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Question:who is that baby that kagoma is holding in the episode screencaps of spisode 143 ???


  • Im assuming you meant Kagura in the question. After Naraku perfected himself at Mt. Harukei, sry if i mispelled, he sent off a portion of himself, assumably trying again to purify himself of Onigumo. This portion took the form of a baby, and Kagura had to take care of it. Then they went around, injuring monks and priests, then the baby listened to their souls to find one who knew about "the boundary between this world and the next." However, one powerful monk cut the baby in two. However, Naraku's heart was located entirely within one half. This important half retained the shape of a baby and was entrusted to Kanna, as she usually does not go into battle, and is more trustworthy. The other, unimportant half grew into roughly 15 year old form. He took on the name, Hakudoushi, and remained with Kagura.
    Posted by ShippoTheHippo on Saturday March 20 ,2004

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