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Question:when inuyasha turns into a human in a full moon,is he still inuyasha or does he have a different personalaity?


  • Ya, he's not as cruel or cynical when he's human. See episode 13, and others for details. He's more romantic and open with his feelings. However, i think he realizes this, and tries to be gruff as usual, but the feelings get out anyway. episode 13 especially.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Saturday March 20 ,2004
  • he has a different personality. he even says it in episode 44 (i think it was). he is sitting by himself and says something along the lines of "when i become a human, i get all these emotions and feelings" or something like that. then he says something like "i'll be happpy once i'm back to normal". if he didn't say it like that, i forgot how he did. but he said something like that.
    Posted by Kirara on Saturday March 20 ,2004
  • first of all it's on the new moon not the full moon and he still acts like inuyasha but he shows his feelings for kaome more than when he's half demon.
    Posted by yukailover on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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