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Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Shippo And The Thunder Brothers. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts off where Kagome was counting down the time before the noddles were done. And Inuyasha was right into them, and then they start talking about space inuyasha listend a bit but went back to his noddles. But then the sky went dark and then a voice from the sky
started talkiing saying. ''You have the fragment of the shikon jule.
then a huge pink bubble come out from the sky. The pink bubble the takes grab of Inuyasha's hair Inuyasha then scraches his head and smacks the huge pink bubble. As that smack pink bubble flew in the sky it then turned into a small fox demond (Shippo). HE then says
'' who dares to bust my bubble.'' Inuyasha then grabs Shippo by the tail and HE says '' is it a baby raccon?'' Shippo repling im a fox demond. Kagome then says a baby fox how cute me next. inuyasha says im trying to teach him a lesson. i,m gonna fast ford inuyasha then gets stuck under one of shippo's illusions. LAster on shippo tell them about hes faimlly and that.Kagome got kidnapped by Montane and Kagome made this lie and her true love inuyasha (still Lie) and roese appeare. Hitane and Monteane <---(cant spell dat) start battlin Montang dies then later after that hitane dies but had a great deal of damage on inuyasha,Then u see shippo and Kagome in blue fox fire inuyasha thought they were dead. Inuyasha then grabs Kagomes hand and says'' dont leave me.'' The Fox fire goes away and then he thought Kagome was in that blue fire to intill Kagome says do u mind and blushes and so does Inuyasha and then herls Kagomes hand away from himself, and Then Nyoga was trying to convice Kagome about the time when inuyasha held her hand and said dont leave me. Then Inuyasha raises his fist to nyoga.
Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Shippo And The Thunder Brothers. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
First, Kagome and Inu-Yasha are walking through a battle field, there were, like, so many skulls. Like always, they wanted to stick around and check things out around the battle field.

Shippou comes out, and distracts them with his fox fire magic while he sneaks up from behind. He took the shards from Kagome and hid inside a skull and runs of! ( his tail sticks out of the skull however, so IY and Kagome found him)

IY hits Shippou, of course, and Shippou tells them about the Thunder Brothers. IY hits him a lot, so Shippou puts a spell on Inu-Yasha that covered his hands. IY still hit Shippou another time.

Kagome and Shippou run off to the Thuder Brothers and leave IY behind. The Thunder Brothers killed Shippou's father, so Kagome help Shipppou to avenge his father.

Kagome is kidnapped by Manten, and Shippou is left, shocked. Hiten, the older brother comes back with a girl. He burns that girl, because he was so mad at Manten for not being able to get more Shinkon No Tama Shards.

Shippou, then, has no choice but to ask Inu-Yasha for help. He made IY promise not to hit him, IY promised, and Shippou took the spell off. The second Shippou let Inu-Yasha free, IY hit Shippou many times! LOL

Manten lost 2 of his "precious" hair because of Kagome's arrow, he wants to use Kagome to make potion for more hair.

After, Kagome said to The Thunder brothers that Iy loved her and that she was Inu-Yasha's girlfriend. They were going to trade, but Inu-Yasha went and charged at Hiten!!!

Inu-Yasha saw Manten strangling Kagome, so he threw his Tetsuseiga at Manten, and the last of his hairs came off! Hiten was beating Inu-Yasha, he told Inu-Yasha that no woman is worth losing a battle. Inu-Yasha wasn't going to listen.

Hiten went over to help the wounded Manten, Manten said "I rather die, maybe I would be re-born as a caterpillar, hairy from head to furry toe." And those were his last words.

Hiten bit the Shinkon No Tama Shards out of Manten's forehead, and then went one-on-one with Inu-Yasha. Hiten burned Shippou and Kagome, ( obviously, they would die!) And, out of anger and avenging his friends, he used all his power and beat Hiten.

Myouga-jiji said, " Well, aren't you happy? You got the Shinkon No Tama Shards." Then, Inu-Yasha says back to myouga-jiji, " Yes, but I lost Kagome!" Then, Myouga-jiji said, " look, Kagome and Shippou as spirits, they must be here to say their last fare-wells!" Kagome then says to IY, " You fought a good fight." Shippou says, " Yes, and in the end, I was able to avenge my father after all!" IY says, " NOOO, KAGOME!!!" then this the funny part, Kagome says, " What is it??" Then IY is about to pummel Myouga-jiji!

The fox fire protecting them, and the fox fire around Shippou-Chan and Kagome-Sama made the look like ghosts of spirits!
Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Shippo And The Thunder Brothers. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Shippo, a mischievous little fox demon tries to steal Kagome and Inuyasha's jewel shards.
Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Shippo And The Thunder Brothers. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This ep. starts when inuyasha,kagome,and myoga sits in an ex battle field(filled up with corsps!). Inuyasha is saying,"Not bad Not bad at all!" while he eats instant noodles.he then asks kagome if she's gonna dig in her noodles.well, of course for a girl in mordern day SHE CAN'T EAT IN FRONT OF DEAD BODIES RIGHT!she then tell myoga and inuyasha about modern day Japan.Like hows it's doing and how astronaunts go up to the moon and such.(while inuyasha and myoga can't prononce astronaunt, they say astronuts!LOL!)

well n-e-ways...a dark cloud comes along. And than some blue fire and a cute little voice says,"you have some pieces of the Sacred Jewel Shards!" (by the way!just to let you know that the voice is suppose to be BIG and SCARY!)then a big stupid lookin pink balloon come and say,"hand it over or you will be devoured!"(not exact words but...)so the balloon comes and bites inuyasha in the head!(like that's goona hurt him!it didn't even scare kagome!)inuyasha then scratches his head and WACKS THE BALLOON and it flies over to the other side of the battle field.the two (inu. and gome)goes over and sees who it was!inuyasha then says that it was some kind of bager of somethin. of course he makes fun of him!(like always.)the little guys name was shippo.

little shippo runs over to kagome's bag and try to find the shards.he found it!(not exactly!)he runs away but the other part from the balloon(I think)runs away too. and that was the real shippo!inuyasha wacks him in the head then gets the shards from him.now it all shows that inuyasha,kagome and shippo are sittin down and shippo is telling them about the two brothers,Hiten and Manten.how he needs to avenge his father cause he was dead.inuyasha then says,"oh!...so the little runt needs to get the shards so that he can get stronger and avenge his father!" (sortta like inuyasha!but leave out the "avenge father part!")he then takes out hte shards. kagome seesit and yells,"you had MY shards along!?" inuyasha barks back,(not really barking though!)"I was just pertecting it for you!Ya have a problem with that?!"shippo then talks and talks while inuyasha and kagome argue.and they didn't hear what he said or do.

kagome is riding her bike while shippo is in the basket and inuyasha is jumping on the trees.shippo explans how the brothers were.then shippo takes the shards again and run off while just a minute ago he left a spell on inu. making him stuck on the statue.kagome runs off chasing shippo trying to ge the shards back!then manten was in the lake lookin at himself wishing that he had more hair like his brother so that he would lure in some girls.(he had a bunch in the back and 4 in the front.)shipo come makes manten man.kagome come and hits manten in the nose.he hits him agin (with her arrow)and it cuts off 3 of mantens hair!nows he's really mad!4-3=1
he gets some lighting stuff out of his mouth and hits gome and shippo with IT!shippo was ok but kagome wasn't.

manten sees how pretty kagome was and takes her to be his hair poison.or maybe eat her!fox boy runs to get inu.then at kagome view,she wakes up and sees manten cooking somethin.hiten comes in with a chick.(she looked like a hooker!)she hardly have any clothes on!she only had a snake thingy as a top!n-e ways...asks manten about the shards.manten then says that he got it but lost it.hiten got mad and fried the hooker into nothing!(guess he got tired of her already!)back to inu and shippo.shippo frees inu. and goes to find kagome.(theres a little part when shippo calls kagome inuyasha's woman.he blushed and socked shippo in the head!)

kagome tell the brothers that inuyasha is madly in LOVE with her and that if anything happens to her he'll kill them.or gives the shard so that they can spare her.they then decided to tust her in her words.back to inuyasha,shippo and myoga:they talked about finding kagome,how the brothers eat pretty young girls.inuyasha then says that kagome isn't pretty and theres nothing to worry about.(he really was worried about her!he just didn't show it!)then they argue about how kagome looks pretty and ugly bla bla bla...the brothers come and blsted inuyasha but it didn't even scare him.they show kagome and he got so worried that he threw shippo to the side.(because shippo was on his shoulder.)Hiten thaen says,"oh! then the girl was right!judging by the look on your face.give us the shards or you'll never see your lover again!" inuyasha has a "WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKIN ABOUT?" face on!

he yells at kagome on how can she say such things.kagome's thinkin,"he can't even take a joke!"and they start to fight! THE END!
Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Shippo And The Thunder Brothers. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Kagome contiue on their quest for the Shikon Jewels.
Meanwhile, they run in to a fox tyke named Shippo. Well, Shippo wants the jewel shards (which he doesn't get). Inuyasha doesn't let him get them, so Shippo puts a illusion on Inuyasha.Later on Kagome is Kiddnapped, Hiten is about to kill her so Kagome says Inuyasha is her LOVER! ^_^ Hiten buys it, then Inuyasha gets REALLY mad! The episode end with Inuyasha and Hiten getting ready to fight!
Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Shippo And The Thunder Brothers. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It started when kagome was making instant noodles. and inuyasha loved it!Then they saw something fall from the sky then it was gone. they turned around and a little boy popped out.It was shippo!he was taking the jewel shards but did not make it. he followed kagome and inuyasha.he wanted the jewel shards of the shikon jewel so he can get his father back.Inuyasha was obviously continuing wacking shippo on the head.Shippo mad a fast move and stole the shards out of kagomes bag and stuck this stachue on inuyasha sleeves.Kagome went after him and lift her bike and bag behind.while inuyasha was traped Kagome continued chasing shippo.Shippo bumped into one of the thunder brothers his name was manten and shippo dropped the jewel shards.Shippo looked up and saw manten cut his fathers skin of and made it into a belly warmer.Shippo grabbed the shards and ran to kagome and sat on ther shoulder.kagome found some arrows and notices that there where a piece of the shikon jewel in the forhead of that demon.she tryed to shoot the arrows into his forhead but did not success.Instead he nocked of 2 pieces of his hair.he got mad and used the attack that killed shippos father.Shippo was nice enough to leave kagome alone with that thunder brother.Kagome fainted and he took her home.Meanwhile inuyasha is still having troubles getting out.when shippo came back.Inuyasha promised that when he takes the rock of he will not wack him on the head again but when shippo took the rock of,inuyasha continued wacking him.he asked where is kagome and shippo nervously said a thunder brother took her.so inuyasha took kagomes bike and bag to find kagome while shippos in the basket of the bike.at the thunder brother layer.manten is busy cutting vegatable and making soup to cook kagome in and when his brother,hiten came back,he brought a girl with him.kagome woke up and hiten asked his brother your more intrested in this wowen then the shards of the jewel?his brother said no while kagome was about to make her little escape.manten saw her and used a wnife to cut her. while hiten roasted him girl.so kagome told them about her LOVER (even so inuyasha and kagome are not lovers)And how much he cares about her.hiten beleaved her and said if your lying about that inuyasha guy your going to get roasted like her.inuyasha and shippo arrived to the thunder brothers layer and the thunder brothers came out and hiten said fight me and hand me the shards of the shikon jewel of you will never see your lover again!Inuyasha automaticly said loudly that they are not,LOVERS!!and so kagome did a little hehe and told them it was a little joke and i dont think the thunder brother thought it was a very halarious joke.
Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Shippo And The Thunder Brothers. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The ep starts out with Inu, Kagome and Myouga sitting in a field (which Kagome learns is an old battlefield, as there are bones everywhere), and Kagome has just made a meal. Inu seems to be enjoying the food, and Kagome is telling him and Myouga about the future, and what kinds of things they have in the future. Inu and Myouga have a hard time understanding such futuristic things, but hey, they're just living in the past!

The sky darkens and Shippo appears as a big pink ballon-looking thing. He then transforms into his little half-human, half-fox form. He says that he wants the Shikon shards, and creates a small statue using a spell, which he then drops to the ground near Inu and Kagome (to distract them). When they turn around, Shippo is rummaging through Kagome's packsack to find the shards. He takes them, but is stopped by Inu, who hits him on the head (poor little guy!). Kagome looks after his head "wound", and she learns that Shippo needs the shards because he wants to avenge his father. Two demon spirits known as the Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten, killed his father. Shippo creates another statue spell, which drops down and pins Inu's hands to the ground so that he can't move. The statue will only disappear when the spell scroll is peeled off of it.

Shippo runs with the shard and is chased by Kagome, with her bow and arrows in tow. Enter Manten, who is an ugly looking monster, and he tries to attack Shippo. Kagome shoots an arrow through Manten's nose (which stays there), and Manten then captures Kagome. Shippo escapes and, feeling bad that Kagome was kidnapped, goes back to enlist Inu's help. He tells Inu that he'll release the statue if Inu agrees not to hit him anymore. Inu agrees, and Shippo releases him (Inu goes back on his word and pummels poor Shippo). Inu then learns that Kagome has been captured, so he and Shippo go off to save her.

Kagome awakes to find Manten making a "brew". He is going to use Kagome to make a hair potion that will bring back his hair (he only has a few strands left). Hiten (the older Thunder Brother) enters with a woman on his arm. He asks Manten what he's doing with the girl (Kagome) and Manten tells him. Hiten gets mad and ends up killing the woman he brought with a blast of energy. He predicts the same fate for Kagome. Trying to think fast to save herself, Kagome asks if the brothers have heard of Inuyasha, and proceeds to tell them that they won't get any shards if they kill her. Why? Because Inu is in love with her and will tear them apart if they hurt her. They believe her and go to find Inu to retrieve the shards.

When the brothers find Inu, Inu is flabberghasted that Kagome told them she was his lover. In a really funny part, Kagome and Inu argue back and forth for a few minutes (Kagome is yelling down at him from her captive position on a cloud with Manten, while Inu is yelling up at her from the ground). Inu gets really mad, it's great! Hiten says that whatever the case, he is going to attack Inu. Inu draws Tetsusaiga and prepares for battle.
Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Shippo And The Thunder Brothers. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Kagome meet up with Shippo, a young fox demon who is trying to avenge the death of his father to thunder demon brothers, Hiten and Monten. Monten kidnaps Kagome and plans using her to make a hair growth potion. However, Kagome convinces both of the brothers to go after Inuyasha making a lie about her being Inuyasha's lover (HA!! HA!! HA!! You fall in love with him later on!!) The episode ends with Inuyasha clashing with Hiten.
Episode Summary for Episode 9 - Shippo And The Thunder Brothers. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Kagome are sitting in the middle of an old battlefield. Inuyasha is Eating, and Kagome is telling Myoga of the future, rockets and such. The sky darkens and Shippo appears as the big pink ballon thing. He tells them to give him the jewel shards and drops that big statue thing. He goes through Kagome's pack and gets her shard. Inuyasha follows and hits him on the head. Kagome helps him and they start talking, Shippo tells that he wants the jewel shard to defeat the thunder brothers, who killed his father. He then drops the statue thing again, this time pinning Inuyasha's hands to the ground. He takes the shard again and runs, followed by Kagome with her bow. Near the river, Shippo runs into one of the thunderbrothers, The monster tries to take the shard and is shot in the nose by Kagome. He nabs Kagome and takes her to his house, Shippo runs back and tells Inuyasha that he'll release him if he promises not to hit him anymore. (once released, Inu pounds him.) And it's off to save Kagome. Meanwhile, Kagome wakes up and discovers she's to be made into a hair tonic. The older brother comes in and she says that they will never be able to get the other shards from Inuyasha without her. (she claims they are lovers) And they beleive her. So now they go off to find inuyasha. There's this really funny scene, bty, where inuyasha starts yelling they are not lovers and she thought he would give up the shards for her?