Episode 95 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 2) Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 95 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 2). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The sun begins to rise and the rays shine down on their
faces. shippo was sleeping, leaning on kirara, when he
wakes up. sango and miroku smiles at him miroku is happy to
see that shippo is awake. shippo rubs his right eye as he
asks what happened. sango quickly responds that they were
all buried in dirt. shippo stops rubbing his eye, gasps and
gazes up at them. sango smiles and tell him that they had
to dig themselves out. miroku explains that they got a bit
wounded as well. shippo begins to looks around and says in
a worried tone, where is kagome? Where is inu yasha?
miroku sadly explains that kagome was carried off by that
bull demon. shippo responds, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? sango
explains that inu yasha went off to find her. miroku stands
up and suggests that they go now. sango walks over to him
carrying her boomerang on her shoulder, smiles at him and
agrees. inu yasha is searching throughout the forest and
becomes very frustrated. the bull demon had a strong scent
but it has suddenly disappeared. inu yasha stops in his
tracks, looks around and notices that kagomes scent is
completely gone as well. suddenly 2 centipede like demons
fall from the sky and attack inu. inu yasha moves out of
the way in time. inu demands to know who they are. on of
the centipede like demons explains that if they kill him,
orochidayuu will give them more shikon jewels. both demons
attack inu at once but inu slashes them both with his claws
and the demons drop to the ground. but just then u can see
where the shikon jewel is within them and the demon begins
to shine a bright pink. the demons are revived and brag
that they have the shikon jewel within them. inu cracks his
knuckles, has a confident smile and says, then I'll just
have to separate them from you. inu yasha jumps into the
air to attack then there is a scene transition as they show
the mountainous area and a building below it. kagome is
lying down there. kagome slowly wakes up and looks around
wondering where she is. as she walks her right arm is to
her side and her left arm is up on her chest. she's
thinking about the last thing she remembers. she thinks
that they were fighting a bull demon and wonders where
everyone is. she stops and looks around and sees a small
opening in the bottom of the mountain. the view focuses on
it and inside are the villagers trapped within bubbles. he
frog like demon that trapped them is inside and rubbing one
of the bubbles with a pretty woman in it saying, delicious
so delicious. kagome takes a peak inside and recognizes him
as tsukumo no gama. kagome's eyes widen as she sees the
child they met earlier trapped as well. tsukumo no gama
hears her but she runs away b4 she is noticed. kagome stops
running and rests her hand on one of the buildings. she
begins panting. suddenly someone touches her right
shoulder. kagome gasps in fright and nervously looks behind
her. its izumo. he looks behind him and asks if she is
alone. kagome responds, yes, I am glad u r alright izumo.
izumo calmly explains that a demon ordered him to use his
knowledge in order to create a real shikon jewel to replace
the fake ones. kagome is confused and asks how.izumo turns
away from her and explains that it seems they (demons) have
also investigated things about the shikon jewel. kagome
takes out her shards of the real shikon jewel and is glad
they are safe. izumo sadly says that they can't escape
from here. kagoem slowly lifts her head and gazes at him.
izumo points high in front of him explaining there is a
mansion so they can rest there. kagome alerts him that
tsukumo no gama has the villagers held captive and if they
don't save them he will eat there souls. izumo blinks and
tells her that they don't have any weapons. just then
kagome gets an idea and smiles. she remembers that tsukumo
no gama's weakness is fire. she runs to catch up with
izumo and they walk side by side. back with miroku and
sango. miroku throws 2 paper charms. one misses one hit a
demon right in the head. shippo is trying not to get
stepped on holding on to kagomes bows and arrows. sango
throws her boomerang but the demon jumps right over it and
attack her but the boomerang comes right back and slices
the demon in the neck. kirara lands. and sango is annoyed
that these demons keep coming and coming. suddenly through
the shadows an ape like demon appears tossing and catching
a fake jewel. the demon has a confident smile as he look
over his shoulder and several demons are behind him. the
apelike demon orders them all to attack. inu yasha easily
slices them all up using iron reaver. inu yasha starts
panting then he notices a huge amount of demons eyes
glowing in the shadows. and orochidai is standing on a tree
branch and says, I will give the REAL shikon jewel to
whomever takes credit for killing him. all the demons
attack and orochidai smiles wickedly and laughs. inu yasha
takes out his sword. back with kagome and izumo. its midday
now and they are picking purple flowers together. izumo
smiles at her and says that he we told to use this place
for that purpose. kagome is shocked and asks him if he is
going to obey them. kagome and izumo walk inside the
building. izumo looks very sad and explains that was the
only way for him to survive he had no choice (he seems
suspicious to me hmmm) kagome being optimistic say that inu
and the other will definitely come to save them. izumo asks
her if she is interested in the shikon jewel and reminds
her that she can use the power of the shikon jewel to make
any wish of hers come true. kagome ponders and says that
she is trying to get the shikon jewel from naraku but she
has no wishes she would make. izumo becomes serious and
tells her to look inside the mansion with him. kagome gets
excited and says, that's right!! we need to make a fire!!
a fire!!! the sun is setting which makes the sky a bright
coral color. back with inu yahsa. he is holding his sword
and resting upon a rock panting. he is pissed off that this
is endless. just then there is a growl coming from behind
him. and several more red eyes glow in the shadows of the
trees. inu readies his sword and demands that they come out
of the trees. miroku shippo and sango are hiding behind a
log. 3 demons hover over them and shippo is completely
terrified. miroku assures shippo that the demons have
passed. shippo give out a sigh of relief. sango has a
concerned look on her face and says to miroku that they
cant keep doing this forever. shippo explains that he is
worried about kagome. miroku takes a drink form his
container and give it to sango and she has a drink. miroku
then explains that if they dont rest they cant use their
bodies. just then that ape demon looks through the small
opening and find them and alerts the other demons. miroku
and sango have a determined look on their faces while
shippo is scared again. miroku tells sango that they should
go now. sango agrees. back with kagome, she is very annoyed
and stomps through the mansion and says in an annyoed tone
that she cant find anything to make a fire with and that
demon mansions dont have much. she opens the sliding door
and find izumo siting down. she calls out to him in a
confused tone. izumo softly says taht the shikon jewel was
created by midoriko, a priestess with great power. kagoem
says she has heard the same thing. izumo continues, it was
created in the midst of battle between midoriko and the
demons. for midoriko it was to defeat the demons, for the
demons it was to defeat midoriko. they fought for the
possessions of each others souls and their souls became one
as a result. (kagomes eyes widen) within the shikon jewel,
the pure soul of midoriko and the wicked souls of the
demons commingled. (the view slowly moves away from izumo
and focuses on a document on the wall.) that fake shikon
jewel sealed together the souls of humans and demons. but
that alone is bad, (kagome walks over to him) ara-spirit,
nigi spirit, kushi-spirit, saki-spirit, namely, (kaogme
begins looking around and ther is closeup of her looking
pensive) yuu (courage), shin (heart), chi(power), ai(love)
the have to correctly work together. kagome touches his
shoulder and izumo collapses and is a bright red corpse.
kagome begins screaming. then she hears izumos voice from
outside and goes to check it out. the sun has almost
completely set and izumo is standing with his arm out with
a bird resting on his hand. the bird flies away. kagome
asks if it flew away because it was nighttime. izumo
explains that birds arent afraid of the dark and the only
one afraid of the dark is him. (view of the bird flying off
into the distance) izumo sadly explains tta HE is the
person the birds fear. the sky begins to dark as izumo say
with his head down, izumo is my fathers name, he was
erudite, he excelled in singing and writing, appreciated
flowers and loved birds. (the sky is completely dark now)
the name izumo refers to my father (kagome realizes
something, gasps and looks behind her) the name my mothre
gave me was gyuoh ( I knew he was suspicious O_o)
(gyuohs/izumo w/e voice begins to sound deeper and more
evil now as his whole body starts pulsing) my appearance
til now only holds during the day. he begins to transform.
his face first becomes green and his whole head becomes
larger and horns come out of the top. he throws off his
clothes and what is left is the bull demon from the night
b4. O_o kagome is shocked then looks up set saying, so ur
a half demon? suddenly 2 demonic birds fly and peck his
shoulders. gyuoh shoos them away and the fly off into the
might sky. gyuoh says thta during the day he as the human
form of his father and during the night he has the bullish
form of his mother. gyuoh slwoly approaches kagome and
explains that he hates being a half demon so he is going
through all tihs work to make a real shikon jewel. kagome
says, everyone was captured because of u? (she holds her
arms out infront of her) u deceived us? gyuoh says, have
investigated various things about the shikon jewel by
going around to different countries and u came to know
about u people. if I used ur souls I would probably be able
to make a shikon jewel. kagome is shocked and a bit
horrified by his response. gyuoh continues, priestess, with
ur soul and those shikon shards i'd be able to make a core
for the new shikon jewel. (gyuoh raises his arms slightly
and has his left hand in a fist while his right hand is
holding his clubs full of shikon jewels) but that alone
isnt suffiecient, so I msut compensate with more souls.
(image of inu yasha fighting several demons then the image
freezes with inu yasha in the middle of his war cyr holding
his sword over his head) ara-spirit of yuu is that half
demons soul, (image of miroku placing a paper charm on one
demons face and the demon disentigrates. anothe demon
attacks him from behind and he uses his staff to destroy it
the image freezes at his closeup of his gritting his teeth
looking determined) kushi-spirit of chi is that monks soul,
(image of sango launching her boomerang as it destroys
sevreal demons as she catches it she spins slightly and the
image freezes with sango catching the boomerang behind her
back and looking angrily over her shoulder) saki-spirit of
ai is that exterminators soul, (image of shippo riding on
kirara and shippo alert miroku and sango to escape in a
ravine close by as he points to it. the image freezes with
shippo having both hands on kiraras back and looking
determined) nigi-spirit of sin is that fox childs soul.
(gyuoh walks over to kagome but goes past her. and then
turns to hre continueing to explain) I will assemble those
4 souls and cast them into chaos to make a shikon jewel for
myself!!!! kagome abruptly turns around, makes her left
hand into a fist and says, I WILL NO LET THAT HAPPEN. (she
then place her right hand on her heart) DONT TREAT US AS IF
appears in gyuos red eye. gyuos encourages her to fight and
struggle cause that would elevate hr soul. he looks up to
the sky and says that only crows will come his despicable
body and upon seeing his apearance other birds flee. gyuoh
stomp his foot on the ground and demands that she listen to
him. kagome back away and gasps in fright. gyuoh is holding
up his fist angrily saying that with the power of the
shikon jewel he will possess all things of human life and
beauty. kagome takes one step toward him asking what his
wosh is (IS SHE STUPID OR SOMETHING!?!?!!?!) gyuoh explains
that he will use the shikon jewel to become human in order
to fulfill his soul. back with inu yasha he charges at the
demons and slices them instantly with his sword. another
wave comes at him but he also destroys those easily. he
lands back on the ground, looks very worried and calls out,
throughout the whole forest. back with kagome, she is
running away looking over her shoulder. she stops tocatch
her breath but gyuoh slowly approaches her from behind.
there is a view of his club and all the several jewels
glowing on it. gyuoh has one crow on each shoulder and
holds his club out infront of him and says evily, u cant
run away from me kagome. just then shippo sango and miroku
call out to her. the soar down fomr the sky on kirara and
land. kagome reaches her hand out infront of hre and looks
very concerned telling the all to stay back. gyuoh keeps
walking closer and closer u can here his thunderous
footsteps. shippo takes several steps forward and tells her
that they have come to save her. but tsukumo no gama lurks
in the darkness behind then with a mischevous smile on his
face. he opens his mouth and out comes a bubble heading
straight for miroku. miroku notices it just in time and
attacks it. the bubble doesnt pop and miroku is trapped
inside. inside the bubble he has a balnks stare and then
suddenly collapse ending up on his knees as the bubble
rises into the sky. sango and shippo call out his name. but
then they hear thunderous footsteps quickly getting louder
and louder. gyuoh is running toward them. shippo runs away
and gyuoh attacks sango. sango tries to block with her
boomerang gets thrown back and lans right into another
bubble. kagome runs over to shippo warning him but its too
late. a tongue wraps around shippos neck and flings him
into the air. as he flies he screams but then stops when he
lands into a bubble. kagome calls kirara toward her. kirara
keeps running and kagome jumps on and the fly into the sky.
gyuoh orders his 2 crows to go after them. a shikon jewel
shines within them and the grow about twice there size.
kirara starts flying toward the birds and kagome readies
her arrow and shoots. the arrow pierces teh fake jewel
within the crow cause a large explosion of pink light. back
with inu yasha. orochidai charges toward him. inu yasha
raises his sword and block the attack then quickly swings
it to attack but orochidai jumps in time and lands on the
lowest tree branch. just then inu yasha sees the explosion
of pink light and knows kagome must be there. he then
charges toward orochidai. back with kagome. she shoots off
another arrow at the last remaining crow but the crow
swiftly dodges it by flying upward. the crows makes a
cawing sound as it flies toward them but goes right past
then. just then in the backround u can see that ape demon
leaping n the air about to attack kagome and kirara. teh
ape lands right on kirara knocking her to the ground.
kagome screams as she falls to the ground. kagome shakes
for a bit then inu yasha calls out to her. she leans upward
when she sees him. inu yasha runs toward the ape demon and
swings his sword but teh ape swiftly dodges his attack and
lands behind inu. inu keeps runnning toward kagome and asks
her if this is their dwelling. kagome points infront of her
and alerts in that the demon is coming back again.
orochidai give out a long loud growl as he transforms into
a brown snake and slithers toward him. kagome shoots her
arrow and it pierces orochidai's shikon jewel which stops
him in his tracks. orochidai begins to moan with agony. inu
uses this opportunity and attack him slicing him in half.
orochidai splits in half right b4 he disentigrates. inu
yasha has an angry confident look as he says forcefully,
who's next? tsukumo no gama open his mouth sendind a
bubble towards inu. inu easily swings his sword using no
energy and pops it.tsukumo no gama becomes shocked and
terrified and screams. gyuoh orders all the demons behind
him to attack. but one pink snakelike demon says, but but
orochidai.... gyuoh says that orochidai is dead and now
they will listen to HIM. just then the ape demon jumps
infront of gyuoh and says angrily, SHUT UP HALF DEMON (inu
yasha takes in teh fact that gyuoh is a half demon)(the ape
demon has its hands in fists) WE ARE NOT LISTENING TO A
gyuoh just simple whacks him on the head and orders tsukumo
no gama (or toad as gyuoh calls him) to seal that demons
soul. toad hesitates. gyuoh orders him again but this time
more forcefully to seal that demon's soul. toad eyes widen
and screams with fright as he quickly opens his mouth
unleashing a bubble and the ape demon is trapped inside.
just then inu yasha says, heh bull b@stard i came for u,
(inu readies his sword and stands in a defensive position)
you're a half demon too (inu yasha smiles confidently)
anyone's ok with me. i'll quickly dipose of u. gyuoh
orders all the demons behind him to detroy inu andmotivates
them by telling them to do it for the shikon jewel. all the
demons charge toward inu yasha but he unleashes wound of
wind destroying them all including toad. gyuoh is the only
one left. he is shocked by inus power. just then kagome
calls out to him and begs him to let evryone go. but gyuoh
refuses and reminds her that hre soul is needed as well.
kagome is standing up defensively with her bow and arrow
ready. miroku sango and shippo or floating behind her in
their bubbles. kagome looks determined and says angrily,
which soul is urs right now? izumo or gyuoh? gyuoh calmly
explains, my soul right now is at its real home, so to make
the shikon jewel (he place his hand on his chest and says
more forcefully now) I MUST POSSESS THOSE SOULS. there is a
closeup of kagome's face. rage has consumed her face as
she says angrily still aiming her arrow at him, if u are
saying u will do that bad thing and kill us then U CAN NOT
BE HUMAN. (gyuoh is shocked by her words and asks why) THE
SILENCE (he aims his club at her and sends a large gust os
wind in her direction the air is bright pink like the
jewel) (kagome covers her eyes with her arm and tries to
STILL BECOME HUMAN. kagome demands that he stops this and
calls him izumo instead of gyuoh. kagome tell him as the
wind is constantly blowing rubble into her face that even
if he is in this form his soul should be able to remain as
izumo's. gyuoh red eyes have even more of a blaze now as
he screams,
sends a more forceful gust towards kagome and she is blown
back. kagome slides on the ground and quickly looks over
gyuoh slowly approaches her. he has his club at his side
and his left hand open as if to slice her with his claws.
gyuoh says anrgily, I WILL DESTROY U IN THIS FORM. just
then gyuoh looks up in the sky after hearing inu yashas
warcry from above. (i wondered where he went to :P) demons
as stil attacking him in the air. but inu yasha slices each
one that attacks him, he lands to the ground right infront
of kagome and the point of his sword stabs into the ground
and inu is leaning on it hunched over telling gyuoh to
knock it off. gyuoh explains to him that his ara-spirit of
yuu is necessary and that he will use any means necessary
to achieve it. he raises his club into the air and it glows
a bright red. the several shikon jewel that were on it
seperate from his club and gyuoh swallows them all. O_o
(that was like 10+ jewels O_o) inu and kagome are shocked
by his actions. just then a red source of energy shines all
around his body as his body expands 2-3 times his size and
his skin turns from green to red. inu yasha attacks spins
and attacks again. butsome kind of barrier around gyuoh
prevents him from any damage. kagome runs over to sango
shippo and miroku. she pierces miroku's bubble with her
arrows and the bubble opens up. gyuoh attacks inu yasha.
inu blocks it. gyuoh taunts inu yasha about also being a
half demon and asks him if he finds it repulsing. inu yasha
blocks another attack. leaps into the air and attack gyuoh
but gyuoh blocks it. inu yasha kicks gyuoh in teh face but
he is unaffected. as inu is doing all this he face is
consumed with rage as he demands that gyuoh shut up and
stop taunting him about him being a half demon and that he
is strong either way (GO INU ^^ *does cheer*) gyuoh's
eyes blazes redder than usual when he hears inu yashas
words. inu unleashes his wound of wind attack toward him.
but gyuoh runs into it and what looks like purple flames
appear infront of him as he runs through wound of wind
unharmed. inu yasha sees him charging toward him unaffected
and calls him a b@stard. meanwhile, kagome is trying to
wake up miroku while kirara likes sangos face also trying
to wake her. miroku is just about to open his eyes just as
inu makes a pained sound from behind her. she immediate
yells out his name and looks over her shoulder to see how
he is doing. inu doesnt have tessaiga in his hand anymore
and gyuoh has his hand ontop of inus head and uses a large
amount of force pushing him down. inu yasha gets pushed
down even moe but just then the sun begins to rise. gyuoh
looks up in the sky and says desperately, oh sun please
dont shine just yet. oh sun I AM GOING TO CHANGE MY
DESTINY. (meanwile sweat is pouring all over inus face as
he deperately struggles to lift gyuohs hand off his head) i
am not allowed to be part of human society and the demons
dont accept me as one of them, ALL BECAUSE I AM DESTINED TO
BE A HALF DEEEEEMOOOOOOON. inu yasha is gritting his teeth
and is slightly shaking as he finally gets the strength he
needs and now u can finally see all of his face as he
slowly lifts gyuohs hanf off of his head. my god inu looks
so freaky O_O u will never see him so angry O_O as he says
with a voice full of rage, SO WHAT? DONT BE SOFT (he stands
up straight now and lifts gyuohs hand off of him even more)
DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT URSELF. inu yasha being totally cool
throws gyuoh ALL the way to the other side. gyuohs club
falls to the ground and the sun shines even brighter
casting a long thin shadow of the club towards inu yasha.
gyuoh is growling in the backround saying, YOU!! YOU!!. the
sun rises higher into the sky. we see gyuoh on the ground
he is green again and is reaching his hand outward looking
even more desperate and upset than b4 and beg the sun to
give him more time. teh rays of light beam dont on him and
gyuoh gives out a long pained moan as his whole body begins
to smoke. kagome walks up to inu yasha and stands next to
him. inu yasha asks her what all that was about. kagome
simply says, that fake shikon jewel. just then on teh
ground we see izumo. he still has some beastlike hair on
him and his tail. izumo struggles to move. he is shaking
and moaning just like when miroku gets poisoned. he slowly
turns his head to look at them and says weakly, i...
regret... inu yasha is in shock to find out that it was
izumo all along. kagome closes her eyes has both hands
resting on her chest and nods. inu gasps and gazes at her
while she looks up into the sky and says in a soft sad
tone, gyuoh by night, human by day, the evil power of the
fake shikon jewel is too strong for humans (bad move he ate
like 10 of them X_x) suddenly teh fake jewels within him
start to affect izumo. he looks as if someone has suddenly
pierced him with a weapon. he jolts upward and says in a
pained weak voice, kagome... will i be dying as a human...?
izumo falls to the ground his whole body is still smoking.
everyone sadly stares at him and kagome whispers his name.
back in the village. all teh villagers have gathered
together with the kid from b4 standing infront waving,
thanking them for everything as kagome shippo inu yashs
sango and miroku walk off into the distance. shippo is in
kagomes bike basket and kagome is smiling pushing her bike.
she notices 2 bird in the tree branch ahead of her. she
gently hold out her arm to them but the bird fly away and
kagome looks disappointed. just then inu yasha calls out to
her asking what she is doing. kagome smiles and tells him
that is was nothing and she is coming now. the 2 birds fly
into the blue sky, flying towards the sun.
Episode Summary for Episode 95 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 2). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Basically when the whole falling thing happens Kagome and inuyasha are seperated(how sad:() she awakens in a castle type thing and then inuyasha, sango ,shippo ,kiarara, and miroku go seaching for her then suddenly get attacked/surrounded by lots of different youkai.
Episode Summary for Episode 95 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 2). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome learns that Gyuoh is a hanyou. He decides to use Inuyasha and the others to create a new Shikone shard for the four representations of the Shikone. Using the fake jewels in his club, Gyuoh starts to pummel Inuyasha until the sun rises reverting him back to his human side and burning his body for the corrupted Shikone no Tamas.
Episode Summary for Episode 95 - Those Who Create the Shikon no Tama (Part 2). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
second part
after falling and being seperated , kagome finds herself in a castle( i guess i dont really know , lets call it a building....)with the preist that befriended them . while this is happening inuyasha continues to search for kagome with shippou , snago ,kirarra , and our favorite monk . yet they are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of youkai .