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Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Rin goes off to find some food in the forest, but she gets attacked by a giant demon hand. As Sesshomaru runs to her rescue and attacks the demon hand, he sees that it's made up of a swarm of Naraku's poisonous bees. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and the others plan to go visit Jinenji to get some of his medical herbs(and Kagome scolds Inuyasha for eating the food she was going to give Jinenji.) Back with Sesshomaru's group, Sesshomaru battles the bees while Jaken drives them away from Rin(he says to himself that he's protecting her because Sesshomaru would be mad if he didn't, but Rin thinks he really cares about her.) Sesshomaru manages to destroy the bees and their nest, but a few stray ones inject their stingers into Jaken's arm and fly away. Sesshomaru thinks that they're probably going back to Naraku, so he follows them. Meanwhile, Jaken winces as the stingers go into his arm and he feels the poison in him. He tells Rin that he's been very happy since he met her and Sesshomaru, and he'll continue to be loyal to Sesshomaru even after he dies. Rin cries that Jaken gave his life for her(he objects...he gave his life for Sesshomaru, didn't he?)and begs him not to leave her. Jaken tells her about Jinenji's herb that can cure any poison. So Rin goes off with Ah-Un(that two-headed dragon-like demon that accompanies Sesshomaru) to find it. Meanwhile, Inuyasha's group notices the few stray bees and follows them, hoping to find Naraku. But the bees soon drop dead(since they used their stingers), and when Sesshomaru arrives on the scene, he and Inuyasha fight once again. Meanwhile, Rin reaches Jinenji's house, but his mother tells her that Jinenji is a half-demon, and since he's in his human form at the moment, he doesn't want anyone seeing him(he's hiding under a quilt.) After much pleading, Rin finally convinces Jinenji to speak to her and tell her where the herb is(she reminded him of Kagome.)

While Rin flies off to the mountains on Ai-Un to find the herb, Kagome manages to stop Inuyasha and Sesshomaru from fighting by telling Sesshomaru where Naraku's whereabouts are(he's satisfied with that, and leaves.) While Ai-Un holds off attacking demons, Rin climbs up the steep mountain side towards the herb. As she trudges tiredly onward, she thinks about how her family is dead and how she doesn't want anyone else to die. Finally, she snatches the herb, only to have the ledge underneath her crumble away. As she falls toward the deep chasm, she cries out for Sesshomaru before fainting. Sesshomaru catches her in the nick of time. He then goes back to the forest and gives the herb to a very grateful Jaken. Meanwhile, Jinenji and his mother tell Inuyasha and the others about the strong-willed little girl that they met. Jinenji says that the girl gives warmth to others, just like Kagome, to which Inuyasha protests by saying that Kagome is actually very narrow-minded...and she promptly "sits" him for that remark :) Anyway, back with Sesshomaru's group, Rin wakes up and is overjoyed that Jaken is all right.
Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Jaken is poisoned by a Saimyoshou and Rin has to find a remedy for the poison by sunset. Meanwhile, the Inuyasha gang decide to meet up with Jinenji which happens after Inuyasha clashes with Sesshomaru in battle as Sesshomaru wishes to know of Naraku's location.
Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Jaken(the toad thing)gets poisoned by Narakus insects while protecting Rin(the little girl.)She
(Rin)searches for the antidote.Rin is in danger.Sesshomaru (a.k.a. Fluffy) saves Rin and gives Jaken the antidote.
Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
narakus insects poisen jaken and rin goes to the earth boys garden for the antidotte.Jinenji is going through his phase when he becomes all human and cannot help rin but he tells her where they grow which is on the cliff of a very high montain.Rin is climbing the cliff and she falls but sesshoumaru saves her and he brings her and the plant back to where jaken is.Jaken curses rin for letting him die and says his prayres but sesshoumaru arrives with the unconsious rin and the antidotte.And jaken is cured thinking rin failed and sesshoumaru was the one who really saved him.[poor rin]:[!
Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
sesshoumaru and jaken are walking through the forest. rin
is on ah uh back. rin tells sesshoumaru that she is hungry
and asks if it is ok if they searc for something to eat.
sesshoumaru has his normal cold stare. jaken tell her to
stop being fussy and that there is plenty of food in this
forest for her to eat. rin goes 'but..' jaken demand her
not to 'but' him.lol. she jumps off of ah uh and runs
into the forest searching for food. jaken get all hyper
waving his fists in the sir telling rin to wait.
sesshoumaru tells jaken in a calm voice to shut up. lol.
back to the inu yasah group. kagome says ' i dont believe
it, why did u eat it all' inu yasha tell her to shut up.
a disappointed kagome hold up an empty bag of potatoe
swaying it for side to side. kagome disappointed says '
aaaaah that was the last of the garlic chips' inu comes
right into her face and says 'its good isnt it? to have 2
things that u want?' kagome tell inu that those chips were
a gift for jinenji. and says ' u r almost ALWAYS eating
inu yasha ' LOL inu looks away form her crosses his arms
and says ' i just tasted one and couldnt stop' lol kagome
wonders what to do. miroku interrupts them and ask who
jinenji is. kagome explains that he is the one that cured
kirara by giving them a cure for the poison. (flashback of
kagome and jinenji) sango smiles and says ' aaah jinenji'
kirara meows. kagome continues 'i thought since his
village was near we would pay him a visit (angered
expression) but someone ate teh gift i had for him' inu
gets pissed off saying she has no manners. shippo asks if
jinenji is a half demon. kagome answers 'yes but he is
very kind and gentle, (evil stare at inu yasha) unlike inu
yasha.' inu ticked off again goes 'KEH since we LOST the
gift we might as well continues our search' but miroku,
sango shippo and kirara all want to meet jinenji. kagome
smiles and says that they should go then, (evil stare at
inu yasha) but inu yasha can do w/e he wants. LOL inu grits
his teeth and thinks to himself that she has a small heart.
back to rin. she finds some mushroom growing on a tree
nearby. she kneels down by the tree saying that she can eat
these. unknown to rin a creature is about to come out of
the ground behind her. rin hears shuffling behind her and
screams. this catches jaken and sesshoumaru attention. sess
is off to the rescue. a green hand is squeezing rin. sess
jump into the air and slashes the arm in half. the arm uses
it nails to break its fall rin crashes into the bushes
behind sesshoumaru. jaken compliment sesshoumaru on a
wonderful performance. rin come out from behind the bushes
and says that sess is cool. lol. sess all of a suddne
notices that the arm he cut in half r a bunch of naraku
bees put together. sess tell them to stay back and that
naraku left these boring bugs. the bees form into the arm
again. sess lifts up his sword adn tell jaken that the bees
depend on him being near. jaken understand and run back.
the arm attacks. sess blocks ever strike jumps into the air
kicks off from a tree spins 3 times and slices it in half
again. GO SESS GO. they turn into the bees again. sess has
a weird somewhat surpriesd expression. he land on the
ground and watch as the bees fly away. rin notices the bees
nest (she is more useful than jaken :P) at a tree nearby.
jaken gets all bug eyed but the bees are behind him ready
to strike. he tell rin to get down and uses his staff to
fry the bees and destroy them. a second wave comes. jaken
destroys them. jaken tell her not to lift her head yet.
jaken thinks to himself ' i will protect rin as best i can
that way sesshoumaru will say somehting nice to me' lol
more bees come out of the nest. they startle jaken. like a
fool jaken swats at them. sesshoumaru sees him in trouble
and gets his sword ready. jaken is completely terrified of
what sesshoumaru is going to do. sess send out a long blast
destroys the bees jaken almost didnt dodge in time. the
bees nest is destroyed and the tree break in half. jaken
and rin both thank sesshoumaru. bees come from behind and 2
sting jaken on his right arm. jaken clutches his arm in
agony. sess says 'if i follow them...' adn runs off. the
2 red stingers sink deep into jakens skin. jaken in pain
aska rin to pull the stingers out. but it is too late. they
have sunk completely into his skin. rin apologizes to him
in a worried voice. jakens eyed bulge he suddenly screams.
he get up and moves around in circles saying that the
poison will spread quickly. he then bangs his head up
against a tree. saying ' at this rate i will probably
die' rin becomes very worried and apologizes again. jaken
call her an idiot saying' i didnt do it for u I DID IT FOR
SESSHOUMARU' he throws his cape to the ground forcefully.
jaken stop and falls back. rin runs up to him asking
quickly in a worried voice if there is a way to make the
poison disappear. jaken says in a sad voice that its better
this way. he gazes up to her with dispair and sadness in
his eyes telling her that he was always happy traveling
with sesshoumaru. he looks away from rin and continues by
saying that even if he rots away and his life is eaten. rin
has several tears in her eyes. now jaken is crying saying
that he will pray for sesshoumaru safety from the
underground. a tear fall down his left cheeck as he begs
rin to tell sesshoumaru that for him. he closes hi eyes
turns away and makes more pained noises. rin kneels down
beside him. screaming' JAKEN I DONT WANT TO C U DIE' rin
begins crying more loudly. this commetn wakes jaken up as
he see how much rin cares about him. several tears pour
down rins face as she tell him that she will do anything
for him. rin takes off on ah un. rin thinks to herself '
jaken dont die' in the bottom of the screen is rin flying
on ah uh. on the top of the screen is jaken and rins
conversation. jaken tells her, to the east is a field of
medicinal herbs adn that the poison medicine maker jinenji
will be there. when u get there say that u want sennensou
no mi ( fruit of the 1000 yrs plant) rin if u really intend
to save me, please hurry. jaken is sweating more than
usual. it has to be inside my body by sunset or else i will
die. rin tell ah un to go faster. adn the speed off into
the sky. back to inu and the gang. miroku looks ahead and
turns back asking kagome if this is the right way. kagome
in an unsure voice says 'i think so' she then asks inu
yasha. inu turns away put his hand on his hips saying ' i
thought u said i can do whatever i want' kagome smiles
saying r u still going on about that? she apologizes. inu
look as mad as ever grits his teeth and think to himself
that she changed her mind so d#mn quickly.lol. inu face
eturns to normal and he catches a scent. he says that the
smell of narakus poisonous bugs. behind them in the sky r
the 2 bugs that stung jaken. inu is about to destroy them
wth his sword when miroku stops him. miroku asks if kagome
can sense any jewel shards. kagome shakes her head and says
no. miroku thinks that these bugs might be returning to
naraku. if they follow them they would find him. inu
finally gets it (he is so slow). they follow them but
shortly after the bees fall to the ground. inu checks and
confirms that they r dead. a weird sound come from behind
them and a huge ball off light flies in b/t them. the ball
transforms into sesshoumaru. sess with his usual cold stare
asks inu if he killed them. teh saimyoushou. inu confused
says ' the saimyoushou? u mean these poisonus bugs?' sess
calls him a thoughtless b@stard. sess explains to them that
he followed the bugs to find narakus whereabouts. inu yells
that they were doing the same thing and that the bugs died
on their own. sesshoumaru draws his sword and says ' u
ugly b@stard making the same excuses as always' inu yells
again KEH WHOS MAKING EXCUSES? ITS TRUE. kagome tells sess
that its true also. inu draws his sword, tells kagome to
stay back and that sess wont listen to a thing they say.
sess tells them that he is not in a good mood today and
that he wont go easy on him like always. (he daughter get
atack and his imp is nearing death. LOL) inu tells him that
he willregret those words. inu and sess charge at each
other the jump into the sky attack. inu flips backwards
lands on his right hand flips again and charges at sess.
kagome tells the to stop. shippo says its useless. sess and
inu sword meet again and electricity comes from it. inu
pushes sess back. sess flips and lands and inu charges
again. their sword meet and shake. they give each other the
most angered expressions. back to rin. there is a close up
of a butterfly. it flies away as rin climbs up the hill.
rin tells ah un to wait for her. rin reaches the field of
medicinal herbs. in the hut jinenji mom if fiddling with
some herbs and jinenji is under a blanket. rin pushes the
curtain back and sticks her head inside. jinenjis mom wants
to know who she is. rin just says that she wants to see
jinenji. the mom says that jinenji isnt seeing anyone today
and demands that she go away. rin looks around and notices
a big creature under a blanket. she says ' jinenji if u
can hear me, i want the sennensou no mi, (jinenji fiddles
around under his blanket) there is a person who will die of
poison if i dont get it.' jinenji apologizes and tell her
that the plant isnt there and for her to go away. rin asks
what on earth is his problem. and why he wont get up from
the blanket. the mom sees that she is too young to
understand. she explains that jinenji is a half demon.
there r time when his form changes to the form of a human
and that he is incredibly shy in this form, he doesnt want
anybody to see his human form. rin runs inside and begs her
to tell her how to get the cure. the mom says that the
plant only works on demons, r u trying to save a demon. rin
says yes. the mom asks if she fell in luv with him (LMFAO
rin and jaken) rin is dumbfounded and cant speek for a
while then says fall in luv what is 'fall in luv'? the
mom gets all embarrassed and says that right ur still
young. from under the blanket u can only see to large
glowing orbs or light. rin yells that it is nothing like
that and that she must save jaken. jinenji says the rin
looks like kagome. the mom looks at rin again and agrees.
jinenji tell her that the plant in ontop of a mountain at
the entrance of a chasm. but there r many eivl spirits that
luv to eat humans there. when the sun sets he will return
to normal. why dont we wait til then. rin tell them jaken
would be dead by then. rin runs over kneels down and look
under the blanket. she says quickly ' please tell me i
will get it.' jinenji responds ' u r really like
kagome.' back to jaken. he still has tears in his eyes. he
uses a log to lift himself up and calls out for sesshoumaru
and rin in a weak voice. a river of tears fall fro his eyes
as he says that he doesnt want to be alone. back with inu
and sess. they are still fighting as ah un with rin on it
passes overhead. rin found the mountain and tell ah uh that
this is the place. inu uses wound of wind. sess uses an
energy blast to block the attack jumps up (inu freaks out)
and knock his sword out of his hands. teh sword lands far
from inu and returns to a rusty sword inu crashes to the
ground and sess holds his sword so that the tips of it
touches inu neck. sess tell inu that he hopes he is
prepared to die. inu tries to stay as motionless as
possible and terrified to death. in says that his isnt
something he'll regret being taken away from him. kagome
runs up to them. she tells sesshoumaru the only thing they
heard was that naraku was headed to the northeast. inu
looks at kagome and then to sess. sess puts the sword away,
tell inu his life has been saved. sesshoumaru walks away.
inu asks why sess is looking for naraku. sess in an angered
voice says I WILL NOT FORGIVE HIM. back to rin at the
mountain. she is completely terrified. several demon
surround her. the demons attack her but a ray of yellow
light destroys them. rin covers her eyes. after taking her
hands off her eyes she realizes ah un saved her. she thank
ah un. ah un nods and moans. rin holds a map in her hand
looking for the plant. she find it on a cliff right next to
her. as she slowly climbs up. she loses her balance catches
herself and says 'sesshoumaru i am scared' (awwe) more
demons attack her. but ah un destroys them all. (the sun is
close to setting) rin climbs up thinking ' mother father
brither they all died, i dont want anyone else to die, i
dont want to see anyone else die.' rin reaches the plant
grabs it loses her balance and falls off. as she falls she
screams SEEEEESSHOOOOUUUMARRUUUUU. an orb of white light
catches her and bring her to a nearby cliff. the orb turns
into sesshoumaru. he is carrying her in his right arm. (i
know its nothing but the way he caries her is so gentle and
nice). in his arm rin holds the plant. back with jaken. teh
sun is almost set jaken screams in agony. sess bring him
the plant. jaken says his name with tears of happiness in
his eye looking as happy as ever. he gobbles down the cure.
rin is sleeping on ah uns back saying jaken dont die. back
with inu ysaha and everyone at jinenjis house. jinenji
tells thems that a little girl came hree searching for an
herb. the mom hopes she was ok. jinenji says he knows she
is because she was identical to kagome. inu says like
kagome? jinenji confirms yes and says 'that girl was
surely stronger than me, she possessed a heart like kagomes
as brillinst as the sun (awwwwwwwwwwwe) she has a big and
kind heart' kagome get all embarrasses and touches her
face saying 'jinenji stop it' lol. inu being a total
idiot says ' jinenji there is one thing i dont get, kagome
heart is very small' kagome smiles and says inuuuuuuuu
yaaaaaaashaaaaaaaa (inu freak out) sit' inu in pain on the
ground says 'see she has a small heart' kagome
continues' sti sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit'
LMFAO. jinenji is surprised (he never saw sit b4) all u can
see is inu hand reaching out. inu makes agony noises. lol.
miroku sango shippo and kirara all agree that inu is so
stupid. lol.back to rin. rin finally wakes up and is
greeted by jaken. she asks him if he is ok. and says or i i
died? jaken calls her an idiot and tell her that
sesshoumaru saved her. jaken tell her not to go purposely
running away from sess. she apologizes and hugs jaken
crying saying she is so glad hes alive. sesshoumaru looks
up into the stars thinking about naraku whereabouts. jaken
demands that she let him go. lol rin and jaken walk up to
sess. sess tell them they r leaving.
Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well,it starts out Kagome takes out a bag of Chips and Inuyasha eats it.Since they're passing by Jinenji's home they visit.Rin,Jaken,
and Sesshomaru are walking in the forest.Rin goes down tothe ground as Jaken's staff releases fire.Naraku's hell poisonious insects fly by and poison Jaken's right arm.Rin tuoches and takes a look at it.Jaken falls on the ground crying.Rin says she will go to Jinenji,a kind yet sad demon.She(Rin) rides on a two headed demon.Sesshomaru passes Inuyasha,Kagome,Miroku,Sango,and Shippo without a fighting.As Rin heads to a mountain these demons come out of nowhere and want attack her.She covers herself and is really scared.Then the demons just vanish.She sees a big mark on ther ground,caused by the centipede,maybe.Just then on one of the mountain pointsRin looks surprised and then sees the two headed demon she was riding on slicing all the demons who were about to attack her.The demon lets out a thunder flame from its mouth to Rin.It destroys almost anything in its path.Rin barely survives that attack.Rin climbs up and gets the herbs so Jaken can get heaed and be well again.She slipped and fell with terror.But just then she fell into Sesshomaru's arms.They walk to Jaken and gives him the medicine.She faints and Jaken cries because she got him the medicinal herbs.She then wakes up and hugs Jaken for a vvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lllllllllllllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg time.Sesshomaru just looks up at the sky and thinks.
Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Rin is hungry and leaves Sesshomaru and Jaken to hunt for food. She spies some mushrooms and is going to pick them when she is attacked by a clawed forearm. Hearing her screams, Sesshomaru races to her rescue. While he is dealing with the Naraku leftover that attacked Rin, the Saimyousho attack them all. Jaken manages to protect Rin, but is stung in the process. Rin goes off too look for the cure, while Sesshomaru follows the bugs. Sesshomaru runs into Inuyasha and company, and as usual, the two brothers fight (Sesshomaru thinks Inuyasha killed the Saimyousho he was following). Rin, meantime, has until sunset to find the cure and return to Jaken. She ends up in a youkai haunted area and is at risk of becoming dinner or at least a tasty snack. Sesshomaru arrives just in time, and there is a nice shot of the unconcious Rin nestled in his arms. Needless to say, they make it back to Jaken in time.
Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Jaken got stung by Naraku's hell bees and wishes that Rin will find the flower that will help cure. Jaken tells Rin about Jinenji(a gentle but sad youkai)and rin goes off and try to find the plant. Inuyasha and the gang past by the village where Jinenji lives and Kagome decided to visit them with a gift(unfortunitly, Inuyasha ate it((the bag of chips))). Rin came back fainted(Sesshoumaru carried her) and saved Jaken.
Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Jakken is stung by Naraku's bees and rin promises him that she will find the antidote. She goes in search of the antidote to a mountain where she procures it with the help of Sesshomaru. Jaken lives.
Episode Summary for Episode 96 - That Jaken Who Became Sick. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Jaken gets poisoned by narakus insects. Rin is worried. I forget wether it was her or Fluffy who goes to Jinenji's garden for an antidote. I think it is fluffy.