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Episode Summary for Episode 86 - The secret of the Emblem Lady. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
At the start of this ep the lord is in his transformed
demon self. He continues to growl as a girl kneeling on the
floor next to him. She is hunched over shaking with fear.
Inu's group (excluding miroku) and the villagers are
looking at the lord in shock. Inu yasha has his sword over
his shoulder as he says with a confident smile, you have
got a lot of nerve showing yourself willingly, oni
(demon/ogre). The girl is still gasping and shaking wit
fear as the lord continues to growling. Inu thrusts his
sword defensively in front of him and charges at the lord.
The demon lifts up the girl by her hair and holding her in
front of him. Inu yasha stops charging and steps back.
kagome yells that he is using the girl as a shield. sango
commands inu not to use tessaiga on him. inu charges after
him again but only holding his sword in his left hand. he
jumps into the air and unleashes iron reaver which pierces
the demons left shoulder. the demon growls in pain as it
steps back. inu yasha puts away his sword and is a little
too proud of himself. just then the demon turns away and
jumps through the roof holding the girl. inu has a
surprised/confused look right b4 he jumps through the hole
in the roof after him. there is a view of the full moon
glowing in the sky. there are dark clouds moving slowly
around it. then the view moves downward and we see inu and
the demon glaring at each other on the rooftop. back inside
the villagers are all looking up through the hole. (X_X I
almost put through the hoe X_X ) on comments that both inu
and the demon are gone. (well DUH). the leader tells them
that this should be all over soon and it's still not the
time to relax. the leader then faces the girls (the girls
from the village and sango and kagome) and tells them to
protect the princess. then an old lady says nervously,
that's...... uh...... kagome is still carrying shippo and
faces her asking what's wrong. the old lady responds,
uh.... actually.... just then sango cuts her off and says
with great concern, SHE WENT DOWN INTO THE ONI'S TOMB?!!?
the old lady confirms a yes and explains that the princess
wanted to show the monk something. sango suddenly runs
outside. kirara is not too far behind. kagome runs outside
and is at the door calling after her. sango explains that
she is going after miroku. then out of no where the old
lady exterminator from b4 is running along side her saying
that she will come as well since its safer than staying.
she is holding that container of power in her hands as she
runs. sango is confused of why the old lady exterminator is
coming as well. the old lady says calmly, weren't u
concerned? the monk and the princess could be "doing
something" down there. (sango is open mouthed as she gazes
at her. by this time kirara has made it to her shoulder and
is resting on it as she runs) the oni's tomb right? I
guess u could use it for a love affair (LOL) sango
suddenly faces away from her and starts blushing as she
says angrily, what the hell are u talking about at a time
like this?!?! the old exterminator has a mischievous smile
as she taunts sango, u like him don't u? (sango turns her
face away even more as she continues to run grimacing)
it's written all over ur face HAHAHAHAHAAH. sango suddenly
comes to an abrupt stop turns to her and yells, BUT THAT'S
NOT WHAT I..... huh? (kirara is looking at sango as if she
was crazy and the old lady has disappeared) the old lady
runs ahead of her and tells sango to hurry up. sango is
grumbling, gritting her teeth as she slowly raises his
shaking fist. kirara gives a concerned meow in her ear. the
view switches to the dark path needed to get to the oni's
tomb. the "princess" is laughing menacingly. miroku is
still kneeling on the ground unable to move. the real oni
(princess) brags that her binding spell cant be dissolved.
miroku glares at her and asks if she plans to consume him.
the view moves the the pit full of monks and priestess
bones. she brags that she has eaten every monk and
priestess that has come her way. she looks at him as if he
was a thanksgiving turkey that she is about to sink her
teeth into. she licks her lips and tells miroku that he
will be the 100th. miroku gasps as he continues to glare at
her. she explains wickedly that after she devours his
spiritual powers she will revive completely and get rid of
this temporary body. she walks over to his and grasps his
face with one hand. she continues to rubs his chin with her
entire palm and comments on what a pretty face he has.
miroku looks petrified as several sweat drops appear on his
face. back with kagome, a village is shaking in agony about
the large gash on his left shoulder. kagome walks over with
her first aid kit and says in a determined tone that they
must stop the bleeding. he thanks her. kagome orders him to
be still. she takes out some spray and warns him that it
will sting a little. he yells in pain as the spray reaches
his gash. the views moves to the left slowly showing all
the injured villagers lying on the floor with there weapons
in front of them. shippo is scared as he comments that the
oni got everyone. kagome tells shippo that someone could be
left. she clutches the first aid kit in her hands as she
runs to the rescue. she runs throughout the building. at
the end of the hallway she stops and turns left. she slides
the door open and ends up in the bedroom where the lord
was. she walks around looking all around her. u can see
someone lying down behind the shades. shippo alerts kagome
about it. she enters saying excuse me. as she looks at her
she finds that this person lying down is the princess. she
kneels down beside her and is very confused. she ponders
about this and that she thought the princess was in the
oni's tomb. shippo is beside her as well and is gazing at
the princess. kagome reaches over to touch her face. her
hand is over the princess' head b4 she suddenly takes her
hand away. shippo asks her what is wrong. kagome is looking
concerned as she explains that the princess is dead. back
with inu yasha he continues slashing at the demon with his
claws. the demon keeps stepping back dodging all his
attacks. inu becomes frustrated as he continues slashing
saying, b@stard get back her and take it like a demon. inu
yasha cracks his knuckles as he goes to strike again. but
the demon places the girls right in front of him. inu yasha
stops and jumps back. inu comments that this demon just
keeps running away. just then the demon image fades and
then comes back. inu is shocked and wonders if his eyes are
failing him. inu begins thinking, something's is weird
her, this demon keeps running away and avoids facing me,
it's just as if..... (inu gasps) is he trying to buy time
for something? (wow the idiot did it *gives inu a doggie
treat* ) back with miroku, the oni steps away from miroku.
she stands back up commenting that someone is disturbing
the princess. just then sango arrives and calls out to him.
she and kirara (in her large form) make it down the stairs.
sango gasps. the oni grits her teeth and glares at her.
sango shouts "WHY YOU" as she takes one step about to
launch her boomerang. just then she stops in her tracks she
has also been put under the binding spell. sango is stuck
in her "pre launching" position and kirara cant move
either. the oni has made her way towards miroku, she grabs
his small ponytail and pulls his head back and says evilly,
B1TCH, sit back and watch as I devour this monk. just then
u can hear a bell ringing. its the old lady with her staff.
she quickly makes her way down the stairs and charges after
the oni shouting, EVIL SPIRITS BEGONE. (she reaches into
the container, gets a fist full of powder and throws it on
top of miroku and the oni) TAKE THAT PURIFYING ASH. the oni
is looking furious and wonder how this old woman got passed
her binding spell. miroku still looks terrified and quickly
turns to the old lady and tells her to dump ALL the
purifying ash onto the oni. the old lady is confused for a
second then dumps all of it as ordered. miroku gets
covered in ash as well. he has his index and middle finger
pressed against each other and a surge of electricity emits
from it. he points at the oni and a HUGE amount of
electricity coming from his fingers overwhelms her (d@mn I
didn't know he could do that O_O) her entire body
crumbles. her head separates from it and flies off looking
down upon him glaring and says, d@mmit monk u added your
power to that ash. miroku looks relieved as he lies back
watching her head fly off. sango and kirara are able to
move again. she runs over to him and asks him in a
concerned tone if he is ok. miroku sounds very relieved as
he tells her that he thought he was a goner. he then turns
to the old exorcist with a surprised expression and says
curiously, but madame exorcist (she looks up at him) u got
passed the binding spell so easily. she responds in a
confused tone, binding spell? what binding spell? miroku
and sango have the funniest "say what" expressions on their
faces. they are amazed that she wasn't affected at all.
miroku has a silly smile as he thinks, she is truly
amazing. the old exterminator tells them this isn't the
time to give up and alerts then that the head escaped.
miroku and sango just stare at her. *blink blink* (lol),
back with inu yasha he gasps again as he feels the evil
energy increasing. back with kagome, she is still puzzled
by all of this. just then 2 blazing red eyes show up right
behind her and shippo. they both feel uneasy and wonder
what changed. they look behind them and see the now large
head of the oni. kagome gasps, shippo looks frightened.
back with inu yasha he is still staring at "demon". he
feels the large amount of evil energy coming from the
castle. he realizes that this "demon" is just here to
distract him. inu looks away for a second then looks back
at the "demon" angrily and charges at it. inu yasha jumps
into the air, puts his hand into a fist and punches the
down so forcefully in the head that it burst through the
roof. inu lands and rushes off through the castle. back
with miroku, sango and the old exterminator, are the
rushing back to the castle. sango is surprised to hear that
the oni has been devouring all the monks and priestesses.
miroku tells her that the oni said he would be the 100th
person. the old lady ponders why she wanted to eat him when
it could've had her. *rolls eyes* miroku and sango have
nervous smiles on their face as thy run behind her. miroku
explains to them that the oni feeds of the power of monks
and priestesses. he also explains that she would be
restored if she devoured him. the old exterminator stops
(why cant they just give this woman a name X_X) clasps her
hands together and says proudly, in other words you are
saying that I would've been the 101st person! after all a
superior exorcist like me would have to be last. right?
(she looks behind her and no one is there) miroku and sango
has completely ignored her and continues to run off ahead.
the old exorcist abruptly turns around and demands that
they listen to her. back with kagome, shippo is on her
shoulder again as she continues to back away. the GIGANTIC
head bursts through the shades breaking them off. suddenly
small yellow orbs of light appear on top of the real
princess. the oni opens its mouth and the yellow orbs fly
inside. the oni begins eating them. shippo wonders what she
is eating. after the oni is done eating she turns to them
and explains she has stored the power of 99 monks within
this princess's body. she then becomes angry and says, I
just had to devour one more but.... (she notices jewel
shards glowing on kagome. now she talks with an evil tone)
little girl.... what do u have there? (kagome places her
hand over her chest where the shards are. 3 of them to be
exact. the oni laughs evilly) I bet those would work just
as well as any monks power. kagome becomes scared and
wonders if its going to eat her. kagome begins to run and
the oni pursues. kagome jumps out of the way in time b4 the
oni charges to devour her. a piece of wood ends up in its
mouth. she bits down crushing it. kagome notices her first
aid kit and runs toward it. she makes it and takes out the
spray she used earlier and shouts, IF U WANT SOMETHING TO
EAT, EAT THIS. she sprays the oni in the eye. the oni backs
away trying to get the spray out of her eye. kagome tells
shippo to use foxfire. shippo does and the flames engulf
it. they use this chance to escape. the oni looks back at
them and says mischievously, you going that way? the
ceiling collapses right in front of kagome and shippo. the
oni explains evilly that she will not let them escape. she
begins to sound frustrated as she says, just be nice and
DIE. the oni charges towards kagome. kagome is petrified
and is frozen in her tracks. just then inu yasha bursts
through the door yelling, @SSHOLE, as he slashes it. the
oni has a large slash through the center over its entire
face as it pulls back. kagome is happy to see him but
shippo complains that he is late. inu is confused. (what
else is new *rolls eyes*) shippo has his hands in fists,
glares at him and explains that they were almost eaten. inu
says angrily, SHUT UP. (he has his left hand in a fist)
say "thank you" when I come to save u!!! kagome hold her
palms out in front of her telling them to cool down. just
then the oni sounds like she is trying her best to suppress
her rage when she says, you, (inu shippo and kagome
suddenly turn to face her) you... you harmed my face! I
cant forgive u! I WON'T FORGIVE YOU! she charges a inu
yasha. inu responds, yea and what are YOU gonna do about
it? inu kicks her which sends her back crashing up against
the wall. she moans in agony as she falls to the ground.
inu threatens that he will cut her into pieces. he places
his sword on his shoulder and suggests that they end this
quickly. the oni is still on the ground and with what
energy she has left turns to inu calling him a half demon
b@stard. inu has his sword defensively in front of him as
he charges towards her. back with the villagers they all
have their weapons defensively in front of them as the
stand around the fake oni. the slowly approach it as they
wonder if its dead. sudden a dark mist consumes it, when it
passes the lord is back to normal. everyone is in shock.
now the lord turns purple and disintegrates just as miroku
and sango enter the room. smoke emits from his clothes.
once the lord id gone completely his clothes sink to the
ground. miroku and sango are grimacing as they watch him
disappear. back with inu yasha he strike but he misses as
the oni rises into the air. inu is getting frustrated as
he complains that this is taking to long. the oni laughs
menacingly. inu yasha demands to know what is so funny.
kagome swiflty moves next to him, shippo is still on hre
shoulder. the oni has a wicked smile as she explains,
prattling on about talismans and charms, the people buried
my head in the ground. stupid humans. (view of the REAL
princess) that is why i cursed and killed the princess and
then stole her form. i used her corpse to store holy power
i stole from those who came to exocise me. (flashback of
the small girl at the door of hte lords room. he suddenly
opens the door. he looks like he is about to devour her and
his eyes shine a bright light blue.) inu repsonds, so u
made the lord guard teh princess' corpse? (u can only hear
inus voice but u can see the girl onthe floor inching back
more and more. she is terrified and looks like she is
begging him to spare her life. he raises his sword up into
the air and slices her to bits.) then ur excuse for showing
ur true form.... (view of villagers carrying her bloody
body away) too bad it isn't, oni head! too bad u had to
run into us!!! the onis head laughs once more and says
menacingly, perhaps. inu abruptly puts his sword infront of
him and gets ready to attack. mirokus and sango arrive.
miroku tells him to stop. inu yasha is pouting and tells
miroku to stop getting in his way. kagome is surprised to
see him there. miroku explains that he wants to ask this
oni something first. inu puts his sword on his shoulder.
miroku steps forward and asks why she didnt leave her tomb
until now. he explains that this has been troubling him for
some time now that she is strong enough to escape anytime
she wanted. the oni laughs menacingly once more and
explains in a calm tone, until now i could tell that a much
stronger evil energy would have absorbed and taken control
of me as soon as i left my tomb. (everyone gasps and inu
yasha takes inthe information) that mass of evil energy
known as naraku (DUN DUN DUN) but naraku is no longer
CASTLE. the oni abrutply turns around and bursts through
the room. inu takes several steps forward and waches her
from below as she continues to rise. she explains that
outside she can eat as many monks as she wants. inu
refuses to let that happen and sends a wound of wind wave
up towards her. but this time the wound of wind is swirled
around a large tornadoe rising upward until it finally hits
the oni. the oni screams in agony as it gets hit. then the
view shows the wave disappearing and the oni in the sky.
the wind is swaying its hair as is hovers in the sky
completely unharmed. kagome and inu look at it from below,
they are surpirsed that wound of wind did not work. the oni
looks very confident but just then gets nervous as miroku
unleashes his wind tunnel. the oni tries to fight it but
get pulled down from the sky. it moans and gags the frather
down she gets until she is completely sucked up. (GO
^_^) miroku closes his windtunnel, turns to inu an tells
him its over ( well DUH) inu is looking very ticked off as
he puts his sword away. he complains that it was a lot of
trouble. the view overlooks the castle. the sky suddenly
becomes brighter, the moon can be seen, the black clouds
disappear. all the clouds are gone all is left is a bright
full moon hovering in the starless sky. shippo notices and
alerts everyone. miroku explains that once the oni was
defeated all its evil energy consuming the castle would
disappear. the old exterminator and inus gans gaze up at
the sky. its morning now. the view overlooks teh castle and
all the damage it has taken. the doors smashed, rooftops
with holes in them, walls destroyed. inside inu yasha is
sitting up against the doorway. while everyone else is
sitting in the center of the room. the villager bow down to
them for saving them all. inu is looking impatient the rest
of the group has a relaxed expression while the old
exterminator looks like she couldnt be happier. thick white
cloud slide through the sky and u can hear birds tweeting
in the backround. in the forest, miroku and sango are
sitting beside each other on a log, kagome and in yasha are
standing beside each other and shippo is sitting infront of
their feet. the old exterminator is surprised to learn that
naraku escaped and thats why all the demons have been
restless. miroku asks her what she is going to do now. she
lifts her fist, smiles and says happily that she will be
REALLY REALLY busy. miroku and sangos eyes widen, they are
surprised by her comment. inu just HAS to say something. he
looks back at her and says calmly, no offense old lady
but.... go back into retirement. you are juts a fraud
anyways. kagome smiles nervously she tells inu to stop and
that was too direct. the old exorcist turns to him and
explains that his words are not true. she tell him that the
monk would have been eaten if it wasnt for her. miroku
smiles, scratches his head and thanks her. he sounds
embarrassed for not saying that sooner. inu turns away
looking annoyed and says, KEH yeah go ahead and say that.
:P sango leans over to miroku and whispers in his left
ear, hey werent u the one who put something in those ashes?
miroku tells her that he thinks teh old exorcist will
survive on her own. sango has her hand on his shoulder and
continues to whisper, but she might get in trouble .....
the old exorcist turns around and asks if they said
anything. sango and miroku make funny expressions as they
smile nervously shaking their heads saysing, nothing
nothing. inu yasha tells them that they should gte moving.
miroku and sango stand up. the old lady leaves waving
goodbye telling them that if they need her help just let
her know. kagome is pushing her bike (she never rides it
X_X), shippo is in the bikes basket. inu yasha is walking
beside her. sango and miroku are behind them walking side
by side. miroku comments that things will be more difficult
now that naraku has disappeared and new demons are starting
to come out of no where. inu yasa looks over his shoulder
at him and explains that all those demons are just weakling
afraid of naraku. he now speaks with determination, we will
finish them all off!!!! everyone stares at him. inu yasha
looks away from miroku and thinks about how naraku has
disappeared again. he looks up into the sky and is
determined to find him.
Episode Summary for Episode 86 - The secret of the Emblem Lady. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The old exorcist's salt breaks Miroku free of the demon's spell and it goes after Kagome upon learning that she has discovered the princess' corpse. The demon had already killed the princess and was using her to store the energy of all the monks and exorcists she has killed. She used the castle's lord as a guardian to prevent anyone from finding the body. As the demon is about to flee, Miroku uses hia Air Void to suck in the demon. It appears that with Naraku's disappearance that less powerful demons have started to emerge with nothing to fear.
Episode Summary for Episode 86 - The secret of the Emblem Lady. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Pick up from the last episode. The demon is still holding the maid girl captive and Inuyasha attacks. The demon keeps using the girl as a shield, so Inuyasha has no way to break through his guard without hurting the girl.

Meanwhile, Sango and the old exorcist decide to run down to go help Miroku since the exorcist suggests that Miroku might be getting it on with the princess. This makes Sango angry, so they hurry on. Down in the burial site, Miroku is still stuck by her sealing trick and finds out that the deamonhead intends on eating him. He will be her 100th human feast and once she eats him, her body will be restored. Just as she's about to kill him, Sango comes in and tries to attack, but she falls under the power of the sealing spell and can't move either. Even Kirara is under the spell. Strangely though, the old exorcist can still move freely and starts throwing her salt at the demon. Miroku begs her to throw the salt on him and once she does, he's able to create a barrier of holy power to injure the demonhead.

The only part of her body that didn't get destroyed is her demonhead, so she goes out to go and find some way to restore her body. In the mean time, Kagome is helping those who were injured by the deom running rampant in the castle. She finds the princess' body and realizes that she's dead! Demonhead was using the princess' body as her decoy and using the lord to guard the body as s he ate the bodies of monks and priestesses to gain back her power!

By this time, Inuyasha realizes that the demon he's fighting is just a decoy to keep him busy and takes off to find Kagome. Demonhead has found Kagome and of course wants to eat her since she has the Shikon shards on her. Inuyasha stops the demonhead and gives her a huge cut on her face and then the demon tries to escape. By this time, Miroku, Sango and the old exorcist have made their way back up to the castle. Miroku asks the demonhead why she chose to come out from hiding now and not earlier. Demonhead replies that since Naraku has left the area, she has nothing to fear and can now eat all the people she wants to regain her body.

Demonhead takes off out the window and Inuyasha Kaze no Kizu's her, but nothing happens yet again, so Miroku uses his Kazanna and sucks her up into his void. Afterwards, they find out that the lord has died from his wounds and is finally set free from demonhead's control.

The group leaves and the old exorcist happily tells them that she'll offer her services if they ever need her help in the future. Inuyasha wonders again where Naraku has disappeared off to and vows to find him.