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Question:Does Inuyasha and Kagome ever kiss?


  • Yes, they do in the second movie.
    Posted by toknoW on
  • yes, but kagome kisses inuyasha not inuyasha kissing kagome. It was kagome that kissed inuyasha because he turned full demon and there was no way to change him back so kagome kisses inuyasha. It was in the 2nd inuyasha movie.
    Posted by kikyo kagome higurashi on Sunday December 21 ,2003
  • yeah they do cuz i saw it in one website where they are kissing i think it was from the 2nd movie
    Posted by Yugiasha on Sunday December 21 ,2003
    Posted by SURFER GIRL on Tuesday December 23 ,2003
  • Yes they do.I can't wait for it to come out in the U.S.A.*_^
    Posted by on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Yes they do. They kiss in the 2nd movie I should know I own it.
    Posted by Inuyasha is a total hotty on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • like stated above... but correction to one of em, inuyasha does kiss her back. *i checked... lol*
    Posted by Murasaki na Tora on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Yes it is true that Inuyasha and kagome do kiss, but so far i only know that it was in the 2nd Inuyasha movie.
    Posted by Ctaculer on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Yes they do.But its Kagome who kisses Inuyasha first because he turned into a full demon and she kissed him and that turns him back and he kind of kisses her back even though her lips are still on his bottom lip.
    Posted by Ashley S. on Friday December 26 ,2003
  • Good grammar again... Do they ever kiss? The answer is yes. In the second movie, Kagome kisses Inuyasha to try an stop him from turning into a full youkai and then he kisses her back. So cute!!!!
    Posted by Kerushi on Sunday December 28 ,2003
  • Yeah,they do! Of course,I saw it in the 2nd movie.The part when I think there are rose petdals blowing around them. I know I have the movie and I've seen the movie alot of times.
    Posted by Kagome's daughter Yohko on Tuesday December 30 ,2003
  • yes in the 2nd movie cuz he tured full demon and she is in his arms but he titens his grip getting ready 2 hurt her and then she kisses him and he goes back 2 normal
    Posted by songo on Thursday January 15 ,2004
  • YES they do. In the 2nd movie. InuYasha turns into a full demond and Kagome tries to SIT him but does not work. Kagome gets closer to him and InuYasha grabs her with his claws and digs into her and then Kagome KISSES InuYasha and then he transform back to normal and then KISSES Kagome back.(I love that seen)
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Sunday January 18 ,2004
  • Yes, they do. In the 2nd movie.When InuYasha turns into a full demon and Kagomes SIT commands does not work. Kagome goes to InuYasha and InuYasha grabs her with his claws and Kagome KISSES InuYasha and InuYasha turns back to normal self and KISSES Kagome back. I love that part.
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Monday January 19 ,2004
  • Yes,in the second movie. Kagome tries to get Inuyasha back to his half-demon form by kissing him.He then kisses her back.
    Posted by Letecia(Kagome) on Thursday January 22 ,2004
  • Yes in the 100 and 39 I think the kiss.
    Posted by terry on Saturday January 31 ,2004
  • yes in because he turns into a full yokie and she kisses him to turn him back
    Posted by Kayla aka Kagome on Sunday February 15 ,2004
  • YES! they kiss on the second movie when Inuyasha transform into its demon for and he can't turn back even with the tetsaga so Kagome kissis him and he turns back
    Posted by Princess on Thursday February 19 ,2004
  • HECK YEAH!!!!In the second movie,this evil lady controled Inuyasha and made him turn to his full yokai form.He was starting to kill Kagome,but she kissed him to turn him back to a hanyo.
    Posted by Shirahime on Friday February 27 ,2004
    Posted by kagome on Saturday March 06 ,2004
  • yes they do in the second was so cute!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted by tokyo gurlz aka kagome and sango on Thursday March 11 ,2004
  • yes kagome kisses inuyasha though in the 2nd movie
    Posted by InuYashas babe on Friday March 12 ,2004
  • YUP inuyasha and kagome KISS at the 2nd movie ^-^ i luv the movie itz realli good espically when inuyasha and kagome kiss lol
    Posted by inuyasha_luver on Tuesday March 16 ,2004
  • Yes! In the second movie Kagome kisses InuYasha in order to stop him from becoming a full demon. After he gets back to his senses and sees Kagome at his face kissing him on the lips, he closes his eyes, says, "Kagome." Then kisses her back. [awwww I loved that part]
    Posted by Chikhiro on Saturday March 20 ,2004
  • Yeah they kiss in the 2nd movie
    Posted by Inuyasha on Thursday March 25 ,2004
  • yes in second movie
    Posted by Dead kikyo on Thursday March 25 ,2004
  • Yes kagome eventually kisses inuyasha in the second movie!
    Posted by Bree on Saturday March 27 ,2004
  • yes,In the seconde movie!!! It's was so cuteee!!!!! ^+^ I've totally like it!!! you sould watch it!!!
    Posted by I love InuYasha & Kouga!!! on Monday March 29 ,2004
  • 2nd movie^_^
    Posted by Inuyasha---Shyru Beauty on Monday March 29 ,2004
  • Yes in the second movie.She kisses him to change him back to his Hanyou.He kisses her back.
    Posted by Kagome_360 on Wednesday March 31 ,2004
  • YES YES YES im sooooo happy they finally do in the second movie, yayness!!
    Posted by on Wednesday April 07 ,2004
  • in the actual series the only kiss as of yet was the one in volume 8 episode 23 between Kikyou and Inu-Yasha. Kagome and Inu-Yasha do kiss in the 2nd movie but this was more of a marketing method to have people go watch it (it was a great movie though don't get me wrong). It worked. Shows how easily marked we are eh?^^
    Posted by imouto-chan on Wednesday April 07 ,2004
  • they kiss in the second movie
    Posted by kikyo should burn on Thursday April 08 ,2004

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