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Question:who is that baby kagura(spelled wrong)is holding in some pics ive seen does she have a kid now??sry ive only seen the ones on cartoon network


  • Lol that's ok. The baby Kagura is holding is actually Naraku's baby. Since he got rid of his human heart, and it formed up to be the baby of the onigumo's heart he had inside him.
    Posted by Kat on Tuesday March 09 ,2004
  • While in Mt. Hakurei, Naraku was 'distilling' out Onigumo's heart as his previous attempt (Musou) proved that Onigumo's heart was holding together the demons that composed Naraku. Naraku emerged from Mt. Hakurei with Kagura flying off with a baby. This baby was Naraku's heart. The child was charged with finding the place 'between this world and the next'. After killing a powerful priest, the baby was split in two by the priests last attack. Kagura's half grew into Hakudoushi, and Kanna's half retained Naraku's heart.
    Posted by He Who Worships Kagura on Tuesday March 09 ,2004

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