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Question:how did Kikyo and Inuyasha first meet?


  • Inuyasha and Kikyo first met when Inu went to find the Shikon no Tama to become a full demon. However Kikyo pinned him to a tree or something. When Kikyo saw Inuyasha was a hanyou, she felt sorry for him cuz she knew his life had been as hard as hers and released him.
    Posted by justsomeone on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Inuyasha first met Kikyo when Inu decided to find the Shikon no Tama. However Kikyo stopped him and pinned him to a tree, but when she saw Inuyasha was a hanyou she pitied him because she knew his life had been as difficult as hers, therefore decided to set him free.
    Posted by justsomeone on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • They met when inuyasha came to steal the shikon no tama to turn himself into a youkai and kikyo constantly stopped him but never killed him ,then she pinned him to a tree.
    Posted by RyuKitsune on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • YAY!OK,InuYasha kept coming for the Shicon no Tama,right?But each time,Kikyo pinned him up,but never finished him off.So,he finally began to calm down of getting the stone,all though he reeeeeeally wanted it.So,Kikyo and InuYasha began toooooo,like each other.It can acctually be seen in that episode,"The return of the tragic priestess,Kikyo."In InuYasha's memories.^_^ Stay Cool watching InuYasha
    Posted by Kyoto Fan on Monday December 29 ,2003
  • Inuyasha was spying on her knowing that she watched over te jewel of four souls, he tries stealing it several times she catches him but dose not kill him she says they have much in common like being an outsider, and she really just wanted to be a normal woman!
    Posted by Inusgurl on Saturday April 03 ,2004

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