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Question:how long does it take for inuyasha and kagome to admite that they like each other


  • I believe that would be in the second movie. After Kagome kisses Inuyasha in order to snap him out of a spell, I would a assume that he would get the idea. As for Inuyasha, he kisses her back. I'd say that about covers it ^-^.
    Posted by Princess Koneko on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • It takes Kagome till ep. 48 (I think) to realize she loves Inu-Yasha, and Inu-Yasha we really didn't know about ill ep. 137 where he finally tells her how he feels about her! It's so sweet! ^_^
    Posted by CyberYoukai on Sunday December 28 ,2003
  • 137 episodes! =D
    Posted by MaidenUsagi on Sunday January 11 ,2004
  • First of all Inuyasha doesn't say he loves her in 137. Don't believe people who tell you that. Kagome admits she loves him in the episode "The Place Where we First Met" although with Inuyasha it's harder because Kikyo is his first love and it's hard to let that go and even more so when the girl your with is the reincarnation of her. I know I would feel torn and confused. Inuyasha will probably never admit he likes Kagome doesn't seem fitting to him to just come out with those words "I love You". More than likely he'd show it rather than say it.
    Posted by Inuyasha&Kagome on Monday March 15 ,2004

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