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Question:where is that pic from (its in the image galleries the kagoma images) where kikio is teaching kagoma archery??are they friends now or something?


  • I seen that episode, and I can't remember what episode number it is, but no they aren't friends there. Kagome was taken over by some type of dark power in her heart, and was trying to remember someone, and she was seeing everything with different clothing on at her world, but didn't even know who they were, but knew they looked firmilar to her.
    Posted by Kat on Tuesday March 16 ,2004
  • No, they're not friends now. In episode 62. Tsubaki's bottomless spells, Kagome gets poisoned or cursed or something and keep passing out. And while she's out, she sees everyone from the feudal era in the present times (in her head, not in real life) And in this certain picture Kagome sees Kikyou teaching archery to some students, and Kagome go to try. She also sees Miroku, Sango, Kaede, and Shippou. I don't think she sees InuYasha though. You should read the summary so you know for sure.
    Posted by FreakishIYK on Thursday March 18 ,2004
  • Oh dear of course no Tsubaski has put Kagome under some spell and she's dreaming that she's at her school and she sees an archery team and their leader looks like Kikyou. You can tell the diffrence by realizing real Kikyou has a ong sleeved miko outfit and the "Kikyou" in Kagome's dream has a short sleeved blabk pants kendo outfit.
    Posted by Kagura on Sunday March 21 ,2004
  • It was a trance or dream placed upon Kagome. It was if her normal life had resumed with out ever being in the other ers. But she kept seeing people she knew from the past in her dream. That's when she saw Kikyo.
    Posted by Inuyasha_loves_Kagome on Wednesday March 24 ,2004

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