The Inuyasha fan club is founded by IY fans in order to unit all the IY fans around the world, so we can chat and discuss about our interests in Inuyasha together.
Are you wondering how popular Inuyasha is in your country? Check out the IY Club Member listing to find out where everybody is! Member Benefits:

Meet other Inuyasha Fans, find new friends who also love the anime!
Contribute to the largest Inuyasha fan site on the net: INUYASHA WORLD !
Discuss with fans the mysteries and fun of IY
Administrator fan forums and contribute new ideas for the site!
It will be both fun and exciting to be part of THE Inuyasha fan club. Of course, it's absolutely free to join.

We are not accepting new members at the moment.

Thank you for your interest.

Please check back later for updates and news for when we re-open for new member entries.