Episode 91 - The Mysterious Spiritualist and the Black Kiara Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 91 - The Mysterious Spiritualist and the Black Kiara. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha calls Kagome's illness a "minor detail," pissing Kagome off and in order to prevent another fight, Miroku cuts in and returns the topic of discussion back to Naraku. Inuyasha gets all pepped up and tells everyone that they have to head northeast. The rest of the group is forced to follow.
Then we go to a scene of angry villagers holding weapons. It turns out that they're pointing them at a two-tailed cat that looks like Kirara! A guy with a staff is telling the villagers that two-tailed cats bring misfortune and if they don't want to die they'll get rid of it. Then his eyes glow red and so do the eyes of all the other villagers. The villagers begin to throw rocks at the little cat. The cat dodges them easily and the man (with buckteeth might i add) laughs so the cat launches itself at his head and then runs away as the man yells at the cat never to return.

It's sunset and a little girl is calling the name "Kuroro" with no answer in return. Then Kirara is running and Shippo is chasing after her. Shippo loses sight of her. Instead of finding Kirara, he finds a river. He begins washing his face when he hears the little girl talking to Kirara, thinking she's Kuroro. She takes her into her arms and begins petting her, and Kirara definitely does not object.

Shippo comes up to the girl and tells her that that is not actually Kuroro but Kirara, however the girl has either not heard him or is completely ignoring him. The girl then puts a bell around Kirara's neck. Shippo yells at the girl but she still doesn't pay attention to him because she sees the villagers coming. She tells Kirara to run away and puts her down on the ground, and then runs away herself. Kirara begins growling at the villagers.

The villagers begin coming with their farm implements thinking that Kirara is Kuroro. Kirara keeps growling and the villagers begin throwing rocks. That's when Shippo stands in front of Kirara with outspread arms to protect her. The villagers throw rocks at Shippo.

Inuyasha and Company show up. The villagers begin freaking out. "They're friends of that cat monster!" they say. Inuyasha thinks they are reffering to him and begins getting angry when Miroku steps in and tells him to calm down. He tries to talk the villagers down but only gets rocks thrown at him, upsetting him greatly. Kagome and Sango step in and tell Miroku to calm down.

A sane villager comes and calms everyone down. He also seems to be the first villager to notice that Kirara isn't Kuroro. The sane villager begins to apologize to Inuyasha and Company for the other villagers, and Inuyasha forgives them.

The sane villager has invited Inuyasha and Company to his home for dinner, where he tells the story of Kuroro. Kuroro was like their village cat and then the spiritualist came. You know the story from there.

Kagome and Inuyasha decide that the spiritualist sounded suspicious. Miroku says that they should talk to him and Inuyasha agrees.

Shippo takes the bell that the little girl put around Kirara's neck and without saying a word he begins to leave. He wanders down and path and then he hears the girl's voice calling for Kuroro again. Shippo runs over to her. He gives her the bell back and introduces himself. Then he offers to help her look for Kuroro. She agrees and tells him that her name is Koume.

We see the spiritualist in his hut, house, temple, whatever it is, chanting. Suddenly his eyes glow red and the flame on the candles gets larger. His shadow grows and exits the building through the windows and rises up.

Inuyasha and Company are walking down the path when they see a shadow rising up. Miroku tells them that it is a cloud of demonic energy and Sango makes a reference to the spiritualist. Kagome reminds them that the sane villager said that the spiritualist was staying at the temple on the outskirts of the village, so Inuyasha and Company head out.

Koume and Shippo are still looking for Kuroro. Koume tells him that Kuroro was going to have kittens. He suggests that they go further out when suddenly he feels an evil presence. They look around and see nothing when suddenly the cloud that Inuyasha and Company saw appears and zaps itself down in front of them. It begins to glow and then a swarm of rats come at them. Shippo tries to protect Koume with his fox illusion magic. He then has Koume get on his back as the rats break through his magic.

A monk is walking by the temple when he notices that the door is open. He looks inside to see... RATS! When they notice the monk, they look at him and their eyes glow red.

We see the mysterious spiritualist laughing at the "Foolish villagers!" He compliments himself on getting rid of the cat (Kuroro) and goes on to say that "with her out of the way, I shall consume everything in my path!" We see his reflection in the mirror. HE HAS TURNED INTO A RAT!

The rats are still after Shippo and Koume. They begin to gain on him and bite him as he begins to lose strength. Suddenly, Kuroro shows up. Kuroro glows red for a second (not just her eyes but her whole body) and then she begins attacking the rats.

Inuyasha and Company have arrived at the temple, but there's a barrier of demonic energy around it. Inuyasha cuts the barrier with the red Tetsusaiga but then the temple collapses and the spiritualist in rat form emerges. He criticizes Inuyasha for being a hanyou and says that he is the "great lord Tesso" Then little Kirara transforms into big scary Kirara and the big rat demon thing gets scared. Inuyasha uses the Kaze no Kizu on Tesso and breaks him into a lot of little bitty pieces but Tesso regenerates and laughs. Inuyasha tries to attack again but Miroku stops him. He states that that is not the demon's true form and that it's just an illusion formed from the rat's demonic aura. Miroku opens his air void but as soon as he does, Tesso disintegrates into a cloud of demon energy and disappears.

Kuroro is leading Shippo and Koume somewhere. It turns out to be the cave where her kittens are hidden.

A cloud of demon energy appears and states (yes, the cloud talks) that it smells the blood of a human child. If it eats a child then its powers will double.

Shippo feels that a demon is coming and Kuroro gets all "grrr" like. She runs out of the cave and Koume begins to follow but Shippo stops her. He says that they have to protect Kuroro's kittens.

The evil cloud lands in front of the cave and turns back into Tesso. Tesso and Kuroro begin to fight. Kuroro scratches Tesso's face with her claws (this is actually important). Tesso fires a kind of laser thing out of his mouth and tries to kill Kuroro with it. She dodges it but it causes the rocks outside the cave to fall in front of the entrance of the cave, blocking it off.

Shippo protected Koume from the rockfall. He tests the air for a draft and goes to the spot where he feels the air coming from and begins to dig.

Inuyasha and Company wonder what happened to Tesso. Inuyasha says that they probably chases him away but Miroku says that he spent too much time chasing Kuroro out of the village to be scared away that easy. Suddenly they hear the villagers yell that Kuroro came back and look in the direction that the villagers are running to. The villagers lead them to a clearing and Kuroro comes out, battle scarred, and then leads them to the cave.

Shippo is still digging but Koume is beginning to run out of air. Finally Shippo digs his way out, only to find Tesso at the entrance, waiting for him. Shippo begins to fight Tesso but notices that the cut Kuroro made on his face earlier is gone. Then Inuyasha arrives. Tesso reminds Inuyasha that he can't hurt him with his sword, then he begins to glow red and his tail is regenerated. The rest of Inuyasha's Company come running in and Shippo yells that that's not the real Tesso because the cut Kuroro made earlier was gone. Miroku seems to realize what's going on and so he takes out his sacred scrolls. He puts some kind of spell on it and throws it. It lands on a rock and the rock transforms into a cloud of evil demon stuff. Inuyasha uses the Kaze no Kizu on the rock and destroys Tesso's real body.

After Tesso's defeat, Kuroro collapses. Koume runs over to her with her kittens and thanks her.

Inuyasha and Company leave to the sounds of "you saved us all."

Meanwhile in a hut a little ways from the center of the village, Kuroro's three kittens are playing. Koume comes in to announce that it's time to eat. Then Kuroro walks in with two bandaged legs and a bell around her neck. She feeds the kittens and cleans them And Koume announces that "we'll be together forever, right Kuroro?"

Inuyasha and Company commend Shippo for working so hard. Shippo's reply: "Well, I'm a man -- I have to protect girls!" Miroku agrees and says that "it is best to do so with the purest of intentions." And of course that starts the sarcasm from Sango, but Miroku doesn't seem to get it. Inuyasha comes in saying that Shippo just had the hots for Koume. Shippo denies...Inuyasha insists...it's hilarious. Shippo goes to Kagome with an "Inuyasha is picking on me!"

Kagome: Inuyasha...Sit
Inuyasha: What the hell was that for?
Shippo: It's such a nice day!
Episode Summary for Episode 91 - The Mysterious Spiritualist and the Black Kiara. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
A young girl has a cat that looks almost exactly like Kirara except she has a black ruff around her neck. She mistakes Kirara for her cat Kuaro. A evil Spiritualist that is acctually a rat demon tells the villagers Kuaro and Kirara are trouble they chase them out of the village with rocks. 9He does this because rats hate cats.) Anyway Shippo loves the girl that owns Kuaro and when they are trapped in a cave with Kuaro's kittens Shippo saves her. Kuaro is to hurt from the illusinary rat to help Shippo defeat the Illusanary rat. Miroku throws a scroll on a rock that turns out to be the real rat demon.Inu-Yasha easily defeats him with Kaze no Kizu.
Episode Summary for Episode 91 - The Mysterious Spiritualist and the Black Kiara. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
A rat demon disguised as a spiritualist tricks a village into taking its cat demon, Kuroro, out of the village thinking there is a curse. The Inuyasha gang help defeat the rat demon. Shippo grows attracted to Kuroro's owner and Inuyasha teases him about it afterward. This flusters Shippo and gets Kagome to sit Inuyasha.
Episode Summary for Episode 91 - The Mysterious Spiritualist and the Black Kiara. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode is about a cat demon named kiroro that was liked by the villagers in her town until a monk came and claimed it was bad luck so the started being mean to her.

When the group reached the village they thought that Kiara was Kiroro but found out it wasn't.A girl named Koume and Shippou(later that night) went to look for Kiroro because Koume said she was pregant.They found out that a rat demon was the monk that said that and Inuyasha took care of him.

At the end Inuyasha was making fun of shippou because while they were fighting he protected her and shippou broke down and cried very hard and Kagome "sit" him