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Question:Does Kagura like Sesshomaru?


  • Yes
    Posted by Cartman on Sunday March 14 ,2004
  • In Volume 36, Chapter 351 of the manga (which was released on March 3, 2004), Kagura makes the statement that she came in search of Sesshoumaru because she wanted to see him one last time before she died. To quote Kagura's thoughts: "Before I died, I just thought that... [I wanted to see him] once last time." Obviously he is important to her in some way. Judging from her thoughts, I would say it is a romantic interest.
    Posted by Mary on Sunday March 14 ,2004
  • Yes she does
    Posted by darkfire on Sunday March 14 ,2004
  • Yes.Kagura does like Sess.
    Posted by nica on Sunday March 14 ,2004
  • Yes, it seems that she does like him.
    Posted by Dream on Tuesday March 16 ,2004
  • I think so. {I don't think Naraku will like this..........}
    Posted by Danielle on Sunday March 21 ,2004
  • Yup. Considering she wanted to see him one last time as her "death" wish it may even be love. Kagura WILL have love!! Or I shall kill you all (I'm kidding) and who keeps on trying to pair her up with Koga anyway? Alot of people on threads I've visited say that Kagura couldn't DO anything for Sesshoumaru and it'd be pointless but I disagree. First off, someone like Kagura who wouldn't put up with Sesshoumaru's bossiness even if she loved him. Sesshoumaru isen't used to having someone he cares about be like her and not like being ordered around and such they'd probaly get into a TON of fights and having to argue without resorting to violence (read:LOVE) Sesshoumaru would have to express at least SOME of his emotions openly therefor forcing him to open up a bit more.Not to mention that love in general softens you up a bit. This is also good for Kagura. At first she only cared about gaining her freedom and nothing more, but as her growingly ovious affection for Sesshoumaru has grown she's learned what its like to care for others in general, and to hold compassion and love and to seek someones compainionship. And like I said before, love in general softens you up a bit.
    Posted by imouto-chan on Thursday April 08 ,2004

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