long conversation of the past and
when he promised hed marry her. inu and the rest of them
are on the move to catch up to kagome an dkouga. while the
demon quickly approaches them all. at the beginning of this
ep we see inu running and miroku and sango riding on
kirara. miroku wonders if this hair demon has anything to
do with naraku. sango says in a determined that they will
know when they capture the demon. shippo thinks that the
demon might know narakus location as well. inu says that we
will find out after we save kagome. kouga is sitting on a
rock brooding with a funny expression on his face. he looks
ticked off. kagome watches kouga for a bit then aska ayame
if the yourou tribes leader is her grandfather. ayame
having finally calmed down from crying answers kagome, yes
i call him grandpa. kagome asks her if there is any reason
she came down from the mountain now. ayame sits right next
to her and says, it was recent but, fomr the mountain came
a weird evil energy, grandpa said something about the smell
of an ogre, the north east west yourou tribes statred
fighting,for the fight to settle down, grandpa wanted me to
find a young man with power, and get the allies together.
kagome is shocked and says, a forced marriage!??!!??!?!?!?!
ayame looks down with her eyes closed saying, kouga and i
already have a marriage promise. kouga abruptly turns
around from the rock behind them shouting BUT I DONT
REMEBER IT. ayame explains to kagome that she and grandpa
tought kouga had the power to settle down their allies.
kagome eyes r bulging while she thinks, oh so it wasnt just
a forced marriage. kouga is moving around the rock like he
has a wedgie and has both has on his head saying, grrr all
of this because of some evli energy. to get them to settle
down it would be easier to TALK IT OUT. ayame quickly
stands up with her fist by her hips shouting, ITS NOT THAT
SIMPLE OF A SITUATION. to gather them together they need to
trust one person. they need to have faith and reliability.
kouga says in a annoyed voice, then that shouldnt be a job
for me. what i must do right now is take narakus neck. i
dont have time to deal with this other situation. ayame
asked why not. kouga turns completely around shouting, SHUT
UP AND GO BACK TO THE MOUNTAIN. kagome shouts at kouga.
ayame is speechless and begins to get upset again. kouga
says in a softer voice, ayame wouldnt it be better to stop
listening to grandpa and do what u want to do? the hair
demon is approaching. kouga announves that this
conversation is over. they all sense demon energy. kouga is
annoyed and says, inu yasha mustve let the demon go, i can
smell it, it is nearby. kagome is scared and looks for it
in the trees. kagome runs over to kouga and tells him to go
back to inu yasha. kouga grabs her hands, gazes into her
eye and says passionately, dont worry kagome, i will
protect u. kagome responds, uh uh thanks for saying ur
feelings but........ (kagome thinks to herself that this
isnt the time to be talking about this) ayame is watching
them and says, kouga said heluvs her, perhaps this girl
kgome.... the demon finally arrives ayame gte out of the
way in time and kouga saves kagome. kouga tell the demon
that he will be his opponent, either way i needs answers.
inu ysah and them stop in the middle of the forest. they
see the hair left on the branches of the trees. inu wonders
which way to go then finally find the right directoin. but
just then the hair on the branches attacks him and inu
dodges. everyone start attacking the hair. miroku tell inu
to go find kagome while the stay here with the hair. inu
yasha understand and goes off. he jumps into the air
saying, kagome wait for me. back with kouga kagome and
ayame. the demon laughs and says tht he wont let them
escape and eat them along with the shards. kouga tells
ayame to take care of kagome. ayame goes, say what? me? he
tells kagome to wait over with ayame. kouga jumps at the
demon takes a lock of its hair pull it around a tree (the
demon notices kougas shards) and kick the demon in the
teeth. 2 of the demons teeth crack in half and breka off.
kouga charges at the demon again and demands that he tell
him narakus mysteries. just as kouga gets close to the
demons huge mouth a bright light come from its mouth and
kouga is blinded. some hair cam eoff and is attacking ayame
but she destroys them. the demon squeezes kouga na dhe cnat
move anymore. ayame run over to save him but the demon has
er in a tight squeeze and she cant move. kagome takes her
bow and arrows and get ready to shoot. as kagome is about
to shoot her arrow turns pink and it hits the hair
squeezing ayame and ayame falls down still being squeezed.
ayame wonders if kagome is a priestess. kouga tries with
all his strength to get out of its clutches. kagome runs
over to ayame aska if shes ok and uses the arrow to melt
the hair away. ayame tell her to runs away and that kouga
is only fighting fo rkagome. kagome responds , he isnt that
type of guy, he is fighting for both of us. jsut as another
couple locks of hair attack inu comes jus tin time and does
iron reaver. kagome couldnt be anymore happier to c him.
inu yasha lands infront of her asking if she is safe.
kagome smiles even wider and says she is fine. ayame
wonders if inu yasha is her ally. inu yasha turns around to
kouga saying, what r u doing, she was put in a dangerous
situation. kouga tells him to shut up and that its inus
fault cuz he let go of the monster. inu says that HE will
protect kagome and demands that kouga stay back. kouga stay
being dragged near the monster mouth trying to use all his
strength to escape says, I'LL protect kagome. inu shout
back that kouga doesnt have what it takes to protect
kagome. kogua grits his teeth. inu makes this *u r too
stupid look while pointing at his head* lol kagome says
with a smile to kouga, inu yasha came so dont push urself.
kouga gets angry by her comment. kagome warns inu that it
damgerous to get in the monsters hair. inu takes out his
sword and says for her not to worry. inu in a bragging tone
says that he'll defeat it with wound of wind. kouga gets
angry and says that HE will be the one to defeat this
demon. ayame wonders why kouga is acting like this. her
though r interrupted when the demon starts to drag her and
kouga closer to its mouth. the demon with a smile says that
he will eat them and teh shards. kaogme tell inu to hurry
and that he must save them both. inu looks at her and says
me? i do? kagome yells in his face and says WHO ELSE? LOOK
HTEY R ABOUT TO BE EATEN. kagome pushes inu. inu smiles and
says that he doesnt care about what happens to kougas life.
inu says that he wont let the demon have those shards, he
jumps up into the air the demon send hair after him. inu
is shocked noticing that the hair just flew off. the hair
squeezes him. the demon laugh saying that he wont lte
anyone interfere now that he was finally released from
naraku. with the shards he can get back to his original
form. shippo miroku sango and kirara arrive. sango asks if
she is ok. sango sees ayame and asks who she is. kagome
says that she is kougas fiance. eveyrone says together,
huh? his fiance? kagome tell them that she will explain
later. miorku asks what they will do about the mosnter.
kagome tells them that this monster was released by naraku.
inu ysha demands the demon to tell him what he meant. the
demon says that when naraku left teh castle, he left him as
well. sango figures out that this monster isnt a clone that
naraku made. kaogme and shippo are disappointed that he is
useless. inu say, that explains it, i thought u were to
weak to be naraku clone. inu frees himself looks at kouga
and says, so kouga u were trapped by this useless garbage.
at that moment kouga break free goes over to ayame and
frees her and throws her into the air. she lands righ by
kirara and miroku. kouga tells her to stay there and that
he will protect her too. kouga gives inu the 'hand' and
tell him that he will play with him later.lol. kouga
charges at the demon yelling that it didnt know anything of
narakus mystery. kouga punches it and cause the demon the
break in hal above its mouth. everyone is surprised by his
strength. miroku tells kouga not to destroy it yet. they
still need ot sak it some questions. kouga responds, heh
dont worry i went easy. purple smoke is coming out from the
monster where kouga injured him. kouga demands that the
monster tell him everything he knows. th4e monster laughs
and says that naraku went to a place where no one can reach
him. everyone has a shocked expression. kouga asks the
monster what he means by that comment. the monster laughs
and says he knows nothing else besides that and has no way
to communicate with naraku. the monster laughs again
saying, heheheh thats all u'll get. miroku doesnt think
the monster is lying. inu and kouga agree that tihs monster
is totally useless. kouga cracks his knuckles and says,
hehe there is one thing a useless demon is good for....
kouga goes to punch its mouth again but hte monster
swallows most of his arm. kouga calls him a bast@rd. ayame
is worried about kouga, takes her purple flower and stabs
the monster in the lips. sango is surprised about ayame
powers. ayame flew off the evil energy. miroku sayd it must
be the flower. the monsters says that he will eat them all.
kouga pulls his arm out, goes to save ayame, and they both
get eaten. inu get angered and says that now he cant kill
the monster with wound of wind. teh mosnter is happy that
he now has 2 shikon shards within him. the monster screams
in agony sevreal rays of white light come out of it. the
monster swells up and explodes. everyone else wonder why in
the world this happened. teh demons remain fall to the
ground all arounf them. in the center where the monster was
is kouga with his leg up in a kick position. kouga says,
yea right like I can be defeated. blood is dripping from
kougas arms and ayame is worried about him again. kouga
says that its nothing and pick up one of the remains od the
demon. just then hakkaku and ginta (kouga s peeps) catch up
to them out of breathe as usual. lol. kouga lifts up the
monsters remain stares at it and throws it at them. he tell
them and the wolves to memorize that scent. miroku says
that if the wolves memorize they scent they can randomly
look arounf for naraku. inu approaches kouga from behind
saysing. KEH what kind of help is that. kouga just galres
at inu. inu bragging again closes his eyes and says, if the
wolves could smell them out i wouldve have already smelled
them. inu opens his eyes to find kouga is gone. he looks
around frantically geting angrier each second then find him
with kagome. lol. kouga holds her hands azer into her eyes
and says in a passionate voice, kagome, i have to leave for
now but, next time i will bring u narakus neck. ayame is
facing the opposite direction from them. there is tension
in her eyes. she stares at tehm still facing away thinking,
kouga ur in a one sided luv. cant u see that? kagome has
the most hilrious expression, she shakes her head and says
in a quiet voice, but i i i dont want his neck. lol kouga
says , dont make that expression kagome, u r going to be my
bride. inu yasha still watching them shouts
senses gets out of his grip and yells at kouga saying, WAIT
(ayame is still pouting refueing to look at them) DID U
FORGET ABOUT THAT AGAIN?!?!?!?!?. kouga is feaked out by
her response and back away from her. kouga says that he
cant remeber. kagome tries to heplp him. kouga thiks hard
about the moon rainbow. kouga does remeber a bit of it but
then the memory fades away. *flashback of kouga saving
ayame and carrying her in the rain, and the moons rainbow*
kouga lies to kagome and says that he doesnt remeber
anything. kagome tries to hepl him but kouga refuses and
says he cant remeber a thing. kouga starts to feel guilty.
ayame plays with her red hair finally turns around and tell
him to forget about it. she says that she understands that
his desire to go after naraku. sango whisper to miroku
about kagome is stuck in anothre luv triangle. miorku says
no not like that. ayame just came to get kouga. shippo
whispers into mirokus ear the kouga only likes kagome. and
that kagome wont be in 2 relationships. inu ysaha punches
shippo in the head. shippo falls to the ground with a huge
bump on his head. lol.shippo demands to knwo why inu did
that. inu just looks away and tell him to shut up. ayame
finally smiles and tell kouga that until he takes care of
narkau she and grandpa will try to do something about the
tribes. she puts her hand to her heart close her eye and
reopens them say that she will never forget him and tell
him not to forget about her and that she will be his bride
and no one else. kouga totally freak out and says that he
will only have a wife that can see shikon shards. kouga
reaches over grabs kagome points to her head ans says with
a HUGE smile, kagome can see them. ayame takes in his words
and shouts I WILL ELARN HOW TO SEE THEM TOO. everyone
becomes all bugged eyed. LOL. kougas still kinda freaked
says, uh uh learn how to see them? (he finally calms down)
u cant learn. ayame yells in his face, I WILL. kouga yells
in her face, U WONT. its goes on aand on. I WILL U WONT I
WILL U WONT I WILL U WONT. ayame starts to laugh. this
confuses kouga. ayame pats both his shoulders winks at him
and tell him to wait for that day. she turns into a
tornadoe and leaves. shippo wonders if anyone can really
learn how to see shards. miroku says that he doubts it.
they r impressed by her confidence. kouga calls ayame an
idiot. inu demands that kouga give up the shards in his
legs. inu attack but punche the ground since kouga dodged.
kouga tell kagome good bye and leaves. inu is enraged
gritting his teeth. miroku says that if kouga allies
increase the better hteir chances r of finding narkau. inu
says that its to easy, if the scent was our clues then why
did narkau leave this behind, (inu stands up) the scent as
a clue would be to easy. eveyrone is amazed that inu
actually said something smart for once. inu syas that this
means that naraku has great confidence that he wont be
found.everyone agrees with inu. inu smiles but then it
faces when miroku aska him if he has an idea where naraku
went to. there is complete silence. inu yasha walk backward
toward them turns around and tell him that he should think
about the rest. lol. sango thinks, oh so he wasnt think
about it. shippo think that he should be more responsible.
kagome says that what inu was saying is no mistake. naraku
went ot a place where no one would find him. she wonders
where they should search. its night now. u can hear cricket
chirpin and see several fireflies near teh water. kouga is
standing by the river. teh fireflies fly around him. (very
beautiful scene ^_^) kouga looks into the water and notices
a rainbow. kouga says that he has no intension of losing to
naraku. once he gets his revenge there is no assurance that
he'll be alive. kouga looks into the rainbow again as it
fades away and reappears. he looks off into the distance
and says, forget about the moon and the rainbow ayame.
kouga looks down and slowly walks away. back to ayame. she
lgazes upware to the moon and stars with he hand on her
heart thinking that she will never forget how kouga saved
her evne when the rainbow disappears. back with inu yasha.
inu is lying down on the grass with kagome beside him. inu
is annoye dhta he was fianlly able to cut through narakus
barrier. kaogme with hope in her voice says that they will
find naraku if the all search together. inu sits up and
demands to know what she means by together and if she means
kouga. inu says, r u thinking about someone who has a
fiance and still tries to hit on u. kagome smiles at him
and says, r u still jealous? inu eyes bulge and he says i
am not jealous. kagome glares at him saying, oh so ur not
jealous. inu says that doesnt matter. kagome glares at him
and says in an accusing voice, u started it. inu just sits
there about to explode form embarrassment. niether inu or
kagome take their eyes off each other. miroku sango and
shippo r enjoying this moment from behind. a sweatdrop
falls down from inus cheeck. LOL. inu look away form her
lies back down complete facing the opposite direciton form
her saying , thats enough. lol. kagome thinks that this
isnt good and if only inu was honest about kouga nad ayame.
kagome smiles and looks up at the moon. inu syas that
rainbows dont show up at night. kagome tells them it will
for those who can see it. inu tries but fails to see
anything. they all look up to the starry night sky.