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Question:What is the difference with Inuyasha manga, Inuyasha: A Fedual Fairy Tale, and the Ani Inuyasha mangas?


  • Well, i dunno about this "ani inuyasha", but the Inuyasha Manga is the comic book that the TV series is based on. Many anime shows are based on their own mangas. If you want to read translations of the manga online, (which i enthusiastically suggest you do,) go to As for Inuyasha: a feudal fairy tale, its a game for Playstation. From what i've seen of it, its a pretty terrible game. It works like street fighter, with some plot explanation in between fights.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 21 ,2004
  • The "Anti-manga" is a manga book series that follows the storyline of the Anime version ver batum. Its sort of a solution for those people who get frustrated when they collect the traditional manga and the anime and find plot differences. You can trust me on this: I work at a video store that also sells manga and I had to learn about this very series in one training session. More proof that Inuyasha isn't an anime and manga series so much as it is a movement in history. LOL ^-^
    Posted by Drakken/theanimeman on Saturday April 03 ,2004

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