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Question:what are the 4 demons name that came from naraku?


  • More than 4 demons have come from Naraku. There's Kagura, Kanna, Goshinki, Juromaru, Kageromaru, Musou, & Hakudoushi.
    Posted by Mary on Friday March 19 ,2004
  • It's obvious that now that Narku has that kind of power he's gonna' make more than four but if you want to know four incarnation's names there is: Kagura of the Wind (Younger Sister to Kanna) Kanna of the Void (Oldest of all incarations) Gosinki the Mind-Reading One (Younger brother to Kagura) Kageromaru the Demon to the inside (Older brother to Juuromeru)
    Posted by Kagura on Sunday March 21 ,2004

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