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Question:how different are the anime and manga versions of inuyasha?


  • It depends on which episodes or in manga volumes you are talking about.They pretty much have the same plot line just a few different things happen between them.
    Posted by Bjeveryday on Friday December 26 ,2003
  • They're not really different.Story line is the same,the dialog is different though.And the fact that the manga came before the anime.But other than the dialog,also it goes faster than the episodes of the anime,nothing really different!^_^(Anime puts more graphics in the story anyway!Good work Rumiko Takahashi!Only the fact that you're thinking of ending the series,that pretty much blows it over.)
    Posted by Kyoto Fan on Monday December 29 ,2003
  • From what I can tell, the anime follows the manga pretty close, with the occasional filler episodes for the anime(things that don't happen in the original story).
    Posted by Anjal on Friday January 02 ,2004

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