Episode 94 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 1) Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 94 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
we see a small cave. inside there are several bones and
midoriko remains (the priestess the shikon jewel came out
of) a man is inside the cave looking at her remains
commenting that she must have been gorgeous when she was
alive. (closeup of midoriko) and he wonders if her beauty
has something to do with the jewel being produced. the man
(with dark blue clothing) slowly walks out of hte cave. its
daytime and birds lfy through the sky. inus groups are
having a small picnic. kagome takes a bite of a rice ball
and think about how the shikon jewel has the power to grant
wishes. *flashback of the crow demon eating the jewel adn
kagome splitting the jewel * kagome thikns about ever since
she got there she has helped search for the shikon shards
and also their pursuit of naraku. suddenly a breeze blows
her hair to her left shoulder. sango pets kirara on her lap
commenting on how wonderful this breeze is. shippo relaxes
talking about how peacful it is. of course inu wrecks the
mod babbling and complaining that they havent caught naraku
yet and that they shouldnt be wasting time right now. *the
breeze stops* he then demands they hurry up and eat. inu
stuffs one rice ball down his throat and washes it down
with water. miroku has his arms crosses and looks slightly
annoyed commenting since narakus disappearence all the
demons have become active again and thats is difficult to
make much headway. inu stops drinking(sitll has the bottle
in his mouth) and listens closely to mirokus words. he
takes the bottle out of his mouth and demands to know what
miroku means. miroku responds in an annoyed tone, that
means i want to take my time and have a nice lunch. lol.
shippo crosses hi arms and tells inu to grow up he then
explains, "unlike we powerful demons, they are just weak
humans, they cant keep up" (haha shippo thinks hes powerful
:P) inus eyes blaze with anger and kagome starts giggling.
sango is in shock, miroku comments on what a helpful little
adult shippo is. shippo stands up and becomes frantic
asking if he said something weird. kagome smiles and
explains he didnt. shippo sighs and hunches over as if he
was released form alot of weight on his shoulders. he then
looks around to all of them asking if he was right. inu
takes his sword and holds in in his hands saying, hmph,
powerful demon he says, (inu lies on his side) wake me up
when ur done eating. kaogme nods and inu closes his eyes.
miroku smiles commenting how delicious the rice balls are
and how wondreful the weather is. shippo agrees. just then
kagome gasps.sango asks he whats wrong. kagome stands up is
unsure but she thinks she has sensed a shikon shard. of
course that wakes inu up and he turns to look at her asking
her why she is so hesitant (wow big word for an idiot :P)
she explains that is just doensnt feel quite right. inu
stands next to her asking which directoin. kagome points
straight ahead of her where a forest is. kagome shouts that
its coming closer. its the man with blue clothing and he is
running away from something. he looks behind him and there
is a huge brown demon telling him ot wait up but the man
keeps running. inu yasha lands right infront of him and
explains he will take care of it. the man stops running and
end up right infront of the rest of the group. they all
explain to him that he is safe now. the demon becomes
enraged that inu would even dare to interfere. inu looks
like he couldnt care less, looks over his should and asks
kagome is this is the one. she confirms yes and says its in
his stomache but she is still unsure about something. inu
stands defensively and puts his hand on his sword demanding
to know where the demon got his shard from. the demon says
he will only tell ihm if he give that human in exchange.
inu repsonds, and what would make u think i would do that?
the demon leaps into the air saying proudly, SEE HOW U LIKE
MY DEMONIC ENERGY. a large amount of wind energy comes out
of the demons mouth. inu goes right through is easily and
slices the demon in his stomache cutting it in half. the
demon falls down is and suprised he go defeated so easily.
his body slams to the ground and a glowing light slowly
comes down from the sky. they all look up and realize its
the shikon jewel but its whole. everyone is baffled on how
this could possibly be. inu yasha reaches his hand out and
the jewel slowly falls into his hand. he hold it between
his pointer and thumb finger and it suddenly cracks and
shatters into pieces. shippo yells, ON HO INU YASHA BROKE
THE SHIKON JEWEL. inu responds, dumbass since when was teh
jewel so fragile. kagome is confused and says that it did
have the same aura as the real one. the man steps forward
and explains that was an imitation jewel. kagome, with
shippo on her shoulder, turns to him looking confused. he
explain that demons are attempting to make imitation
jewels. inu is confused and asks what he means. the man
being polite asks for something to drink b4 he continues.
kagome takes out her bottle or water and gives it to him.
he holds the bottle up to hte sun and is in awe of it
commenting on what a beautiful drinking vessel it is. inu
wonders what is up with this guy. lurking in the trees is
another man (if u ask me he looks like the one we just met
but more evil looking) his face is pale. he has red around
his eyes and the back of his cheecks look pressed in. he
smiles wickedly and leaves. back with the other guy he
introduces himself as izumo the chief priest of the senzou
shrine. inu and shippo are confused to what a chief priest
is. kagome explains its the highest rank priest. izumo
assumes that she is a priestess. inu has his arms crossed
and is becoming very impatient telling him to hurry up
already. izumo explains, in order to enter priesthood i
became a scholar. but eventually i became bored with the
traditional studies and began wadering the countryside,
discovering new things. inu says rudely, i wans tasking for
ur life story i wanted to know about the fake shikon jewel.
he explains that his main focus of study is the jewel. sngo
looks very interested and akss what he knows about the
jewel. ( so boring must stay up to type summary must....
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) izumo explains, everything in this world
is made up of four spiritual elements. miroku explains that
they are untamed strenghth, harmony, mystery and happiness
and if u put then together the four become a soul the heart
of a physical body. inu has a funny confused expression
when he says, U STUDIED THAT CRAP??? (LMAO) shippo tells
them that he is very confused as well. kagome puts a finger
to the side of her mouth and looks conused as well. inu
stands up and is next to izumo and demands that he tell
them about the fake jewel already. izumo explains that
another demon gave it to him. inu grabs izumos shirt just
below the neck and lifts him slightly says angrily, are u
messing with me? izumo says nervously, i didnt mean to.
kagome grabs inus right shoulder and tells inu to cut it
out and inu lowers izumo down. kagome smiles and asks izumo
why the demon was after him in the first place. inu is
still looking at kagome. izumo explains that i could be
that he accidently spied on it. inu changes his focus to
izumo and makes a confused sound. ew are taken into izumos
past. izumo explains, (izumo is wandering a moutnainous
area filled with green grass and a couple trees) i was
looking for a shirne related to the shiikon jewel. i
managed tomake it up the trecherous mountain paths but i
soon lost my way. (izumo looks around and smiles when he
sees a large amount of shikon light blinding him ) (back in
the present he and inus group are walking through hte
forest with him) and then i saw a demon giving that fake
jewel to the demon u saw yesterday) inu yasha asks if the
demon was claled naraku. izumo says, itnoit was called
orochidai "but the jewel isnt perfected yet but we will
have a better one soon" thats what he said. kagome gazes up
at him asking if hte demons are trying to make another
shikon jewel ( is she stupid or something *rolls eyes*)
izumo says he is unsure and that is all he heard about.
there is a view from above them, they are in the
mountainous area izumo was in b4. sango riding on kirara
soars above them. miroku says in a curious tone, hmm no
signs of demons anywhere. izumo turns his focus to miroku
and explains he saw the fake jewel change hands in this
vicinity. inu yasha sniffs the air and cant smell naraku
anywhere he assumes that naraku isnt in htis at all. miroku
turnsto kaogme and asks if she senses anything. kagome
shakes her head meaning no. she exxplains she cant and that
the fake jewel had a weak aura anyway. shippo is on inus
shoulder as inu says is must be an imitation. shippo
agrees and says even though it looked nice it was very
weak. sango calls down to them from teh air. they all look
up at her curiously. sango points in the direction infront
of her explaining there is a village that way.there is a
fork in the village with four seperate directions to go
from. miroku sango kagome and inu come from each of the
different directions and meet up in the middle they all say
to each other that they couldnt find anything. inu looks
around wondering where izumo went to. izumo is at the top
of a shrine with his arm held out. birds fly to him and
land on his arm. izumo couldnt look more happy. just then
inu finds him and all the birds fly away. izumo has a
saddened look very briefly then explains that he thought
this shrine was a host to one of the creator gods. izumo
looks behind him. shippo jumps off inus shoulder and jumps
in to check outthe shrine. but there is nothing inside.
kagome asks what he means by creatot god. he explains that
there is a legend that say the spirit of happiness and
mystery manifested inside the god's heart. sango says in
an excited interested tone, reeaaaallllyy? miroku explains
that mystery controls chi and happiness protects ai. izumo
continues from where miroku left off saying, untamed
strength governs yuu and harmony causes shin, yuu shin chi
ai these are the 4 parts of teh 4 souls. shippo screams,
TALKING ABOUT (he places his hands on the sides of his head
and faints. LOL) inu has his hand in a fist and says that
something about this village is bothering him. miroku
agrees that they should scan it more. inu accepts and says
he will check the perimeter kagome and sango nod. inside
one of the homes kagome, with shippo on her shoulder, comes
outside saying in a disappointed tone that they didnt find
anything. they both gasp when they see izumo. he is
standing there gazing up at the sky with rays of light
embracing his face. shippo asks him what he is doing. he
continue to gaze up at the sky and says, i wonder why the
sun is so radiant, so warm, why does it shine like that?
shippo says that is just the way it is. there is a yellow
ring around izumos pupil and he begins to glare takin in
shippos words. he says, but thats strange to me, i cant
think like that. is there something burning there way up
high in te sky? (he puts his hand upward into a circular
formation and makes it look like his hands are surrounding
the sun) or it is far off in some distant land? shippo
looks freaked out and says that izumo is weird. kagome
smiles and says she is impressed with the way he thikns and
that he might be one of the first people during this time
ot think that way. shippo turns to kaogme and asks if
eveyrone from her time think liek that. kagome doesnt
respond. izumo places his hand on his chin and wonders why
the sun disappears at night. kagome explains to shippo,
well he IS a scholar. shippo gets his attention. izumo
smiles and turns toward him. shippo asks what he meant
earlier about the four elements. izumo asks if he menat,
yuu shin chi ai. shippo confirms a yes. izumo explains, yuu
the first part of yuuki (courage) its something akin to
bravery. shippo looks very interested now and says that he
finally get it now when he puts it that way. izumo
continues, shin the character used inashi( close
friendship) shi has the same meaning as chie (wisdom) it
means knowing about many things. and ai is in ai jou (love
and affection) shippo says that he finally understands it
but asks about the spiritual elements. izumo holds him arms
out towards the side of him and explains that courage comes
from untamed strength, friendship from harmony, mystery
begets wisdom, and happiness controls compassion and love.
(izumos begins to walk away still with his arms out to his
sides) when the four elements are gathered together
unexpectedly, as in times of great chaos, a shikon jewel
will form. he puts his arms down and notices a small brown
bird up in a tree. he stops when he gets right under it.
shippo looks like a confused wreck, and begins shaking
saying, he lost me again. izumo smiles and raises his hand
to the bird. shippo has the funniest confused expression.
but jsut then snago clal out to them and the bird flies
away. izumo looks upset again. kagome and shippo turn to
where he voice came from. sango is riding on kirara and the
are along side this boy who is trying to escape from them.
sango tells him nicely tht they wont hurt him. the boy runs
faster and faster, panting, getting ahead of sango. just
hten miroku step infront of the kids path.miroku smiles and
explains they re just travelers pasing by and wont hurt
him. sango comes up on the left side of the kid. the kid
looks terrified of them no matter what they say. just then
kagome and shippo come behind him. the kid looks even more
terrified and yells, STAY BACK DEMONS. miroku smiles and
explains that shippo and kirara arent bad demons an they
wont hurt you. miroku then asks him whats wrong and what
happened to his village. the kid begins shaking and then
drops to the ground on his elbows and knees crying. sango
kneels down next to him trying to comfort him saying they
will protect him from whatever is out there. tears swell up
in his eyes as he says, demons.... demons came. sango is
surprised to find out he village was attacked by demon
(idiot *rolls eyes*) the kid looks up at her and tears are
jus hanging on his eyelids, oh what a surprise another
flashback starts. (the kid explains, i had been bad that
day so my pa locked me up in the hen house.) its nightime
in the village and they show the kid looking annoyed lying
down with hens surrounding him but just then he hears
something. its that weird guy we saw ealier that sorta
looks like izumo, he has brought a large army of demons
with him, they are all holding sticks that have be lit on
fire at hte top. he threatens the people in the village
saying, come out peacefully if u dont, we will have to burn
ur house down (sounds like something from teh 3 little pigs
if u ask me :P) someone shouts, NO WAIT STOP. the kid look
out a small opening in teh hen house and sees his father
and mothers approaching the demons. the demon says he knows
they are hiding someone. he then orders the demons to go
out and find him. the demons surround everyone in and
village. the boy watches from the coop, he becomes very
terrified and cant handle watching anymore so he curls
himself into a ball crying. the hens start to get out of
hand. the flashback finishes. and izumo has joined them by
this time. the sky is a bright orange in the backround. the
kid is now sitting on a rock looking very depressed as he
explains that all the demons rounded up everyone in the
village. miroku asks when this happened. he explains this
happened about a day ago and he has been hiding in the hen
house ever since then. sadness fills the boys voice as he
asks them why the demons to his parents and if they ate
them. kagome feels upset for him. izumo tells him no and
if the demons wanted to feed they wouldnt bother capturing
them. kagome is surprised by his words and miroku agrees
with him saying that demons arent stupid and that they know
they would be hunted if they attacked the village
recklessly. sango adds on to that saying there must be some
resaon they captured them. the kid becomes excited and has
a hopeful tone saying, so my parents are ok? miroku and
sango tell him that they will try to fin his parents and
kill the demons for him. the kid places his arm over his
eyes adn starts crying again saying, thank god...... thank
god. shippo smiles. miroku says it would be nice to start
now but its almost sunset. izumo gazes up at hte sky a bit
disappointed. he looks down and says, everthing is obscured
even the most beautiful things are obscured. mirokus eyes
widen as he looks at izumo and says, well.... i guess that
is one way of putting it. kagome gasps and alerts them al
that she can sense teh shikon jewel. its that creepy demon
(still in his human form) again with a smaller army of
demons behind him. he says, weeeellll this is a surprise, i
thought i sensed human around here but they even have some
REAL shards. the kid points an accusing figure that teh
KIDNAPPED MY PARENTS. the demon demands that they surrender
the shards. miroku prepares to use his wind tunnel saying
that they should surrendre and not them. he then asks the
creepy demon if he is orochidai and demands to know where
they have taken the villagers. the creepy guy says they
have heard rumors about miroku and his wind tunnel. he then
orders his demons to kill miroku. miroku unleashes wind
tunnel sucks them in very quickly and closes it back up. he
then asks orochidai again if he will surrender. he rolls
an imitation jewel in his hand and is smiling. just then
something pulses within miroku and he looks like he has
been poisoned. orochidai says that these imitation jewel
are filled with evil energy and that would be just like
poison for a human. sango rushes to his aid. izumo says
that orochidai is right and kagome alerts that that each
demon there has one. the demons laugh at them. sango
launches her boomerang and the demons easily dodge it.
kagome readies her arrow and tell izumo to take the kid.
shippo throws several blasts of foxfire, hitting the demons
and tells izumo to hurry up. izumo takes him into one of
the buildings. miroku throws a charm paper straight into
one of the demon's faces. kagome launches an arrow but
orochidai using no energy just break it by moving his staff
infront of it. kagome gasps and sango launches her
boomerang. again the demons dodge it with ease. sngo
catches it and looks frustrated saying these demons are
different form the ones they usually fight. miroku says
that even a fake shikon jewel has boosted theit power.
kagome wonders how they are making these jewel. shippo is
on her shoulder and says there is no time to think about
this. miroku gets ready to take out his wind tunnel saying
ther eis too many and he HAS to use it. sango sounds very
concerned and tell him he cant. just then u can hear inu
yasha warcry (lol) in the backround. kagome excitedly says
his name and smiles. inu drops down from the sky and uess
iron reaver to destroy the 3 demons he wouldve in the
middle of. shippo demands to know where he was. inu tells
him to shut up and that he didnt know something liek tihs
would happen. orochidai tells shichigumo and ikkaku to go
ahead. two demons move forward (one ogre like demon adn one
spider like demon) the demons both grunt. there shikon
jewel shine within them and they grow 5 times their size.
inu places his hand on his sword and takes it out saying
fake jewel or not they still dont look that tough. just
then we hear teh kid scream. a demon hops on the tree above
them all holding izumo and the kid and it escapes with
them. inu runs to save them but ikkaku steps infront
towering him. sango chases aftre in flying in teh air on
kirara. but shichigumo uses webbing to stop them in there
tracks. kagome cuts them free using her arrow. and inu uses
wound of wind to destroy ikkaku and most of shichigumo. on
shichigumos head and 2 legs remain. it walks a bit b4
getting hit with sangos boomerang (sheessh FINALLY an ep
when they work together instead of inu doing everything and
them watching) sango sighs as if she released alot of
stress as she uses her arm to wipe the sweat of her
forhead. shippo celebrates saying they won. inu shouts
calls out to sango. he alert her by pointing the direction
they went ot with his sword. and she and inu yasha go off
to the rescue. back in a small cave in a mountainous area
its that frog demon(gamajiro) from ep 8 with nobanuga. all
the villagers aer trapped within his bubbles. someone from
behind tells gama jiro not to eat them without asking. its
orochidai and he has teh boy in his righ arm and orders
gamg jiro to consume the boy's soul. he throws the boy to
the ground. the boy looks up to see his parents. he runs
over to them places his hands on their bubble. gama jiro
laughs wickedly and tell the boy that he will be joining
them soon. just then a large green ogre comes from behind.
orochidai smiles and says, gyouh? now why dont u go greet
our visitors? back with inus group shippo is also on kirara
with a ball of fox fire in his hand so they can see the
path ahead of them. inu says that this place reeks of
lessor demons. miroku asks for kagomes input. she tells him
that they should keep going straight but its hard to tell
since the fake jewels aura is weak. just then they hear a
demon growling and they stop in their tracks. kaogme alerts
them that the shikon jewel is approaching them. shippo
puts out his fow fire adn inu take out his sword ready to
attack but the demon knocks in sooooo far back. when inu
gets up he begins growling and calls the demon an @sshole.
its gyouh. he has large club in his hand. kagome is shocked
to fine that there are over 10 jewels within it. gyuoh
says, oooh so u came half demon. inu charges at him
jumps into the air and attacks. gyuoh blocks with his club
and breathes out noxious energy in inus face adn knocks inu
back again. but inu backflips and lands on his feet. just
then sango from high in the sky launches her boomerang at
him. gyuoh uses his club and knocks it back over the cliff.
kagome launches an arrow but gyuoh easily breaks it. inu
launches wound of wind at it but a barrier surround gyuoh
and when the attack finishes he is unscathed. the barrier
disappears and kagome is surprised that wound of wind didnt
work. gyuoh says, hey priestess guardian of the
jewel(kagome gasps and asks what?) your soul is more pure
than the others perhaps i can use u. kagome wonders what
he is talking about. gyuoh lifts his club into the are and
several beams of green light emit from every side of it. he
then pounds the ground with it which causes the earth to
crack. several small rocks fall off the side of the cliff.
but jsut then teh whole ground splits apart right under
their feet. they try hard not to fall but its no use they
falls to the ground with several huge boulders from the
cliffside falling ontop of them. half of the cliff has
broken off. a large cloud of smoke appears over them u can
even see it from the village.
Episode Summary for Episode 94 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Inuyasha gang meet up with Izumo, a traveling priest who informs the group that there are demons who have been creating fake Shikone no Tamas. It turns out that the demons are using human souls to convert into Shikone no Tamas. In the end, the Inuyasha gang are sent falling down a cliff by one of the enpowered demons.
Episode Summary for Episode 94 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome loved Kouga and inuyasha so much she couldnt let them fight each other then Sango and Kagome beat up Kogura and Miroku kisses Sango when she falls to sleep and she slaps him and he says its worth the beaten and Kagome and inuyasha kiss each other on the floor and they become boy friend and girl friend but shippou keeps making fun of them like the child he is.Then Kouga gets jealous and trys to take Kagome from inuyasha.THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 94 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome loved Kouga and inuyasha so much she couldnt let them fight each other then Sango and Kagome beat up Kogura and Mirroku kisses Sango when she falls to sleep and she slaps him and he says its worth the beaten and Kagome and inuyasha kiss each other on the floor and they become boy friend and girl friend but shippou keeps making fun of them like the child he is.
Episode Summary for Episode 94 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
while traveling the gang (sounds like scooby-doo huh ?) runs into a preist who is suspicously curious about the shikon no tama , and a little boy hiding from youkai whos village was captured by the youkai. looking for answers they all go to a mysterious cave . the youkai has what? is that a shikon no tama ????