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Question:ok this is a dumb question to ask but i need to know who is miko or what is miko???


  • Kikyo is a miko and Tsubaki is a kuro miko.A miko is a priestess.
    Posted by Kikyou hater on Tuesday March 09 ,2004
  • A miko is a preistess.Kikyo is a miko.
    Posted by Watersprite on Tuesday March 09 ,2004
  • any preistess! examples are kikyo, kagome, and some evil lady i forgot her name though!
    Posted by mad 4 inu! on Thursday March 11 ,2004
  • Miko is not a person, It is a thing. It means 'priestess'.
    Posted by Nikki on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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