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Question:when downloading eps...what the hell is a torrent?!?! i go to the sites to download the eps and when i click on them to download them all i get is this load of crap that wont play on any media it took like a half second to download!


  • BITTORRENT BITTORRENT. u must download and install bittorrent ^_^
    Posted by gamergirl on Friday March 05 ,2004
  • you've also got to have the right player. try divx (free version comes with adware, though) or xvid.
    Posted by Medellia on Thursday March 11 ,2004
  • The .torrent file is just a pointer to the real file you're trying to download. You must have BitTorrent installed so that it can interpret the .torrent file.
    Posted by Patches on Friday March 12 ,2004

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