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Question:In the Naraku image gallary 3 there are pictures of a what looks like Naraku's head supported by vines (or whatever) coming from his neck, which episode is this from?


  • It's from his night when he turns human like and he is strangling Kagura because he saw her asking Sessho-Maru to help her kill Naraku through Kanna's Mirror I beleive the episode name is "The Wind of Betrayl Blows"
    Posted by Kagura on Sunday March 21 ,2004
  • It was in episode 67 when you see him strangling Kagura. What they don't show you is that he lockes her up in the dongen:_(. I know this because in episode 70 he unlockes her out of her sackels:D.
    Posted by DoomBlackDragon on Monday March 22 ,2004

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