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Question:wHo'S The KaGoMe-GurL tHaT bEcAmE AkiToki HouJoU's WiFe?! ThAt wOuLdN't bE HiGuRasHi kAgOmE, RiGhT?!


  • at the end of ep 140, akitoki was walking thinking of kagome. then a woman that looked JUST like kagome walked by him. he asked her what her name was. she simply answered "suzaku". he freaked out because a gay demon named suzaku licked him, so he suggested that her name be kagome. and BOOM. ^_^
    Posted by gamergirl on Thursday March 04 ,2004
  • nO iT iS nOt HiGuRaShi kAgOmE.
    Posted by __++KaGoMe HiGuRaShi'S ArRow++__ on Thursday March 04 ,2004

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