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Question:why is it so hard for inuyasha to admite his feelings for kagome


  • inu yasha has suffered a very hard life. because of that he doesnt trust ANYONE. it was said many times that is biggest fear is being alone. and look at his personality compared to kouga's. inu is very shy and very bashful and very UNCONFIDENT when it comes to love matters. so all those contributwe to why he cant admit his feelings for her. he is so scared of rejection too.
    Posted by gamergirl on Wednesday December 24 ,2003
  • Inuyasha has had a hard love life and doesn't want to be hurt again.And Inuyasha has a lot of pride and admitting his love to Kagome might make him less pride of himself and he doesn't know how Kagome would respond to him admitting how he feels for her.And I am sad to say he is STILL hung up on that evil Kikyo!AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!Sorry about that.HEHE!~_I
    Posted by Bjeveryday on Friday December 26 ,2003
  • Inuyasha doesn't trust ANYONE. And his life is a very hard one.Being Half hmuan and half demon and he doesn't want to alone.
    Posted by Bianca Bordeira on Sunday January 04 ,2004
  • because he's still hung up with that darn kikyo.i think if she was out the picture,his life would be so much easier.
    Posted by kouga's girl on Tuesday February 03 ,2004
  • probly beacuse he thinks that no one wants to lo ve a demon
    Posted by on Saturday February 14 ,2004
  • Probably cause he doesn't know if she loves him back (duh). And since he may still be in love with kikyo, but then why was it when him and kikyo were kissing and he heard Kagome's voice he went rushing to see where she was O O -
    Posted by on Friday February 20 ,2004
    Posted by SESSHOMARU'S GIRL on Wednesday March 03 ,2004
  • Like most people said I think he's afraid of rejection but think about it put yourself in his shoes. Your first love who you think is dead suddenly comes back as a soul and than your with someone that is her reincarnation. You tell me if you wouldn't be confused and not know what to do. and I don't Inuyasha would come right out and tell Kagome he has feelings for her he would more likely show it. and he does when he's fighting with Kouga or protecting her.
    Posted by Inuyasha&Kagome on Monday March 15 ,2004

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