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Question:Does kouga meet kikyo? ( And he thought it was kagome)


  • no one knows yet, but he wouldn't mistake her because he won't smell kagome's scent.
    Posted by Kirara on Thursday January 01 ,2004
  • That would be funny,(and solve every Kagome fans problem...)And Kikyo does smell like Kagome (read the first manga!)
    Posted by InuYashaDoll on Saturday January 17 ,2004
  • KaGoMe DoEs SmeLL LiKe KiKyo.. wHeN KiKyO WaS ALiVe. bY nOw, kIKyO Is mADe Up OF bOnES aND asHEs.. ShE's JuST aN ImmItaTiON.. iF YOu'vE SeEN ep.116, SesShOuMaRu KnEw tHaT kIkYO's DeAd cOz Of HeR ScENT. kOUgA WoULd PrObaBlY KnOW tHAt tOo iF eVEr ThEy MeeT. hE'S AlSo gOt A sENsiTIvE NOse, rIghT?!
    Posted by kahlua-chan on Thursday February 26 ,2004

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