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Question:Did sesshoumaru and inuyasha liked each other when they were kids?


  • Sesshoumaru is much older than Inuyasha, so they were not children at the same time and did not grow up together. In part of the 3rd movie, Inuyasha is only an infant while Sesshoumaru is fully grown, so there is obviously a bit of an age difference. The anime never deals with Sesshoumaru's childhood, and only gives a couple of glimpses of Inuyasha's in Episode #6 and Episode #73. There's no way to know how far apart they are in age, since Inuyasha's exact age is never revealed (*despite* people claiming that he is 17+ 50 years staked to the tree---this has never been verified, since Takahashi has said that *mentally* he is about 17. She said nothing about actual physical age). Sesshoumaru's age is unknown as well, though in Episode #99, Jaken states to Ginta & Hakkaku that he has served with Sesshoumaru for a couple of centuries, which puts Sesshoumaru at 200+ years old.
    Posted by Mary on Saturday March 13 ,2004

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