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Question:what does baka mean


  • stupid or idiot
    Posted by Medellia on Wednesday March 03 ,2004
  • Stupid, Iodiot, or Fool
    Posted by on Wednesday March 03 ,2004
  • It means idiot,stupid or moron.
    Posted by Kouga Freak on Thursday March 04 ,2004
  • Idiot, stupid, moron, or fool. I use that word ALL the time. ~_^
    Posted by Nikki on Saturday March 06 ,2004
  • It means stupid.
    Posted by Sango on Friday March 12 ,2004
  • "idiot", and "baka-ni baka" means "stupid idiot"
    Posted by Absolutely spiffin' insane about inuyasha on Thursday March 25 ,2004

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