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Question:what happend to the sacred joul in kogomes time


  • When Kikyo died, she had the Shikon jewel burned with her body. Apparently it fused with her soul. Thus, when she was reincarnated as Kagome the jewel went into Kagome's body. It sat right around her kidney for fifteen years and nobody was aware of it.
    Posted by LM on Friday March 12 ,2004
  • It was inside Kagome. However, after she shattered it in the past, it became shattered in the future. There are shards of the shikon jewel in the future, for example in the episode with the Noh Mask, i forgot the episode # exactly. it was ep 10 or something. One of the early ones.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Saturday March 20 ,2004

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