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Question:what are sesshomaru's demonic powers?


  • Sesshoumaru has quite a few of demonic powers. One of them is this glowing green whip like attack. Another one of his powers is poison claws (he uses this attack very frequently). I suppose there is the regular super speed and senses as well, but all demons have that. Sesshoumaru can also transform into his true form which is a giant white dog.
    Posted by Ayako on Wednesday March 03 ,2004
  • K... this will take a while. 1. Super demon speedstrength. 2. claws. 3. acid hands. 4. spray acid. 5. energy whip. this can be used to disarm. 6. Tenseiga. Sword left to him by father. Can revive the dead, provided he has access to the corpse. 7. Tokigen. Sword made from fangs of Goshinki, who broke the Tetsusaiga. Very powerful sword. Can shoot energy bolts, and has some telekinetic powers. 8. Dunno if this qualifies as a power. He can grab people with his fluffy thing, swing them around, slam them into stuff. 9. He can make this like cloudy spirit thingy that allows him to fly. 10. He can implant an arm into his socket from a corpse. However, it distintigrates after a few hours.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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