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Question:Is Kanna (narakus umm 2 reincarantion)kagras sister or what?


  • yes
    Posted by the kuttie Kagome on Sunday March 14 ,2004
  • Yeah pretty much. They are both incarnations of Naraku, and are called sisters. I guess that makes Goshinki, and Juromaru and Kageromaru their brothers too.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Sunday March 14 ,2004
  • You could say that...HEY! IT JUST HIT ME!!! NARAKU'S A DADDY!!!!! LOL
    Posted by Bulla on Monday March 15 ,2004
  • Lets jast say she's his offspring(Child) like the other demons that are under his/Nrarku's control.
    Posted by BabyDragon4Eva on Tuesday March 16 ,2004
  • Yeah. Kanna's not the only sibling Kagura has. There's Juromaru,{probaly spelled wrong} Kageromaru, Goshinki, Musou, and Hakudoushi. {my favorite}
    Posted by Danielle on Monday March 29 ,2004
  • A.Yeah if thats how you wanna put it. They did both come from Naraku... B.Kanna is Naraku's FIRST bunshin (offspring). P.S.Ugh wait does this make Naraku Kagura's DAD!!?*eyes bug out of head*.
    Posted by imouto-chan on Wednesday April 07 ,2004

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