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Question:How many episode is Inuyasha?


  • Inuyasha is an on-going series, I think the manga is still going on at this time. Over 130+ series and 3 movies are currently released in Japan. They're coming out with a fourth movie. The series could go on for over two hundred episodes.
    Posted by Jundeedee on Sunday December 21 ,2003
  • a lot.
    Posted by kouga on Tuesday December 23 ,2003
  • well they are on ep 137 right now. the titles up to ep 140 have been released. teh anime is way behind teh manga. so in total inu yasha should end around 200 episodes or more ^_~
    Posted by gamergirl on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • 200!But thats only season one!Season two is suposed two be after the seconed movie!(they'r suposed to be working on the third season now and he fourth movie...You know what that means!!! ~_*)
    Posted by Watersprite on Saturday January 17 ,2004
  • There's 141 right now and exspected to go as far as 200. That is what Ive heard, But it could be more then that, I heard the writer was gonna quit and then I hear she gonna keep going. The truth is know one really knows for sure.
    Posted by PrincessDarkFire on Tuesday January 20 ,2004
  • i heard that they are adding another 100 episode to it
    Posted by inuyasha_lover on Friday January 23 ,2004
  • Most animes are about 20 something or 50 somethin episodes. But, there are some animes that exceed that amt and go past 100 and even 200. Detective Conan is one of them. For InuYasha, seeing how far it has catched up with the manga - It'll probably be between 160 to 200 episodes - (approx.)
    Posted by The Inu Freak a Zord on Wednesday February 11 ,2004
  • Yes excatly. there are about 148 out so far. and they show up to only 77 so far on adult swim. detective Conan is a very popolar series of books that just keep comin out, my whole family in veitnam reads it.
    Posted by DeMon MaMi on Sunday February 29 ,2004

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