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Episode 87 - Kikyo's Silent Voyage Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 87 - Kikyo's Silent Voyage. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyo meets an old comrade of Onigumo's who tells of how Onigumo had taken his comrades and how he was responsible for the burns on Onigumo. Afterward, they are attacked by a demon who has had contact with Naraku but they manage to kill it. Before dying, the old man asks Kikyo to go to an area where his hair could be buried thus his soul could be clensed of all evil. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and company stop to rest from a storm. Kagome catches a cold, but Inuyasha gives her his kimono for warmth. With one eye open, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara witness the sentimental scene.
Episode Summary for Episode 87 - Kikyo's Silent Voyage. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
At the end of this episode, everybody is sleeping except Kagome that's in front of the fire, when she sneezes InuYasha wakes up, he puts on her his rare red emm… shirt?... And well here is the conversation, it's so cute:

I:Wear this, you'll catch a cold.

I:Did you already catch a cold?

K:No, someone is gossiping about me

I:Idiot, nobody will gossip about you

He puts his hand on Kagome's head to see if she has fever…

I:It doesn't seem you have a fever

Kagome puts her head in his shoulder…

K:Thanks for worrying (blush)

I:Hey you're getting a fever (blush)

K:Don't worry about it

Kagome closes her eyes and InuYasha just scratches his head. But behind, Shippou, Miroku, Sango and even Kirara are watching them with an eye opened.

Episode Summary for Episode 87 - Kikyo's Silent Voyage. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyo has retured to life and is searching for Naraku. Along the way, she meets an old thief named Kansuke. He knows he will soon die of a serious illness, so he's searching for a place to die. As Kikyo listens to his story, Kansuke mentions that he was the friend of the thief Onigumo.

Fifty yeats ago, tricked into stealing the Jewel of Four Soul by Onigumo, Kansuke attacked the priestess protecting the Jewel. But it was a trap set by Onigumo. Kansuke failed and lost his right eye. Seeking revenge, Kansuke set Onigumo on fire and threw him into a valley. The priestess protecting the Jewel was nome other than Kikyo herself. Kikyo had once sheltered a severely wounded man who was near death-Onigumo. He wanted her to be his and only his. So he called on demons, became one with them, and was reborn as Naraku. Naraku plotted to turn Kikyo and Inu Yasha against each other. Kikyo's spirt had been wandering ever since.


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