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Question:What episode does Sesshomaru meet Kagura


  • Episode #45: Sesshoumaru Wields Toukijin
    Posted by Mary on Saturday March 13 ,2004
  • episod #45
    Posted by Cartman on Sunday March 14 ,2004
  • episode 45, episode 66/67, episode 81 (well he doesn't really talk to her she just sees him but he doesn't see her). volume 31/32 of the manga (or was it 32/33...)chapter 343/344 (volume 35) of the manga and chapter 350/351 of the manga. Considering the fact that we now know that Kagura now OFFICALLY likes/loves Sesshoumaru it is likely they will meet again and their relationship will grow.
    Posted by imouto-chan on Thursday April 08 ,2004

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