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Question:why doesnt inuyasha trust anybody but himself???


  • because of his horrible life. put yourself in his place. what if you were teased constantly because of what you were, what if your sibliings hated you because they thought you were pathetic and pitiful, what if the only parent you had, that loved you died when you were young. what if the woman you loved all of a sudden BETRAYED you. i mean come on. he was tortured his whole life and you expect him to trust people? i couldnt do it. i am sure you couldnt either. thats why ^_~
    Posted by gamergirl on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • he does trust kagome. remember in episode 50.
    Posted by Kikyo kagome higurashi on Thursday December 25 ,2003
  • Because Of His Past. He Was A Half-Youkai and Half-Human. He didn't Fit In With Anybody He Knew. He Was Tease By Humans And Youkai. His Mother Died When He Was Young, His Brother Hated Him, And He Didn't Know His Father Well. He Thought He Had No Place In The World. He Said He Had To Make One And Realised That He Was The Only One In It. You Wouldn't Trust Any One Either If You Were Treated That Way!
    Posted by Kayoh on Monday January 05 ,2004
  • Hey, thik you are inuyasha. Your mother is dead, your father is dead, your big brother doesn't care about you....nobody doesn't love you. You are alone. Then you fall in love with some kikyou. WITH A HUMAN. Then she breaks your heart and shot an arrow to you. Then, you wake up 50 years older and you sence a smell of 'kikyou'. Then, some freakly chik, who is 'reborned kikyou',run to you. Can you really trust someone, who is 'kikyou' and looks bad? I donnot think so....
    Posted by Reetta-chan on Saturday February 14 ,2004
  • I'm actually quite impressed the way Inuyasha turned out. His father died. Sesshomaru really doesn't care a rat's ass about his younger brother (recall the episode where Seshomaru brings his 'mother' back.... how torturous). His mother died. I can imagine he had no friends based on his race (but it is cute when Inuyasha says that he's in a class of his own). No friends and family is a big one. They help define who you are. Haven't you heard the quote, "Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are." My father says that to me all the time. :s Not only that, he falls for a Kikyou, who dies, and becomes a victim of Naraku. The willpower and the 'I'm-not-gonna-give-up-spirit', is wow, and if I was his mother, I would be impressed. I'm glad though that he has Kagome, the one person who he turly trusts, and sice he has friends now--Miroku, Sango... etc.-- he'll have more people who got his back.
    Posted by GD on Monday March 15 ,2004
  • because he trusted kikyo and thats what got himself killed(as he says)
    Posted by karen on Thursday April 08 ,2004

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