Episode 99 - Sesshomaru and Kouga's Dangerous Encounter Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 99 - Sesshomaru and Kouga's Dangerous Encounter. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Okay rim is sitting in the forest awaiting seshomuru's return while kouga is in the bushes he all of a sudden busts out of the bushes about to attack her with a truly evil gleam in his eye’s rim of course ducks and runs for it still screaming her lungs out PICTURE OF JAKEN AND SESHOMURU WALKING TOWARDS A FOREST then he hears rim and he got a worried expression on his face as he begins to run to her when he arrive he find rim at the bottom of a tree tears streaming down her face seshomuru launched a attack with his whip and rim realized he had done it she jumped up and ran behind seshomuru and seshomuru said are you alright rim she stuttered yes then he turns his attention back to kouga and says who are you kouga introduced himself and said so your inuyasha's brother seshomuru

JAKEN JUST ARIVED OUT OF BREATH AND SAYS how dare you attack rim seshomuru brought him to silence and said I am seshomuru and what is your business with me kouga says I just wanted to see the brother of that mangy dog inuyasha’s and I see your are a full breed but you still associate yourself with humans as do I you must care for this child do you seshomuru YOU CAN SEE A YOUSHI (a female demon) SNEAKING UP BEHIND KOUGA which seshomuru noticed he thought to himself+ I cant say I don’t care for her cause I do but if I tell him that he'll tell every one else and ill be just like that dispicufull half demon brother of mine + YOU CAN SEE A DEMON SNEAKING UP BEHIND SESHNOMURU

SESHOMURU ATTACKS IT WITH HIS WHIP WITH NO EFFORT KOUGA KILLS HIS WITH HIS KATANA (his blade is 13 inches) SESHOMURU LAND WHERE KOUGA WAS AND KOUGA LANDS BEHIND RIM WHICH SESHOMURU NOTICES A LITTLE TO LATE KOUGA GRABED RIM BY THE COLAR AND LIFTS HER INTO THE AIR AND SAYS seshomuru answer my question have you felling for rim do you care about this humen child so much that you would protect her at all costs SESHOMURU GETS A WORRIED EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE AND SAY seshomuru (which means dam nit) BUT BEFORE HE COULD ANSWER KOUGA SAYS I have no intention on harming her so calm your self lord seshomuru HE SAT HER BACK DOWN AND SHE IMEDIATELY RAN TO SESHOMURU WHO LOOKED A LITTLE HAPPY HE HAS A LITTLE GRIN ON HIS FACE RIM FAINTED THE SECOND SHE RAN INTO SESHOMURU HE REACHED HIS ARMS DOWN AND PICKED HER UP AND SAID WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME KOUGA said I want you to do me a favor and kidnap agama the girl that travels with inuyasha yah know the one that shoots the purifying arrows and can see the shikon shards you see seshomuru you are not the only one with a soft spot for some humen now I’ll leave it to you then seshomuru says still not taking his eyes off the unconscious rim he says and what do I get out of this kouga says you see that arm you have attached to you is your reward it cannot be removed for it is the arm of a pure blooded wolf demon such as yourself it cannot be removed unless you tear it off of course I planted that arm on that stupid demon so that your minion over there would find it and give it to you make your choice THEN KOUGA RUNS OFF INTO THE FOREST seshomuru thinks +he's right this arm feels like my old one he could be right + THEN HE LOOKS AT RIM AND SAYS Jake where is inuyasha and his group taken replies 100 kilometers west mi' lord seshomuru says alright taken we shall go now rim needs attention humen attention she is sick I have been noticing it for some time I believe she could use humen attention that agama girl seems to know her herbs may be she can heal her WITH THAT SAID THEY FLY OFF ON AH AND UN WHO HAD JUST RETURNED WITH SOME WATER FOR RIM IN THE DIRECTION THE STAFF OF THE SKULLS SENSED INYASHA THEY FINALLY ARIVE THERE THAT EVENING JUST AS THE SUN SETS KAGOMA IS SITTING NEXT TO THE RIVER WHEN SHE SENSED A DEMON BEHIND HER SHE TURNED AROUND TO SEE SESHOMURU WHERE SHE HAD REALY EXPECTED TO SEE INUYASHA SHE WAS ABOUT TO SCREAM BUT SHE SAW THE GIRL IN HIS ARMS SHE FORGOT ALL HER FEARS OF HIM AND RAN TOO SEE IF SHE WAS OKAY SESHOMURU SAID you are agama inuyasha’s women correct KAGOMA WHO DIDNT THINK IT WAS A GOOD TIME TO GET INT A FIGHT WITH THE GREAT DEMON OF THE WESTERN LANDS SESHOMURU SO SHE JUST NODDED THEN HE CONTINUED her name is rim she has been traveling with me she has fallen I’ll and I believe you would be able to help her agama said yes she has a bad fever but I can help her it probably just a virus of some kind come one we shall take her to where I’m staying my bag is there with all of my medicine would you mind carrying her there seshomuru said no I don't mind AND THEY BEGAN TO WALK IN THAT DIRECTION

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Episode Summary for Episode 99 - Sesshomaru and Kouga's Dangerous Encounter. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I'm not sure what exactly happenes (haven't seen the actaully episode, just screenshots) but I think its something like this. At the very end, Kouga comes back to Kagome with some flowers. Inu-Yasha is extremly pissed, natural, and Kagome has to stand in front of him, pushing him back with her back. (Did that make sense...? ^^;;; Well, it's really funny looking...) Anyway, Kouga gives her the flowers, saysing something to her and leaves. Shippo obviously teases Inu-Yasha, because the poor kit gets pounded into the ground by the VERY pissed hanyou. Kagome, meanwhile, she looks at the flowers and smiles.
Episode Summary for Episode 99 - Sesshomaru and Kouga's Dangerous Encounter. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshomaru and Kouga meet up with each other. A demon comes up from behind Kouga to try getting his Shikone shards, but Sesshomaru gets it. Another demon appears to try killing Rin, but Kouga kills that one as well. It was assumed by Kouga's companions and Jaken that Sesshomaru would kill Kouga for trying to kill Rin, but the two have no grudge against each other.
Episode Summary for Episode 99 - Sesshomaru and Kouga's Dangerous Encounter. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshomaru and Kouga are both still looking for Narku (!). Kouga henchmen are fishing on a stream when Rin and Jaken run across them. Rin is scared because she was attacked by Kouga's wolf clan. Kouga Henchmen are scared off by Sesshomaru and they flee to find Kouga (with Kagome). They come upon Kouga and Inuyasha fighting (what else). After finding out about Sesshomaru from Kagome, Kouga henchmen decdied to keep Kounga away from Sesshomaru (they think Kouga will want to defeat Inuyasha bro). Of course this does not work out and Sesshomaru and Kouga meet but dont fight each other but each kill a random demon and go there own way. Kagome, Inuyasha and group kill random demon, get invinded to spend the night at a village and contiune their quest to find Narku, as do Sesshomaru and Kouga.