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Episode 92 - The Ambition of the Resurrected Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 92 - The Ambition of the Resurrected. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kawaramaru, a resurrected warrior of Urasue, is using clay soldier armies to kill off villages. Enju, the clay maker of the soldiers, flees from Kawaramaru as she doesn't want to make soldiers who kill. She runs into Inuyasha who later kills off Kawaramaru and his entire clay soldier army with the Kaze no Kizu.
Episode Summary for Episode 92 - The Ambition of the Resurrected. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inu & pals find a girl with the same scent as Urasue's herb, resurrector of Kikyo. The girl's name is Enju, Urasue's "daughter". She had to make the clay soldiers. Kawaramaru, Urasue's "son", was there to use the clay soldiers. Enju and Kawaramaru were both resurrected from Urasue. Enju ran away from Kawaramaru because she hated to make things that kill living things. And since she's dead, she has no point in livin' so she always thinks about death. Inu & pals hear about an army of indestructible clay soldiers and is terrorizin' castles to castles. Inuyasha goes to find the leader, who is Kawaramaru. Kawaramaru wants to destory the human world so he would "fit in". Kawaramaru challenges Inuyasha with his summoned hell ogre but he was no match for Inuyasha's Kazeno kizu. Kawaramaru was destroyed. Enju now tries to live her life.

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