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More Unanswerable Questions

Where did Ranma come up with the tea kettles of hot water all of the time?
Was Inu-Yasha asleep or dead when he was pinned to the tree by Kikyou's arrow?
And on that, did he breathe during the 50 years?
How often does Kagome really go home?
What color is Inu-Yasha's kimono?
Also on that, what does Kagome use to get out the blood stains? (Must be something really strong)
How old is Inu-Yasha really?
How old is Sesshoumaru?
Is Sesshoumaru gay, or does he just like dressing like a girl?
What is Kirara? (a demon, cat, etc?)
What is Kikyou up to, really?
Can Kikyou be killed (again), and if so, why doesn't someone do it?
Where did Kikyou find her Shini-dama-chuu?
If Inu-Yasha's father had Tetsusaiga to protect his mother, then how come it was made for Inu-Yasha to have?
Also, if it was made for Inu-Yasha, how come it was hidden in his eye (where he would have probably never found it), and Inu-Yasha couldn't pull it out?
How did his father get his grave into Inu-Yasha's eye if Inu-Yasha never met him? (also the fact that he would have to have been dead at the time also)
What can the Shikon jewel really do?
One I have been wanting to know, where do you find a boomerang like Sango's?
Will Miroku ever find someone to bear his child (that he will take seriously)?
Where's Kagome's father?
How the %$#@ does Kagome keep up with her homework when she's off fighting evil all of the time? (I wish she'd tell me her secret)
Who or what was Sesshoumaru's mother?
Were Inu-Yasha and Sesshoumaru together any as children?
Where does Sesshoumaru buy his makeup?
Where did Sesshoumaru find Jaken?
How much time has passed since Kagome first fell down the well (I don't think you can count it by the number of times he's turned human, though)?
Why can't Miroku just cut his hand off if worse comes to worse?
Why are some demons evil and others aren't?
How come only Kagome and Inu-Yasha can go through the well?
Does Kagome's time travel affect the time line?
If Sesshoumaru can attach any type of arm he wants, how come he can't grow one back?
How come when Inu-Yasha is injured as a human, he (almost) instantly heals when he becomes youkai again, and when he's injured as a youkai, he doesn't?
Was Inu-Yasha close to his mother?
How come the weather is always perfect? (I can't think of one time of bad weather)
Where does everything Miroku sucks up go?
On that, does it go into his body (the wasps were able to poison him)?
Is it really necessary to yell out the name of the attack you are using? (ie Inu-Yasha says "Sankon Tetsusou!" when he uses that attack)
How is Inu-Yasha able to sleep in those weird positions?
How many women has Miroku slept with?
What do you call that pink baloon-thingy that Shippou transforms into?
How come the characters never attack all at once?
How much blood does Inu-Yasha have to lose before he'll bleed to death (he has like, a never ending supply)?
Why does Kagome always wear mini-skirts?
Why does her family let her go to fight demons (I sure as hell wouldn't let my 15 year old daughter go back in time to do that)?
How was Sesshoumaru able to transform the Tetsusaiga when he absouletly HATES mortals?
Why is it that Kikyo has lingering feelings for Inu Yasha when supposedly all that's left of her soul is hatred?
Where did Inu Yasha find the Tetsuaiga's scabbard?
Although Kouga's a full demon, how come we never see him in his original form???
On the subject of Sesshomaru hating mortals, how come he saved Rin?
What is that gunky, feathery stuff at the hilt of the Tetsuaiga? (You know, at the end of the um, handle and the start of the blade.)
What happens to Shippou's clothes when he transforms?
If inu-yasha is only half a demon how the hell does he beat the crap out of all the other FULL demons?
Why the albino baboon get-up?
Why don't they just throw Kikyo in water she is only dirt?
Why doesn't Kagome bring extra clothes (and soap)
When Sango is wearing her normal clothes, where does she keep her sword?



*Special thanks to xXMystrssNarakuXx for contributing these.

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