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Question:When naraku transforms into Inuyasha and attacks Kikyou and takes the jewel what does he do with it?


  • He returns the jewel to the temple. He does this so Inuyash will steel the jewel and kikyo will seal inuyasha thinking that he killed her b/c he just wanted the jewel. Naraku thought kikyo would use the jewwel to save herself and thus transform the jewel into an evil jewel b/c her heart would be full of hate for inuyasha when she used it. The jewel would then be completley evil and even stronger.
    Posted by Bubbles on Sunday March 07 ,2004
  • he puts it back in the village so inuyasha and take it and then kikyou and shoot him
    Posted by deborah on Sunday March 07 ,2004
  • He puts it back inside the temple because he wants to make it seem like they had betrayed eachother to taint the jewel with evil to make it stronger for himself.
    Posted by Inuyasha_loves_Kagome on Wednesday March 24 ,2004

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