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Question:When Sango was drunk how did Inuyasha react to her trying to kiss him


  • He was all grossed out.
    Posted by lol on Saturday March 06 ,2004
  • When Sango was drunk and when she tried to kiss InuYasha, Miroku tried to stop that but two second befor that, Kagome shouted "sit!" so finally, Sango and InuYasha didn't kissed
    Posted by Manoha on Saturday March 06 ,2004
  • inuyasha was quite resisting in a very embarrassed way! ^_^ but before sango almost got him, kagome (who's also drunk) gave him the "SIT" command (a hundred times)! inuyasha didn't have much to react since he was stooping his head on the ground half the time. (kawaii!!)^_^
    Posted by kahlua-chan on Sunday March 07 ,2004
  • he freaked out
    Posted by yukailover on Thursday March 25 ,2004

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