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Question:i really want to know this. i watched all of the episodes up 142 but recently i downloaded this amv and one of the scene has kagome in this kinda blue light / fire thing holding shippou and then kagome said i have to leave to inuyasha and then inuyasha reaches his hand in the blue light and says don't go. I was wodnering what episode it is. is it a new one or did i just miss an episode by accident?


  • That scene is from the end of Episode #10, when Inuyasha believes that Kagome & Shippou have died and are about to move on to the afterlife.
    Posted by Mary on Saturday March 13 ,2004
  • Episode ten. The blue light thing they are surrounded in is actually foxfire. See, Manten had just been slain, so Shippo took his father's pelt back, but then Hiten blasted them while keeping inuyasha pinned down. Inuyasha thought they had died, and thus fought harder, and slew Hiten. Then he saw Kagome and Shippo surrounded in the fire. Myouga said they had returned to say goodbye before moving to the afterlife, which is why inuyasha grabbed her arm and shouted "dont go!" however, it was just foxfire from Shippos dad. His spirit was still present in the pelt and protected them. Afterwards, the pelt dissapeared.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Friday March 19 ,2004

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