Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it starts out where see Kikyo walking with her soul gathers. Then we here this faint cry for help. Kikyo waves for her soul snatchers to stay where they are. She walks up to a cave opening. We see a child looking person who keeps saying,"help, help me." Kikyo asks, "Whats wrong?" Then the child turns into sparkley stuff. Kikyo realizes this is a trap but it was to late because the cave opening sucks her into it and closes shut.

We then peer over to a village that appears to be working. Then we, and they, hear "SIT" and see the puple glow from Inuyasha's necklace. We see Inuyasha on the ground and saying"What was that for?" "SIT, SIT ,SIT, SIT, SIT!!" Kagome is panting. Then she starts to walk away when Miroku asks"Where are you going Kaogome-sama?" "I'm for a walk. Inuyasha you stupid idot!" Shippo is hugging Kirara trebbleing saying,"Kagome can be scary. I must be careful." Inuyasha gets up and says fine. Sango asks him how could he be so mean. She states ,"Kagome goes to all the trouble to make you special food for you and you turn around and insult it." He says he only speaks the turth. He says you try it. They all have a bowel and take s sip and say it good. Inuyasha says with his tongue hanginng out with burn marks on it saying,"It's hard for me to taste."

We see Kagome walking along. Then she thinks to her-self 'I sence a Shikon shard.' Then she gets to the same cave opening Kikyo did. She, and we, hear, "Help me help me." Then she says." I'll go have a look at whats wrong." She walks in and the cave closes on her.(I don't think she notices because she just keeps walking like nothing happened.) She climbs over a rock and then without even hesistanting walks to the left. She comes along and then sees Kikyo. She at first stays where she is and then sees the shard is held by Kikyo. She also sees Kikyo is in a lot of pain. She walks over to her and asks why she is there, is she alright , and where her soul gathers are. Kikyo gives us a little giggle/ laugh then says,"You're still a wordy girl." Then she gives out a painful sound. Kagome is bent down to her and asks her,"Where are we?" Kikyo explains,"We are in a demons stomach. It is no ordinary world. It distorys mikos(pristesses) and the mikos never get out alive." Kagome says while slipping her arm under Kikyos and Kikyos arm with her other,"We have to get out of here. There has to be away." Then They both well for the most part stand. Then a moment of slince. Kikyo looks up. Kagomes says,"Where should we go?" Kikyo sighs.

We see Inuyasha twiching around like he has ADHD.Sango and the others are talking. Sango says he should go after Kagome. He turns around and yells "what was that?!" They all turn back around and eat their soup. Then they all turn around and start making all these points about what if she gets hurt. Miroku slides over to Sango and leans with a hand raised as if making a point-well he is but he is fouced on his beautiful butt- Sango realizes what hes doing and she raises hand in a fists and wacks him making her point as well.

Back to Kikyo and Kagome. They are walking along and Kikyo thinks to herself,'Why is she helping me?" Then Kagome thinks, 'Why am I doing this?" They stop because they are both lokking at each other. Kagome says something stupid then they start walking and Kagome thinks, 'What in the world am I saying? and whay am i bluttering this out like that.' Kikyo begins to cough so Kagome stops walking and she puts Kikyo down and she bends down with her and pats her back. This is when Kikyo says "Leave me behind. I'm just slowing you down. I am dead. I can't go on like this." Kagome says she won't. She says, "We are in this together." She was standing and bends back down and has her hand around Kikyo's arm saying,"We can't give up."
Then we hear this odd humming sound. There are these weird wasps and i didn't mention we Kikyo said levave me behind she handed Kagome a bow and here arrows. Well Kagome firs and misses. Kikyo is not very happy about that at all. Kagome goes,"Hehe, I wasn't focused." Then she fires for real and hits. She does this another time then we see the fornt view and the arrow is shot at us.

Back to Inuyasha still twitching like a maniac finally gets up and yells,"I'm going for walk, and I'm not looking for Kagome!!" He jumps and leaves. Sango begins to giggle while the boys sigh.

Inuyasha calls out Kagome's name 3 times and jumps past the cave thing.

Kagome is still shoting those things. Then she notches another arrow but she drops it and she gasps. Then we see Kikyo is useing what looks like pureifacation. Then she puts her hands down. Kagome says they have to get moving. Then they are walking. Kagome stops and bends down infornt of Kikyo saying get on. They walk. Kikyo thinks that Kagome is warm and it's probably becuse of her corage. Kikyo says, "Inuyasha will come looking for you." Kagome says," He won't because we had a fight so he's not worrided." Kikyo then closes her eyes. They get to a opening and there they battle. Kagome loses her shards and has to use Kikyos. It didn't work. So Kkiyo says get the other shards then they fuse them together and Kikyo says, "You can defeat him." Then she falls on Kagome's lap. Kagome fires with the shards intaked.

Inuyasha sences that because he stopss running.

Kagome is standing and all this glittery stuff is floating around. She picks up the shards as Kikyo's soul gathers give her souls. Kikyo says well what are you waiting for. Then she aks, "Why did you help me?" Kagome says, "Because someone would be sad if you died." Then she walks away. Kikyo says to herself, "He would be sad if you died too."

Kagome is walkindg away and then she sees Inuyasha leaning against a tree. She says his name. He opens his eyes. Then sha says,"Were you looking for me?" Hey says ,"Lets go Kagome." And starts to walk away. She runs to catch up with him. Then we see her have the picture of Kikyo sitting down in her head and says, "Ummm.. Inuyasha?" He just keeps walking with his arms crossed. She smile and leans over and put her arm in his.
Episode Summary for Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
[Opening sequence]

Fade in to Kikyo travelling alone in the forest with her soul catchers. Then she pauses when she hears the sound of a little girl calling for help. Being a priestess she decides to go check it out. She comes upon this girl sitting in a field of flowers in front of the mouth of a cave and the little girl is crying. So kikyo calls out "Oi". But the girl does not respond... Suddenly, the girl dessolves into flowers and Kikyo realizes that she's in trouble. But before Kikyo could do anything she get sucked into the cave. Scene changes to rural Japan and it's a couple of farmers farming the land when suddenly you hear a loud "OSUWARI!!!" and there's a loud bang and the ground shakes. the scene changes again and there's inuyasha face down flat on the ground and a very pissed off Kagome towering above him. She Osuwari him at least another 4 more times till he's totally burnt down flat on the ground. poor thing. But anyways... Kagome is REALLY angry. The group looks on at the both of them kinda shocked at Kagome's violent outburst.

So Kagome shouts again "INUYASHA NO BAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then storms off. Miroku then summons the courage to ask her where she was going... and shooting him the most evil eye EVER she says she's going for a walk. So she goes for a walk and the whole group is damn scared of her while Inuyasha is still all flat out on the ground unable to move.

So the scene changes to Kagome walking through the woods and she'sing about how Inuyasha is a total jerk cause she spent so much time cooking for him and in the end he doesn't like it and complains about it. In anger she swears she will NEVER cook for him again. However though, she calms down after awhile and wonders of she overreacted. Then suddenly though, she is distracted when she feels the presence of a shikon shard. It was faint but she could definitely feel it.

Then the scene changes again and it's back to Inuyasha and the gang... Inuyasha is like yelling that all he did was tell Kagome the truth. And Sango said that that's exactly his mistake. Then Miroko tells inuyasha that it's his fault anyway cause Kagome took a very long time to cook the food... whichhhhh... of course turns out to be none other than CURRY! Inuyasha was like "why don't YOU go eat that!" and Shippo was like "yummm, it tastes great" and everyone else agrees... EXCEPT for inuyasha who goes like "YUCK!! how can you guys it that!!! It burns your tongue!" and he sticks his tongue out in the cutest way ever shaking it around with a 'yuck' expression on his face!! cute!!!

Anyway... the scene changes again and it's back to Kagome. This time she's infront of the cave and she says she can sense the shard coming from inside... However it's not tainted. She then hears the same little girl voice that Kikyo heard calling for help. And so Kagome says she has no choice but to go check it out... And she walks into the cave. Right after she enters the cave closes. Well she bravely walks into the cave and walks around it towards the presence of the shikon shard... Then she suddenly spots Kikyo lying weakly against some rock and Kagome goes hide behind a wall... peeking at Kikyo. Anyways... she stands there abit longer seeing Kikyo was weak and breathing hard. She then also sees that Kikyo was the one having the Shikon shards. So gathering some courage, Kagome walks towards kikyo and stands infront of her. Kikyo then looks up at her and says rather sarcastically "I see that you are also a priestess"... and Kagome was like all "ah?" and then asked her "what are you doing here?". Kikyo merely takes a hard breath and exhales ignoring Kagome's question. Kagome goes up to Kikyo and knees beside her asking her even more questions "are you alright?" and then "could it be that... wait! where are your soul cathers?!" and "why have you fainted here?". Kikyo merely responds to her sarcastically "hmph... talkative as usual." Kagome quietens down... but just then Kikyo grimaces in pain and Kagome gets worried and gets up abit and tells Kikyo "Anyway, lets get out of here now." Kagome then puts Kikyo's arm around her shoulders so she can be a support to the weak Kikyo. But Kikyo tells her that it's useless and informs her that they're trapped inside a Miko Fuiji... that is a Priestess demon that feeds on the power of priestesses. She also tells Kagome that only priestesses can enter the barrier. And Kagome was like "inside of a demon?" Kikyo responds by telling her that their holy priestess power will not work on the demon and they are trapped inside. Kagome looks around the cave in disbelieve and says "this can't be! It looks like a normal cave to me!" Kikyo looks down, desolate and tells Kagome "you're just wasting your time," however by then Kagome is not even listening to Kikyo anymore and she's like "You're kidding!" Kikyo then suddenly looks at Kagome, shocked at Kagome's sudden strength. Kagome actually gets up determinely and supports Kikyo to her feet and says, "I won't die here." and REALLY and i mean, REALLY determinely she says "Lets go!" However tho... they stand there for quite some time... frozen... Kagome looking determined but stuck... then, Kikyo like turns to her and like wondering why kagome is not moving... then kagome turns to kikyo and like cutely asks her ... "eh... which way?" hahahaha... Kikyo sighs!

Anyway... next scene is back to Inuyasha and he's like all aggitated tapping his fingers moving his legs around all anxious. Then Sango calls out to him and tells him "hey Inuyasha, why don't you just go apologize to Kagome,".. Inuyasha yells back "SHUT UP! I won't ever do it!" and even the birds got scared and flew away. heheheh. But he's like kinda wondering if he should.

Then anyway, back to kikyo and Kagome in the cave and Kagome is supporting Kikyo and they're walking along the cave. I like this part, it's very cute. Kikyo is like being supported by Kagome as they walk and she's like looking at Kagome wondering what's up with her... Kagome herself is thinking "aww man, how the heck did i get into this situation?!"... then Kagome takes a peek at Kikyo at they see each other and Kagome fakes the fakes laugh ever! and Kikyo turns away... not in a mean way tho...^^. Kagome continues on with her fake smile and thinks to herself "why do i have to be stuck here, with Kikyo of all people!" Then really cute this scene was cause Kagome tries to makes small talk with Kikyo... She tells Kikyo "Inuyasha's doing well...". Kikyo looks up at Kagome for a moment and Kagome goes on saying faking a laugh again, "I mean, Inuyasha, not me!"... then she goes on to tell Kikyo... "he's not a good companion but he's doing well." and then tells her more, "Although we just had a fight..." and then fakes a smile/laugh again and says to Kikyo "I'm sure when he was with you, the both of you didn't have such problems right?" Kikyo merely looks at her and then looks away... kinda sadly, i guess. Kagome continues to fake smile but realize that the conversation was going nowhere. She kinda wonders to herself why the heck is she telling Kikyo all these anyway... and then she remembers that Kikyo and Inuyasha was......... Flashback to the time when Kikyo and Inuyasha kissed and the time when Inuyasha hugged Kikyo and promised to protect her from Naraku. Kagome sighs again and thinks to herself "this is not my day..." Just then, Kikyo coughs and falls to the ground. Kagome asks if she's alright. Kikyo is like coughing and Kagome is patting her back trying to comfort her... and Kagome says, "Why did the situation have to become like this?" Kikyo then tells her "you must be a special one. Normal priestesses wouldn't even be able to move by now." I guess it was kinda like a compliment. But she was kinda strict... being the usual Kikyo, just a little weaker... Kagome then thinks to herself "is she saying that i'm not normal?" Kikyo then says "Just leave me here." Kagome is quite shocked like eh?... Kikyo tells Kagome "I'm dead anyway. You should just leave me here and go alone. Then you may have a chance to live." Handing Kagome her bow and arrows, Kikyo tells Kagome, "If you want to get out of here you must destroy the heart of the demon." Kagome takes the weapons from Kikyo but then she says to Kikyo something like "i can't do that."... Kikyo is abit shocked at Kagome's reaction. Kagome stands up determinely and Kikyo kinda looks at her still wondering what the heck! Kagome then tells Kikyo, "I don't know what our chances are, but... I won’t take the responsibility of leaving you here!" Kikyo is really shocked looking at Kagome and thinks to herself "this girl...." Kagome kneels down beside Kikyo again and tells her, "I won't give up. So you musn't give up too!" Kikyo kinda suddenly gets inspired by Kagome tho she's still shocked at Kagome's determination and strength... and even compassion... cause i mean after all, Kikyo was the one thing that still stood in the way of Kagome and Inuyasha... and Kikyo has not been all that friendly or nice to Kagome in the past either! Just then, Kagome senses something and she and Kikyo get on guard.

Then scene changes to Inuyasha and the rest again. He's still all anxious and the group like 'discusses' to each other like "my my, Kagome has been away for quite a long time now hasn't she?".... and Inuyasha's ear is like twitching hearing their conversation... then Sango was like "i wonder if anything has happened to her?" and Inuyasha gets even more worried... Then Shippo says "Hey inuyasha, you should just go look for her!" Inuyasha gets angry and yells to them that he won't do it! and sits and pouts again. Sango tells him "you don't mean it," and Miroku immiediately moves to sit next to Sango and says "yes! it is important to be honest!" and just then he grabs Sango's butt and Sango whacks him again across the face and says, "But being too honest is a problem too though.".. Miroku falling to the ground says, "yes, you're right..." and hits the ground. Inuyasha takes in everything and sighs.
Back to Kagome and Kikyo in the cave they are on guard... Kikyo looks like she's scared but Kagome looks abit determined. They hear a buzzing sound. Soon they see these giant bug like creatures heading their way. Kagome takes out and arrow and readies to shoot. and swooshhhhhhhhhhh goes the arrow flying thru the air... and guess what? it misses!!! kagome is all liked shocked and goes "ah..?" Kikyo looks at the missed arrows and sighs. Kagome then turns to Kikyo and laughs nervously... "eh... heh heh heh" and straches her head looking at Kikyo who's downcast. THen Kagome says to her "eh, that was just practice." Kagome then draws another arrow and shoots it.. this time she kicks ass, killing bugs after bugs. However after some kick @$$ move... one of the times, some bugs came from behind her and she tries to shoot her arrow but lo and behold she drops the arrow! As always... Default Kagome position when comes into unavoidable death moments, she sqeezes her eyes shut (as if someone's gonna come save her!!! Usually Inuyasha comes popping in here haha. But he's no here now is he?) anyways.. she's like all sqeezing her eyes close when suddenly WHAM! there's a big bright pinkish light that radiates... she turns.. and it's Kikyo, summoning her last strength to form this big bright ball of pure priestess power! BOOM goes the bug demons. Kagome looks on in awe... she was saved... by her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend nonetheless ;) ANYWAYS... Kagome goes on shooting her arrows killing of the bug demons again and Kikyo looks on...

Then anyway, it's back to that thick headed Inuyasha. And he like gets up FINALLY and he yells to the group. "LOOK, I'm not going to look for Kagome. I'm just going for a walk!" and he springs off! hahaha yeah right!! and the group sighs while Sango laughs.

So yeah back to the cave Kagome is still supporting Kikyo but Kikyo is still as weak and getting weaker and by now Kagome is herself abit huffing and puffing. Kikyo is thinking to herself "my souls are dissolving quickly..." and at the same time Kagome is also thinking to herself, "we must hurry up." So kagome stops and gets down on her knees and tells kikyo to climb on her back (kinda like how Inuyasha carries her)... She looked REALLY determined here... I think at the moment where Kikyo was about to give up cause she realizes that she's going to be out of soul and they're going too slow and won't make it... but Kagome was instead even ever more determined to get out of this! So Kikyo looks at Kagome really shocked and wondering... Kikyo does climb on Kagome's back and Kagome carries Kikyo heading towards the heart of the cave. Kikyo is like resting her head on Kagome's back wondering about her warmth, as in both phsycially and in her heart. And thinks about Kagome's compassion and warmth at such a time as this. And Kikyo wonders if this is Kagome's strength. Kikyo was really nice to Kagome here and says to her, "Inuyasha's probably worried about you,". Kagome was like uh?... and then takes a look at Kikyo... then she looks ahead again abit in a uplifted mood, perhaps trying to make things seem better and says, "I don't think so. We just had a fight. I don't think he knows we're here," then Kagome smiles and says "We'll just have to rely on ourselves to get out of here." then she looks back and Kikyo and smiles at her and say to her, "Kikyo, hold on..." Kikyo kinda looks abit assured, wondering, bewildered... but she definitely looked like she was relying on Kagome to get her through this and maybe looked abit comforted that Kagome was there with such strength.

Then it's to Inuyasha flying thru the trees yelling "KAGOME!!" so much for 'taking a walk' and 'not going to look for her'.!!!

So finally anyway... Kikyo and Kagome REACH the heart of the cave and enter it. Kagome looks around the chamber and asks Kikyo "what is this?" Kikyo tells her that it was the heart of the cave. Just then this yucky thing starts coming out of the ceiling of the heart chamber... and it's the heart of the cave. Kikyo tells Kagome that it's the demon's heart and that she should destroy the heart and the barrier will dissapear, then she falls to the floor all weak and dying. Kagome looks at the heart and says "Well, that's good, lets destry it and get out of here!" And swooshhhhhhhhh Kagome shoots an arrow. The arrow does hit the heart but then... nothing happens... And kikyo is lying on the ground and thinking "not even Kagome can do it..." Kagome was like "WHAT HAPPENED?! It didn't work!" and Kikyo tells her again, "I told you, our powers won't work on this demon," Kagome was like, "That can't be!" Just then, an eye appears on the demon heart. It looks around... and then tentacles extends from the heart. Kagome is like "What's that?! It's disgusting!" Kikyo then weakly tells Kagome, "Run," Kagome looks back at Kikyo and is like "eh?" Kikyo still on the ground says to her, "This is a dangerous place." And then Kagome turns to see that the entrance to the chamber is slowly closing and Kagome says, "The path is narrowing!" Kikyo still says to her, "Run, otherwise we will be trapped in here." Kagome turns back to face Kikyo and almost yelling at her even she says to her, "No, I will not leave you here." Kikyo grimaces in pain... The path is now almost all closed. And alas it closes shut with Kagome and Kikyo in it.

Inuyasha is seen flying through the air, this time with urgency in his voice (its almost sunset now) as he yells "Kagome!". He lands infront of the mouth of the cave but it's closed because of the barrier and flies right by still calling out for Kagome.

Back in the cave, Kikyo is lying almost dead on the floor and the tentacles are attacking Kagome and she's running around trying to avoid the tentacles. She's saying that the arrows doesn't work but there must be another way, there must be something she can use. Just then she remembers the shikon shards and she pulls the bottle out of her pocket. However the ground moves and she drops the bottle with the shards in it. The bottle gets further pushed away from her till it's behind a whole bunch of tentacles making her unable to reach for it. The tentacles tries to attack her but she hits it away with the bow. Kagome looks at the bottle of shards and shes thinking that she now can't get to it anymore... she's kinda in big trouble mode and worried but she doesn't show it really. Back to kikyo, she's almost to her last breath and she can't even open her eyes anymore.

[Commercial break]

Back to Kagome she's still looking at her shards which had fallen away and thinking she can't get to it. Then she looked at Kikyo who's lying there dying. Suddenly the shard with Kikyo shines and Kagome remembers Kikyo's shard. Kagome goes over to Kikyo and takes her shard from inside her dress... so Kagome takes the shards and tells Kikyo, who's barely conscious, "I'm borrowing this,"... So she places the shards on the arrow head and shoots it. SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! the sharded arrow goes and hits the demon heart. Kagome looks on and the heart is enveloped in brightness and Kagome is thinking to herself "I did it!" THen suddenly though, the light dies and the heart is still there, unscathed. Kagome is TOTALLY shocked and was like "WHAT?! The jewel didn't work?!" Just then she hears kikyo's voice saying weakly, "The shards...". Kagome looks at Kikyo and Kikyo is now sitting weakly on her knees.. still saying "give me the jewel shards," Kagome looks at her Shikon shards in the bottle that is blocked by the tentacles... and she says, "But..." Kikyo is in pain and she screams painfully, "Quick!" Kagome looks then gets determined and she goes for it and runs through the tentacles, pushing them all away. She grabs the bottle then head backs out. However some tentacles grabs her and she falls. She hits the tentacles with her bow and the tentacles back up. Kagome then runs to Kikyo. Kagome pours out the shards into her palm and hands it to Kikyo and asks, "But what are you going to do?" Kikyo places both their hands together and says to Kagome, "Trust me," There is a moment between the both of them and Kagome is uncertain but she decides and is determined and then Kikyo claps their hands together with the Shikon shards between and Kikyo tells Kagome "Pray". Hand in hand the two prays and a pinkish light radiates. After awhile when the light had died Kagome open her hands and see the shards now fused into one. Kagome was like "I see... one piece can't work... but if I use three shards together..." Kikyo then colapses and tells Kagome, "Shoot the heart now," Kagome nods determined and takes and arrow and places the fused shard in it. She stands... and aims. She shoots. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! goes the arrow. Tentacles comes out, but the awesome aura of the arrow burns through it. It hits the demon. and WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! the whole place burns to white and the demon decintegrates.

Outside, inuyasha in the forest realizes something and looks behind. The mountain decintergrates into specks of light. and there left Kagome standing all pretty and angelic, and a weak Kikyo resting against a rock. Kagome then goes to pick up the two jewel shards (her fused one and Kikyo's one) while Kikyo's soul catchers are finally able to get to her to fill her up with souls. So Kikyo recharges. Kagome finishes picking up the two shards and she looks at Kikyo who's still against the rock and she wonders what she should do with Kikyo's shard so she turns to ask Kikyo.. "that.." Kikyo without looking at her says, "What's wrong? Just leave." Kagome is at first unsure. Then she looks at Kikyo for a moment more before turning around to leave. She looks back at kikyo for a moment then walks away to leave. As Kagome is leaving, Kikyo speaks up. Kikyo asks Kagome, "Why? Why didn't you give up? Why did you trust me?" Kagome turns around and looks at kikyo... then in a silent moment turns away abit as she says, "It's funny isn't it? This is the first time we talked so much today. Yet, I don't know how to answer you." Kikyo remains silent... then she asks Kagome, "Then... why did you save my life? I am already dead." Kagome turns around to her side to look at kikyo and she smiles to Kikyo saying, "That's because someone will be sad for you if you're dead," with that Kagome turns away and leaves... For the first time, Kikyo turns and looks at Kagome as she leaves... And i love this part cause i thought it was really well written cause Kikyo says out loud, "You too." awwwwww! ^^ And for that one moment there Kikyo actually looked happy!

Then it was Kagome walking thru the forrest... and suddenly she's suprised... cause Inuyasha was right there leaning against a tree waiting for her. So kagome smiles and says "Inuyasha" He's kinda glad to see that she's okay... then she cutely stands there and says, "You came to take me back?" And he like exhales and looks away and says "Let's go." Anyways, they're walking back in the woods and Kagome is kinda worried wondering if she should tell Inuyasha about Kikyo... She looks at him and begins, "Hey... Inuyasha..." But he doesn't look at her... it's like i guess he knew anyway cause he could smell Kikyo on Kagome perhaps... So Kagome at first looks down quite depressed. But the she exhales and then smiles... and then walks closer to take Inuyasha's arm and hold his arm... and at first he was surprised but in the end they walked back home together arm in arm ^^

[Ending Sequence]
Episode Summary for Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
inuyasha and Kagome have a little 'oswaria' fight and kagome leaves telling inuyasha, whos still bammed into the ground from 'sit', that shes going for a walk. meanwhile, kikyo sees a child crying and goes to help her. But then the child dissapears and kikyo gets sucked into a cave and can't get out.
Kagome walks along and hears the same thing. She goes to investigate and the same thing happens to her. She finds kikyo and hides at first then decides to help her out. kikyo tells kagome that miko's powers do not work in the cave. But kagome is from a different time, so she haas an advantage.
Kikyo tells her to find the heart of the cave. She tells kikyo to get on her back because they need to speed things up. Kikyo thinks to hersalf that Kagome is really warm and gentle and then she closes her eyes. Kagome walks into the heart of the cave and it's a big circular room filled with pink, cus it's the monsters heat, and en eye pops out. After several tries, kagome finally defeats the monster with har sacred arrow that had three jewel shards fussed in with it (her and kikyo fused it together to defeat it with one big blow).
Kikyo tells her to go on, after the monster bursts into a big light.
Inuyasha sees this and thinks, "Kagome?' cus he was worried about her.
Kagome leaves kikyo and inuyasha is waiting for her at a tree little ways along. She smiles at him and asks, 'you were looking for me?' he says something mean but kagome just smiles and grabs his arm. They walk off together like that and it's really cute! *sigh*
Episode Summary for Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome made a nice meal for the gang and inuyasha insults her on it, kagome storms off (agian sigh) and comes to this cave and hears a chiled crying, kikyo had also heard this and had already gone inside. kagome goes in to find kikyo they both keep going finding out that the cave's opening closed (it is nnnooo cave). kikyo's soul carryers could not get inside so kikyo was weak and could not really walk. kagome having a kind heart helps kikyo as they go into the cave, kikyo still protesting for kagome to keep going alone finally gave in. they came to a big soul thing (i cant really remember lol). kagome tried to shoot it with her arrow but faild so to make the arrow more powerful they took the jewl shards and put them toghther. kikyo hit the big red thing/soul and it was destroyed. kikyo felt better and now could kinda walk. kagome went back to meet inuyasha looking for her but said nothing about kikyo, and kikyo walked off another way.
Episode Summary for Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyou is walking through a forest, and hears a young child crying in a cave. She wants to help the child, so she goes inside. The cave is closed, and her soul stealers aren't able to follow her any longer. Kagome is only mad at Inuyasha for not liking her spicy curry, and sits him and then runs off like a little angry kid. She hears the little child crying inside the cave, which is now open again, and walks inside, the cave closing behind her. Miroku and Sango insist Inuyasha find Kagome, and as much as Inuyasha doesn't want to, he goes. Kagome sees Kikyou sitting on the floor cave, and asks what's wrong. Kikyou explains how her soul stealers can't get to her and she hjas no energy, she can't continue. Kagome asks why is she in this cave then, and Kikyou answers back that it's really and Youkai's stomach in disguise. Kagome finally understands and helps Kikyou stand up. Kikyou tells Kagome that to get out, they'd have to destroy the heart. Kagome nods and they walk deeper inside the cave. That is when Kagome sees the heart scurry across the ceiling. Kagome tried to shoot it with an arrow containing one shikon shard, but she misses. Kikyou insists Kagome leave her so she can fight better, but Kagome refuses. Kikyou picks up the shard Kagome drops and together they fused the two and the one shards together, to make a stronger shard. Now, Kikyou shot it, and the heart died, letting them leave. Kikyou's soul stealers gave her more souls, and she felt better. She wandered off, and Kagome ran into Inuyasha as they walked back to where Sango, Miroku, and Kirara were. Kagome said nothing to Inuyasha about meeting Kikyou though, and Inuyasha didn't like that since he could smell Kikyou was near by.
Episode Summary for Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyou and Kagome are both lured into a monsters belly by a crying childs voice. Kikyou is weak without her soul stealers so Kagome has to carry her around to save her even though she doesn't like her. They work together to fire an arrow at the monsters eye thing and destroy it.
Episode Summary for Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome and Kikyo team up to get out of the stomach of a demon which absorbs the spiritual energy of mikos.
Episode Summary for Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
At the beginning, Kikyo is lured into a cave by the sounds of a crying child. They were a trap to get her inside. Then, we see it is the next morning, and Kagome is "Sitting" Inuyasha to all hell. Very funny. She calls him "Inuyasha no baka" *stupid Inuyasha* and stomps off. Turns out Inuyasha had insulted the curry she had made for them all. His little sensitive doggy taste buds couldn't handle the spicy soup...hehe.
But as Kagome is stomping around, she hears a child crying and follows the noise to a cave, and she walks inside. We see the cave shut behind her. During this time, Miroku and Sango are trying to get Inuyasha to find Kagome, and Miroku gets a hand across the face again by Sango.
Inside the cave, Kagome finds Kikyo, weak and weary. Kikyo comments on how Kagome can still stand, and Kagome insists on finding a way out. Kikyo tells Kagome how the cave is a youkai in disguise, ready to devour their spiritual powers. She says there is no way out. Kagome insists there is, and helps Kikyo up. They walk around for awhile, Kikyo insisting that Kagome leave her many times. The only way to destroy the monster and get free is to destroy the cave heart. They keep going, Kikyo becoming weaker, until they find the inner chamber, and the heart slithers out of the ceiling. Kagome shoots a purifying arrow with a Shikon shard, but it doesn't work and tentacles try and get to her. She drops the Shikon shards, and after she gets them back, she and Kikyo fuse the three shards into one larger and more powerful one. Kagome shoots, and the heart is destroyed, and they are freed. Kikyo's Soul Stealers can get to her now, and she is better. Kagome rejoins Inuyasha, who had left to look for her earlier.
Episode Summary for Episode 98 - Just Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyo and Kagome get lured into a cave that is actually a demon that eats priestess' spirtal power. They work to together to get out of the monster's belly.