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Episode Summary for Episode 85 - Evil spirits rising, demon's severed head. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it starts out with a small grey lizard climbing on a rock.
it stop at the top and sticks out his tongue. in the
backround u can see inu yasha and the group. they keep
walking just then kagome stop and senses something. sango
commenting that the farther they go the stronger the evil
energy is. there is a pruple cloud of evil energy ahead of
them taking up about 1/4 of the sky. inu sya its a demon
and runs after it. kaogme tries to stop him but its too
late. inu jumps ahead fathre into the evil energy. just
then the view goes to a staff with several small bells on
it. the bells ring and we see its a short old lady, looking
determined, is holding it. she angrily yells, COME FORTH
MONSTER. we see the view from the monster eyes. the old
lady gasps when she hears something slithering toward her
in the tall grass. as the demon charges toward her it makes
a line imprint in the grass. the demon makes a curve in the
grass tehn show itself as a white fox like demon. the old
lady staff goes flying in teh air as she screams. she takes
small container full of powder and throughs it at the demon
yelling, THIS IS THE END FOR U. the demon starts moving
like a wheel in the air once the powder falls ontop of it.
the lady catches her staff attacks the monster, misses, and
collapse backwards on the ground with the staff held over
her head. just then the fox demon appears right above her
hissing, ready to strike. it attacks and the old lady lets
out a terrified scream just then inu arrives and uses iron
reaver to slice the demon. the flames engulf the demon as
is deterierates. the old ladt has her eyes closed waiting,
terrified for the demon to hurt her but nothing happens she
opens her eyes to find inu yasha walking ove to her saying,
oh its an old lady. stop wandering around here and sleep in
ur own house. the old lady suddenly gets herself up in a
flash and says, aaah dog ears ur a demon too DISAPPEAR.
8she start throwing her powder constantly toward inu yasha*
inu block it by covering his face with his arms demanding
to know what she is doing. inu puts up his fist and becomes
angered cuz she didnt thank him for saving her. just then
miroku is behind him. and holds inu back with his staff
telling inu to stop it. inu responds, DONT STOP BE I WILL
SOCK HER. the old lady starts throwing more powder. miroku
turns his head. but inu gets a direct hit and starts
coughing. back with the group they are discussing that the
amount of demons here have increased and thats why the evil
energy is so abundant. the old lady asks, evil energy?
kagome explains to her that they are exterminating demons
as they go on their journey. inu kagome and shippo are
sitting on a log. sango and miokru are on the other sides
of it. teh old lady says, oh? so u are a helper? anyway
since the number of demons has increased even my retired
self was called on. inu has his arms crossed and repsonds,
ur a weakling old lady u should have stayed retired (lol)
(MY MOMENT EVERYONE ^_^) the old lady repsonds in a
threatning tone reaching into her container or powder
saying, doooo u wnat this again? inu yasha suddening hides
behind kagome with his hands on her shoulders (LMFAO)
kagome is like, WTF? miroku tries to calm the old lady
down and asks if she knows why hte number of demons has
increased. the old lady closes her eyes and explains that
its because of the cruse of the severed head. inu peaks
form behind kagome both of them looking curious. the old
lady explains, *image of a dark town* they do have a real
name for it but everyone calls it the town of the
demonhead. after the defeat of their ancestor they buried
various demon patrs there. *inu isnt behind kagome anymore
and has his arms crossed again* they built a castle ontop
of that burial site. kagome goes eeeeeeeeeeh. and inu
says, who would believe what this person is saying. the old
lady growls automatically putting her hand in the container
and inu yasha hides behind kagome again. LOL. she
continues, but recently the demons have revived and
appeared, so a rumor says. teh extermination is also not
going well. (miroku has a focused look as he listen ans
sango has a curious look) well ah thta feels good (the old
lady stands up and leaves) come on follow me. inu being an
idiot asks where. she explains to the town of the
demonhead. kagome asks what they should do. inu says in an
annoyed tone, we have no time for this. miroku syas that
after hearing the story but inu interrupts him and says
forcefully that naraku is first on his list. inu turns to
kagome and asks, right? kagome nods. teh old lady syas
from far back that u will get tons of rewards. inu still
annoyed says, KEH who cares? just then inu is in shock to
find that miroku has disappeared and is walking with the
lady now. miroku says, ok lets go. shippo asks if he they
will split the rewards. inu rolls his eyes a sweat drop is
on the left side of his face as he says in a deeper voice
that usual, hey. back in the town there is a dark cloud
above the whole village. peaking through the door we see a
man sitting donw. the view moves to his shadow and it turns
inot a demon that begins to growl. the woman spying on him
gasps in horror. the mans eyes glow light blue and he
notices she is there. he approuches the door and has the
most angry grimace on his face when he sees her. she gasps
in terror and crawls backward. the man is shaking with rage
saying, you.... you..... the woman is still in shock
saying, l....l...lord, please forgive me. I DIDNT SEE
ANYTHING I DIDNT SEE ANYTHING. (the lord pick up his sword
and hold it over his head ready to strike) LOOOOOOOOOORD.
(of course they dont show it but we hear her getting sliced
into bits *rolls eyes*) its daytime now and inu and the
group have arrived at the village. the woman has her eyes
closed the opens them. everyone is sitting behind her. a
villager explains that the lord has been acting very
strangely. he is always in his room and never comes out.
kagome leans on inu yasha and asks him if he also think
this castle is sorta creepy. inu calmly responds, yea, my
last view has been concentrated. so this is the evil
energy's center ( i dont like the way this person
translated this episode :( ) miroku and sango ponder about
the evil energy circling this area. teh old lady loks back
at them and asks what wrong and why they have a scard
expression and what they are mumbling about. shippo
explains that this energy is very creepy. kirara is shaking
also. the old lady asks what evil energy is (jaki) miroku
looks surprised that she is an exterminator yet she cant
sense anything. the old lady just says, what? inu is
surprised and asks, what do u mean "what"? the old lady
turns away form teh and says proudly that she doesnt feel
anything. she then glares back at them taunting them
saysing, dont tell me u r scaaared, geez you're so young
and so afraid. sango rolls her eyes. inu wonders if this
exterminator is a fake. shippo says that even HE feels it.
jus then shippo turns to see 2 villagers carrying someone.
its the girl from last night with blood dripping form her
arms and hands. the villager explains that is the 7th
person and that the lord kill only maids (image of the lord
sititng in his room with his sword and human remains around
him) or servants that come near him. (close up of the blood
on the lords sword.) mrioku asks if those actions are
because of the demons curse. the man says its possible as
he stands up. he explains that the demon on comes out when
the sun sets. its night tiem again. and the old lady is
doing exorcises. she has her left arm up and leans ove to
the side 6 times then she does breathing exorcises. teh
bends her knees asking, are u guys ok? keep urselves
together. miroku and sango are sitting next to each other.
shippo is on the stairs. kirara is next to sango and he
boomerang. inu yasha is lying down on his side with kagome
near him. inu is surprised by the old lady's energy.
kaogme notices that this old lady is doing really well in
thi evil energy. miroku has a sickening look on his face
commenting that even with training the evil eneryg is
creepy. he looks at sango and says they should wrap this up
quickly. just then a woman walks over to them telling them
to be careful and begs them to rescue her father. everyone
looks curious at her and kagome asks if she is a princess.
the woman explains, several priests and priestesses came to
exterminate the demon they failed and lost their lives.
suddenly miroku is kneeling down infront of the princess
and says in a determined tone, dont worry princess. i will
vanquish it even if it takes all day. sango becomes very
angry, jealous and impatient saying that she THOUGHT he
would wrap this up quickly. suddnely a villager calls alert
everyone there is a demon around. eveyone stands up being
alert. miroku looks at the princess and says he will defeat
it and leave it to him. just hen a brownish demon head with
red eyes and large teeth flies out from the center of the
cloud of energy roaring. sanog runs ahead and tells kirara
to come with her. kirara transforms and sango jumps on.
shippo jumps on kagome shoulder and says that sango is
really into this today. kagome makes a small smile and
agrees. sango lauches her boomerang. the demon heads eyes
glow red and the boomerang goes right through it like it
was air. sango catches her boomerang and is shocked about
the effect. inu tells snago to step aside. inu jumps ontop
of the wall and into the air unleashing wound of wind. it
makes a direct hit and the demon growls in pain and it
splits in half. inu says very confidnetly, hah see it done
like that. kagome smiles but then it fades as she points
into the air and warns inu yasha. inu looks up and see that
the demon has put itself together. inu stnads back up and
wonders why the demon isnt wounded even though he made a
direct hit with wound of wind. miroku looks up pensively
wondering what this demon head is. inu sends another wound
of wind blast (words of the day wound of wind = kaze no
kizu ^_^) making another direct hit. inu lands and looks
over his shoulder to see if it worked but the demon head
just puts itself back together. just then miroku comes
infront of him telling him to stop. inu asks if this demon
resists wound of wind (uh duh) miroku explains that weapons
wont work. he reaches into his shirt and pulls out those
charm papers. he lauches them and makes a direct hit. the
princess suddenly comes (what took her so long huh?) and
look up suprised. the demon head growls and agony. red
smoke emits from it as is gets destroyed (GO MIROKU GO)
everyone looks up in amazment. miroku says he figured it
was an illusion. just then the princess make a weird
expression at miroku as she leaves. (hmmmm i wonder? ) back
in a room lit by candles. miroku explains to the villager
we saw earlier that this demonhead could appear again to
hide who the REAL demon is. eveyone is sitting down with
food infront of them. inu is resting up against a wall with
no food. kagome asks if the real demon is hiding in this
castle. sango ponders and comments that the evil eneryg
hasnt settled down at all. the old lady ponders about the
word jaki (evil energy) agian and stuff herself with food
as she explains that she doesnt feel anything. kagome
smiles innocently while sango rolls her eys commenting on
what kind of extreminator that woman is. inu yasha asks
about the lord staying quiet. the villager confirms it. inu
replies that instead of the curse the demon is playing the
lord right now. back with the lord. the is a large amount
of evil energy smitting from him. his eyes are still
glowing light blue and he couldnt lok more furious,
gritting his teeth. miroku inu yasha and teh villager go
out to investigate. miroku comes to 2 sliding doors check
to make sure its clear then tehy all go in. miroku gently
places his hand on the door andpeaks trough the holes where
the lord is. the villager warns them that if they are
noticed the lord will attack. inu looks as if he couldnt
care less and says that they will just slice him back
(moron *rolls eyes* ) miroku tells them not to rush it.
miorku slides the door open just slightly and peaks in to
find the lord with his eyes glowing light blue just sitting
in his room. inu asks him what he sees and if he is a
demon. miroku explains quietly that its just an ordinary
human and that he doesnt think the evil energy doesnt come
fom the lord at all. miroku turns to face inu. back with
the old lady she takes out her powder and throws it onto
sango kagome and shippo for some reason. sango and kagome
close their eyes just b4 they get hit with it. but shippo
starts coughing. teh lady asks if they feel more
comfortable now. (err ok crazy and stupid O_o) shippo
doesnt look to good and ocugh more and even gags a bit.
kagome stats coughing. the lady is surprised that they dont
feel more comfortable. shippo asks kirara how she is doing.
kirara tries to use her paw to get the powder off he and
gives a moaning meow shaking her head no. the lady holds
the containe up to her face and says, thats weird, this is
the holy purifying salt, a normal demon would usually
struggle. just then inu comes in saying, KEH like that'll
work u fake demon exterminator. the old lady becomes
furious and says she wll test it on him then. inu is
jumping around the room with the old lady throwing the salt
at him. he teases her that she keeps missing. they keep
running around the room like a bunch of idiots. inu lands
on his hand does a flip jumps and tease her again for
missing. kagome looks likes she is becoming very annoyed
and sits inu while he is in the air. inu crashes to the
ground bending one part of the floor and the old lady laned
ontop of him and she sees like she is out cold. kagome
yells for them to stop it. back with the villager he is
with hte princess adn an old lady prbably her mother. the
princess is shocked ot find that her fathre could be a
demon (who do u think hte real demon is. can u figure it
out >D) teh villager confirms it but explains that the monk
thinks that he is jut a victim of the demon. the princess
gasps and give that strange glaring look again. the wols
woman with the princess comes to visit them asking to see
miroku. miroku is confused asking why him. suddenly sango
gets angry and DEMANDS to know if he is planning on going
alone. (miroku sango moment ^_^) miorku turns to her grabs
her hands closes his eyes. then he opens his eyes gazing
deeply into hers and lifts her hands up still holding them
saying, you dont have to worry sango, as u can see the
princess IS beautiful but, *miroku takes her hands presses
it on his face and start rubbing his face up against it) my
heart is only for u. (awwwwwe) sango has the funniest
embarrassed expression her eyes take up half of her face.
she suddenly takes her ahnd back yeelling, WHO IS WORRIED
ABOUT THAT. i am saying that we dont know when the demon
will come acting alone isnt safe. inu says to sango as if
he is trying to shut her up, dont worry miroku is strong.
(here it comes again ^_^) snago gives his teh worst evil
eye yet. her eys become twice the size while her pupils
become smaller than a pseck of dust. inu yasha runs and
hides behind kagome again. he has a hilarious expresion.
again the eye become twice the size the pupils as small as
a speck of dust. LOL. inu asks, why did she looookk at me
like that with that evil expression? kagome rolls her eyes
thinking he is such a moron. the old lady says that his
experience is no where close to hers. iu gets very insulted
puts his hand into a fist and yells, WHAT WAS THAT U FAKE
EXTERMINATOR?!!?. kagome laughs to herself that as an
exterminator the old lady sucks but sa a woman she does
great.lol. inu looks annoyed again glaring at kagome
saying, oh great not u too. miroku gets up to leave and the
old lady hands him papre folded into a pentagon full of
that prufying salt.miroku grasps it in his hands and thanks
her. back down beneath the town. water is dripping form the
ceiling. miroku and the princess are walking down a loooong
flight of stairs and miroku comments abot it. the princess
explains that the demonshead is underground at this point
and that all the demons that have been defeated were buried
down here. miroku looks curiously at her. she tells him
that she wants to show him something. the princess is
carrying a candel to light the dark passage. they finally
make it to the bottom and she explains that the seals were
broken and the demons escaped. a large hole stands infront
of them that is full of bones. HUMAN bones. many of them
looking like monks remains. miroku looks down in horror.
miroku kneels down to get a better look. the princess
explains that these were all the priestess's and priests
that tried to defeat the demon but died. the princess
kneels down beside him saying tht she heard that demons
like to tke people who have the power to make it theirs.
miroku smirks at her saying. and that is why u brought me
here. the princess smirks evily and sys, yes, to take the
monk's powers. the beads of one of the skeletons breaks
off. outside with sanog and shippo. they looked worried.
inu gives a big yawn and says mirokuu is taking way ot
long. shippo wonders whta he is doing. inu says what else
he is with the princess alone he is being a pervert. both
kagome and sango give him the evil eye. LOL. shippo says
that even though he miht i dont htikn he would wth all this
evil energy aorund. inu tells him to shut up and that
miroku will still continue to be a pevert even in this evil
energy he might be feeling her ass right now. (uh oh stupid
move inu) sango has her eyes closed she starts to grit he
teeth shaking with rage. kagome abruptly sits him. LOL. inu
growls saying, why did u do that? LOL. kagome yells at him
for having no manners. the old lady is lying on her side
saying he has no experience. kagome smiles and tells sango
that they should look for him. sango glares saying she
doesnt want to interrupt. inus eyes take up half his face
again still looking very annoyed and doofy. a large
sweatdrop appears on kagomes face as she think to herself
that sango is holding herself back. just then there is a
scream form a villager. inu runs to the rescue. the lord
has gotten out of his small room and is killing everyone.
the villager from b4 demands that he stop this. the lord
just growls. the lord points his sword at him just then inu
arrives pushing everyone back. kaogme and sango and shippo
are right behind him. everyone watches in horror as the
lord drops his sword and statrs groaning evil more. his
teeth become larger his skin becomes red his ears become
pointier his hair turns green horns grow out of his head.
the villagers are horrified to see the lord turn into a
demon. inu tells everyone to stay back and says he was
right aout the lord being a demon. back with miroku he is
clutching his staff more tightly (for all u perverts out
there i dont mean it that way :P ) and is shocked to find
that its teh princess that is doing all this. teh princess
says evily, its too late for u too find out not, after
absorbing the evil energy your body shouldnt easil move.
miroku strains to move. he makes his hand into a fist and
strike her. just then the princess sohws her true form, a
blue demons with red eyes and horns. miroku says he threw
some purifying salt ontop of her. miroku becomes very
frustrated that he cant move anymore. the princess laughs
saying that no one will help him since everyone will go
after the lord and with her spell the lord appears to be a
demon. (she laughs menacingly) back with inu a woman next
to the lord is crying out of fear. inu says confidently to
the lord if he is ready to fight. teh lord just growls
louder each time.
Episode Summary for Episode 85 - Evil spirits rising, demon's severed head. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Inuyasha gang meet up with an old lady who proclaims to be an exorcist. She and the Inuyasha gang go to a castle which consists of a demon head and the lord being possessed by that demon. The princess of the castle takes Miroku to the castle's burial grounds where he later learns that the demon is actually the princess.