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Question:What does Inukkuro mean?


  • i think it means "dog turd". Its what Kouga calls Inuyasha, cause hes a dog, and Kouga doesnt like him or his scent.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Monday March 15 ,2004
  • Inukkuro means wolf/dog mutt. ^-^
    Posted by Kat on Monday March 15 ,2004
  • "DOG-MUTT" ^_^
    Posted by kahlua-chan on Saturday March 20 ,2004
  • means dogturd the name kouga calls him every time he sees him.
    Posted by on Sunday March 21 ,2004
  • it actually means dogsh1t. ^_^ which is hilarious in the eps with kouga and inu. i love when kouga calls him that. as you can see, the dub did a horrible translation of that too.
    Posted by gamergirl on Sunday March 28 ,2004

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