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Question:I heard from my best friend LonelyDragon that the Inu-movies effect the episodes, is this true? Tell Me


  • no. it's not true.. the episodes doesn't go along with the movies, and vice-versa. although, i suggest you watch the first 74 episodes before you watch the 2 movies, so that you won't get confused to some minor scenarios.
    Posted by kahlua-chan on Sunday March 07 ,2004
  • The Inuyasha movies are almost entirely separate from the episodes except for one thing: in the 2nd movie, Inuyasha and Kagome meet up with Houjou Akitoki (Houjou's ancestor) and later he is involved in Episodes #137-140.
    Posted by Mary on Tuesday March 09 ,2004
  • ya a little bit cuz when they met akitoki (houjou's ancester) they remembered seeing him in epi 137
    Posted by inuyasha on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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