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Question:what is the true episode summary of episode 99 "sesshomaru's and koga's dangerous incounter" there is two up there and I dont know which one is correct.


  • The first episode summary is completely untrue and needs to be deleted. Most of the episode deals with Ginta and Hakkaku (Kouga's friends) trying to find a way to keep Kouga and Sesshoumaru from meeting up with each other (because of what happened with Rin's death being caused by Kouga's wolves). They eventually meet up anyway, but no fight ever takes place. A demon comes for Kouga's shards and Sesshoumaru kills it. Another demon tries to attack Rin, but Kouga kills that one. They pretty much call it even and leave it at that. Kouga later says that he has no problem with Inuyasha's brother and Sesshoumaru tells Jaken that if Kouga had tried to attack Rin, he would have done something about it, but since that didn't happen, there was no reason to fight.
    Posted by Mary on Tuesday March 09 ,2004

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