Episode 90 - Souta's Brave Confession Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 90 - Souta's Brave Confession. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is still in her own time. She wakes up feeling great and happy that she survived the test. She thanks Inuyasha for his help and Inuyasha blushes fiercely and then tells her that they should go back to his time now. Instead, Kagome asks him if he wants to go shopping.
Wearing a hat, Kagome and Inuyasha go shopping. He's whining about her dragging him out shopping and she tells him that they're going to have to prepare well for the long journey. Kagome gets lost in thought thinking about how it's almost like a date. She blushes and turns to look at Inuyasha only to see that...he's NOT THERE!!! She frantically looks around for him and sees him with his nose pressed against the display window of a grocery store.

They go into a store and Kagome asks Inuyasha what they should buy first. The reply? "Ninja food!" Inuyasha is amazed when he walks into the store. Kagome pulls Inuyahsa towards the ramen. She's pulling him by the hand and that makes him blush. They arrive at the giant ramen display and Inuyasha is very VERY excited. He can't decide which one he wants.

They leave the store with three huge boxes of ramen and several bags of groceries. Suddenly, Kagome stops walking and Inuyasha, not being able to see because of the boxes of ramen, runs into her. She looks across the street and sees Souta at a flower shop. She grabs Inuyasha and pulls him between two buildings. They're now spying on Souta. Souta is still staring at the flowers. The lady that works there comes out and talks to him but when he says nothing she leaves. He's staring at a really pretty pink flower, but can't afford them. Suddenly he looks to the side and dives behind the flower stand. Three girls are coming towards him, talking and laughing. He blushes when he sees a girl wearing a pink dress. Inuyasha and Kagome now know what's going on.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Souta, Kagome's mom, and Kagome's grandfather are sitting at the dinner table, eating. Souta sighs and his mom wonders what's wrong. His grandfather gives him some lame face remedy. Apparently it's some sort of mermaid scale he's supposed to put on his stomach overnight. Souta takes it and gives it to Buyo, the cat. Grandfather chases after Buyo as Souta excuses himself from the table. Kagome tells them that souta's just lovesick.

Inuyasha is walking up the stairs, stretching, when he sees Souta waiting for him at the top of the stairs. He wants to talk to him about something. "A serious man-to-man talk" Inuyasha looks only slightly confused and terrified.

Souta and Inuyasha are sitting outside as the clouds roll over the moon. They aren't talking. Inuyasha decides that if Souta doesn't have anything to say then he's going to leave. Souta asks him to stay so Inuyasha tells him to hurry up. Souta asks him what it's like to "like" someone. "Is love eternal?" Inuyasha turns red and looks severely terrified at this point. He asks Souta why he's saying these things all of a sudden. Souta asks Inuyasha if he or Kagome told the other they liked them first. (I hope that sentence makes sense). Inuyasha is speechless, and his eyes are wide. Inuyasha sits down. "Well, aren't you two going out?" Souta asks. Inuyasha lets out a noise that sounds a lot like a squawking parrot. Souta says a bunch of stuff that makes Inuyasha m ore speechless and finally asks how he confessed to Kagome. When Inuyasha tells Souta that he wouldn't say such things to Kagome, Souta asks him how Kagome confessed to him. Inuyasha's expression is amazing. Then Souta says that they haven't confessed to each other yet. "Wh...wh...wh...wh..." Inuyasha replies. "y...y...y...y..." Soura gets all sad and serious and starts telling Inuyasha about Hitomi-chan, a girl he happens to like, as Inuyasha begins to develop a nervous twitch in his left eye. When Inuyasha points out to Souta that he's fallen for her, Souta blushes. He doesn't know how Hitomi geels about him so he wants to confess his feeling for her. Inuyasha's nervous eye-twitch has returned. Souta then asks Inuyasha if he can practice with him. Add a nervous lip twitch to the eye twitch. Twitch twitch twitch...then..."Just once"

Inuyasha and Souta are standing up, facing each other. Silence. Inuyasha looks indifferent and Souta looks scared. Then Inuyasha breaks the silence and tells Souta to hurry up but Souta says that he's not ready yet. Inuyasha starts to go back but Souta grabs his sleeve.

They're standing across from each other again. "I...I...I...I...I like you!" Souta yells out, blushing furiously. "Wh...what are you doing?" Kagome's voice sounds from the doorway. She's leaning against the doorframe, left eye and right hand twitching. Inuyasha looks horrified, his right eye twitching. Souta also looks horrified, although no twitching.

Everyone is in Kagome's room. Inuyasha and Souta sitting on the floor while Kagome is sitting on the bed, holding her stomach and laughing hysterically. She tells Souta that he should have come to her from the start instead of going to Inuyasha since she's more well-versed in the female psyche. Kagome gets all fired up (quite literally, there's fire in the background) and says that she will help her little brother. Inuyasha and Souta look a little confused.

We see Souta in a cute little blue suit and red bowtie. Kagome then hands him a bouquet (spelling?) of flowers and tells him what to do. He's unsure but she urges him on. As Souta leaves, she yells out Banzai and Inuyasha pops a party popper of confetti (I don't know what it's called) then both he and Kagome yell out "Banzai!" with arms over their heads.

At school, Kagome is telling her friends about the confession. They seem to think that it's Houjou who has confessed to her. She tells them that it's her little brother Souta.

Inuyasha and Kagome are at home, waiting for Souta to come home. Inuyasha is eating (as usual) and Kagome is worrying, wondering whether or not Souta got rejected because he's late coming home. The door opens and Souta's sad voice announces "I'm home" *commercials*

Souta is standing in the doorway, really sad. With wide eyes and a twitching right hand, Kagome comes to the conclusion that he must have gotten rejected. Souta walks past her and she goes after him, trying to cheer him up. Inuyasha tells him that there are plenty of other girls out there and Kagome gets mad at him for being insensitive. Souta tells them that he wasn't necessarily rejected but that he couldn't bring himself to say it. He called Hitomi after class and tried to tell her but he couldn't and then Hitomi told him that she doesn't like guys who aren't manly enough to say things outright.

Souta sits at the table with Kagome and Inuyasha, crying out, "I'm a loser!" Inuyasha tells him not to cry and says that he just needs to change. He then tells him that he's going to make him stronger right now.

"Sankontetsusou!" Inuyasha destroys a tree. Both of Kagome's eyes and her mouth are twitching as Inuyasha tells Souta to try. Souta claws his hand and weakly says, "Sankontetsusou" as he slashes the air in front of him, unsurely. Inuyasha tells him to keep doing that as Kagome asks him where he's going with the whole thing. He tells her that it's about fighting spirit and as long as Souta feels up to it he'll be able to do it. Kagome and Inuyasha talk Souta up and tell him that he looks almost completely different from the Souta before.

"Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!" the whole Higurashi family plus Inuyasha yell as Souta goes to try again.

Inuyasha complains that helping Souta is much more of a pain than fighting youkai. They are, ironically, talking about how Souta's being wishy washy and how if he likes her he should just come out and say it. Souta opens the door, looking sad. He got scared and came home. He says that there's no way for him to change overnight. Inuyasha gets pissed. He tells Souta to stop being so wishy washy and then makes him leave, saying that he can't come back home until he tells Hitomi how he feels. "Be brave and get it done like a man!" Souta runs off to tell Hitomi.

Kagome decides to follow him and then drags Inuyasha.

It's sunset at the park. Hitomi and Souta are standing across from each other as Inuyasha and Kagome are hiding in the bushes. Souta begins to talk to Hitomi. Inuyasha's words ring in his hea.d "Hitomi-chan. I may not be strong, reliable, or able to say thing outright, but, but...I like you, Hitomi-chan!" At this point they're both blushing. "I want you to go out with me!" Hitomi blushes more and then agrees. They hug. It's so CUTE!!!!! KAWAIIIIIIII!!! Inuyasha and Kagome blush. Kagome: "They're only 3rd graders..." Inuyasha: "Pretty mature aren't they." They look at each other, wide eyes and faces reddening. And then they suddenly look awat from each other.

Three big bags of groceries are by the well. Inuyasha and Kagome say "Bye" to Souta and turn to leave. Then Souta thanks Inuyasha and Kagome and Inuyasha go down the well.

Episode Summary for Episode 90 - Souta's Brave Confession. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome and Inuyasha help Souta open up his love for a girl named Hitomi at his school. When Souta finally does open up his feelings to Hitomi, both of them share a hug. The nosey Kagome and Inuyasha see this. Both are surprised that they were this open for a relationship at their age. Then, both are staring at each other blushing and turn away.
Episode Summary for Episode 90 - Souta's Brave Confession. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In the previous episode kagome got sick. inu found a bunch
of ingredients for his special medicine. after taking the
medicine kagome was fine after on night. inu stayed by her
bed tomake sure she was ok during the whole night.
. at the start of the episode kagome says that she is
completely over her cold and thanks inu. he get
embarrassed and says it was nothing. kagome invites him to
go shopping with her. inu is confused as usual. INU IS
WEARING HIS STYLISH HAT AGAIN as they r walking to the
store. kagome says if we are going back for a while we'll
need supplies. inu a little ticked off says u usually do
that urself. kagome says that was then this is now and
smiles. lol kagome thinks to herself that inu and her
walking like this is as they were dating, and gets all
embarrassed. but inu has disapeared. she finds him
sniffing the window of a food store. a person walking by
laughs at him and kagome gets embarrassed again. she asks
inu what should they get first. inu says groceries. inus
jaw drop when he sees how much food is in a grocery store.
he has never seen so much meat and junk food in one place
in his life. lol.he stand in the middle of the isle open
mouthed until kagomes takes his hand and tell him the y r
going to the cup noodle section. inu is embarrassed that
they are holding hands. lol. inu screams awesome when he
sees how many noodles there are. kagome asks him what he
wants inu cant decide. they leave the store kagome
carrying 3 bags and inu carrying 3 boxes. kagome smile and
says i think we bought a little much huh. inu a little
ticked off again says it doesnt bother me. kagome sees
souta at a flower shop and stops moving. inu crashes inu
her (he cant see with all those boxes infront of him) and
shouts dammit woman dont stop so fast. lmao. he tells inu
to look. kagome drag inu into an alley so that they can
both spy on souta. inu says what r u sticking ur nose into
this time. lol. kagome says it is souta and she wonders
what he is doing. back at the flower shop. a person who
works there asks him if he is looking for a present what
would he like? souta cant decide which one. so the
employee says let me now when u do. and leaves. they show
close ups on the flowers souta is thinking about. then
back to inu and kagome. they both asks what the he!! is he
doing. souta all of a sudden jumps up when he haers a
group of girls coming. he goes off to hide. they show a
close up of a girl in a yellow jacket and pink dress out
of the 3 that walk by. souta gets embarrassed. after they
leave souta gets back up again. back at home. everyone is
enjoying their meanls together. but something is wrong
with souta. he is not eating and keep sighing all the
time. his mother asks him if he is ok and if he is hungry.
he says he is fine. grandpa tatke out a scale and says
this will cure everything. souta aska what is it. grandpa
explains it has been handed down generation and that it is
a mermaid scale.if he hold on to it while he is sleeping
it will cure everything. souta takes it and gives it to
buyo. buyo runs with it and grandpa tries to catch him.
souta leaves the table moping. once souta has left kagome
says that souta is fine just in luv. the mother says ooo
we have to cook the celebratory red rice. kagome spits out
her food. lol. grandpa says yes now when kagome leaves i
can say that she isluvsick. kagome angered says please
dont. inu is just sitting there watching them. lol. mom
says wow what a great illness to catch. as inu is going
upstairs souta come up to him and asks him for a favor.
that he needs to have a man to man talk. inu is confused.
they are outside but souta isnt saying anything. so inu
says he is laeving. souta says no wait a second. inu yells
spit it out already. I LUV THIS PART. LMAO. ok each time
souta asks inu a question he has a hilarious expression on
his face and his eye twiches, starts weating and makes
strange noises too. sound sorta like a chicken his mini
surprise screams.lmao. lmao.

what is a crush?
is it luv?
u and my sister who said 'i luv u' first?
which one?
u guys r going out right?
if u guys arent dating why does she go over there all the
why do u come here to take care of her when she was sick?
seriously which one of u said something first?
how did u confess? (inu responds moron, like i would say
something like that)
then my sister made the first move?
how did she tell u?
could it be that the 2 of u havent said anything yet?

inu says wha wha wha wha. souta says i guess not. um this
is hard to explain um. i cant to hard anyway inu sorta
like jumps up and makes a weird expression saying h h h h
hey. lmao. souta ask inu what should i do? inu think to
himself what should i say? souta explains her name is
hitomi. inu eye is twiching again thinking to himself do
ask me. lol. souta continues that she is a girl that sits
next to him in class. they show hitomi in class with her
friends and feeding a bunny. souta then says u might think
htat i am weird but she is very cute. and she has big
bright eyes, and fair skin, and she just came back from
overseas. and hates parsley, and her school bag isnt the
normal kind. finally inu shuts him up by saying i dont
follow u, but does it mean u have fallen for this chick?
(inu is so stupid). souta blushes and she but i dont know
what hitomi thinks of me so i want to confess my luv for
her. inus eye is twiching again think to himself why r u
telling ME this? souta then asks if inu could help him
practice. lol. iinu is shocked againg sweating more and
twiching again. lol. inu finally puts himself together and
says ues just once though. souta with a big smile on his
face thanx inu. the 2 r just standing there. inu says i am
going. souta grabs his arm and shakes his head. inu is
pissed again. lol. they try again. souta says. i i i i i i
i i i i i and then screams LOVE U. lol. kagome walks in on
them. she has a terrified face on and both her and inus
eyes twich. lmao. back in kagome room. kagome is luahging
her ass off till she practically has trouble breathing.
douta says u dont have to laugh about it. kagome finally
stop laughing and says u shouldnt have done such a silly
thing. u should asked me from the start. i know more about
a womans heart than inu. inu ticked off says that is
because u R a woman. lol. kagome continues by saying leave
everything to me. for my beloved little brother. i will do
everything in my power. kagome dresses him up like he was
going to someplace fancy and gives him flowers and tell
him to have her meet him after school and then confess.
souta says i dont wnt to wear these clothes to school.
akgome says dont worry about it. she then shouts SOUTA
HIGURASHI BANZAI. while inu lets out confetti. LMAO I LUV
THIS PART. kagome tells inu to join her. then both lift up
their hands and go. BANZAI BANZAI BANZAI BANZAI. lmao inu
looks so freaky doing that. lol. kagome with her friends
tell them that he cnofessed. they r all shocked. they say
oooo is it houjou or that short tempered jealous bf of
urs. kagome says no no ur r confused it is my brother. she
explains to them that today souta is going to confess his
luv. at home inu and kagome r eating together. kagome sees
that souta is late and wonders if he got rejected. inu
says so u think ur plan didnt work? souta comes in still
with the flowers in hand and all depressed. kagome is
freaked out saying that is the face of rekection. inu
being stupid says there a many other girl besides the one
that broke ur heart? (why cant inu learn that)kagome runs
over to slap him upside his head for being stupid. souta
says he didnt get rejected and that he just couldnt tell
her. they sho0w them meeting after school. souta with the
flowers behind his back. hitomi says spit it out already
and begins to leave. she then says i dont like guys who
cant express themselves clearly hmph. and leaves. souta is
all torn up. souta on the table begins crying saying that
he is such a loser. inu tell souta to shut up u r not a
baby. souta says of course i was rejected i am not strong
i cant stand up for myself i cant speak my mind. inu
ersponds what r u whining about then fix it. relax i'll
make u stronger right now. inu goes iron reaver souls
stealer and break a tree in half. he says it is soutas
turn. souta in a very wimpy voice says the same thing.
kagome asks him how in the hell this is helping. inu
explains that it is all about confidence. inu and kagome
both say that souta is doing great and that he is ready.
now everyone is doing the BANZAI thing for souta. souta
goes off and leaves. souta says somhow i feel tricked. in
kagome room inu and kagome talk. inu says man that was
harder than fighting demons (lol he is talking about the
raising his hands up and down for the BANZAI thing)lol.
kagome says i wonder if it worked. inu says that dumb kid
cant make up his mind (um hello inu u and kikyo and kagome
hello) lol. kagome says what a sad excuse for a brother.
inu ontinues yeah he cant ever say what he means. but if
he doesnt learn he will never get that girl. kagome agrees
and says if u like somebody u should just go ahead and
confess. inu agrees (HELLO those two should really listen
to what they r saying. they r more pathetic than souta.
lmao) souta come back into kagome room saying iwas
thinking that that couldnt possibly make me stronger. u
cant change someone personality that quickly. inu get very
pissed and screams how long r u going to b1tch about it go
out there and make her yours. inu picks up souta and
throws him outside. inu yells i wont let u back into this
house until u confess. souta says but it is my house. inur
responds i cant stand wimps who give up. who have to make
a decision and b done with it. souta u r to weak dont u
luv that girl? u r a man arent u. gather up ur courage and
tell her. souta goes off. kagome tells inu that they
should follow him. at the playground souta and himtomi r
there. inu and kagome r spying on them. souta think about
everything that inu said and finally confesses. hitomi
says yes and they hug each other. kagome is surprised and
says but they r only in 3rd grade. inu says well why not.
they both turn and stare at each other their pupils
wideniing and blushing. then they abruptly turn back. inu
and kagome gather up everything they need and place it
next to the well. souta thanks inu. inu says no problem.
and both kagome and inu leave.

this is the most ironic and hypocritive episode there is.
Episode Summary for Episode 90 - Souta's Brave Confession. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Souta has this huge crush on a girl at school by the name of Hitomi. He has a horrible time admitting his feelings to her, and after dinner, Souta asks Inuyasha to go outside and talk to him, "man to man."

Souta tells Inuyasha everything, and then asks what Inuyasha will do when he admits his feelings for Kagome. Inuyasha is startled, but blushing. Then Souta asks what Kagome would do when she admits her feelings for Inuyasha. Again, startling and blush inducing.

Souta then asks Inuyasha if he can help him with his problem by him pretending for a moment that Inuyasha is Hitomi. So Souta practices saying, "Aishiteru" *I love you* and Kagome looks at them funny when she sees them.

When she finds out what they were doing, she laughs and says that Inuyasha wouldn't understand girls, so she helps instead.

The next day, Souta goes to school in a tuxuedo and some flowers. He gives a note to Hitomi for her to meet him after school. He goes after school, but chokes upon seeing Hitomi. He ends up running home not telling her about his feelings. He even told Inuyasha and Kagome that Hitomi said that she didn't respect guys that couldn't admit their feelings.

Souta is taken aside by Inuyasha, and Inuyasha gives him a stern talk. He says that guys should be able to admit their feelings, and that any man who can't is a coward. He even teaches Souta a "technique" telling him it will make him stronger.

Kagome and Inuyasha follow Souta to the park where he meets Hitomi again. Inuyasha and Kagome hide in the bushes while Souta finally gets the courage to tell her about his feelings. Hitomi accepts his feelings, and they hug, I think. Inuyasha and Kagome look at each other and blush.

The next morning, Souta sends them on their way through the well.